Amateur Radio Station WA9RZY

Bloomfield Indiana 47424-6023

Ham Station Layout Now

This page is a summary of my present radio equipment & layout as it stands today. 

Towers and Antennas: 

My main tower close to the house is a Rohn Model 25 Tower that is at 64 Ft.  I have it guyed at two levels, the top level set of guys is at 59 Ft and the lower level set of guys is at 37 Ft.  The guy wire stock is 3/16" Stainless Steel Aircraft cable and are fastened to the tower with Rohn Guy Assembly Brackets (P/N GA25 GD) at both levels and have the anti-twist bars.  The guy wire proper tension is maintained with heavy duty 1/2" X 6" galvanized turnbuckles.

On this tower I have a Hygain Explorer 14 ; 6 element Tri-band beam for 10-15-20 Meters.  It's boom height is approximately 64 Ft 2" above ground.  I have another mast that telescopes down inside the Explorer's mast which is for a Cushcraft Ringo Ranger ARX-2B Verical for 2 meters. The top of the Ringo Ranger is approximately 78 Ft 4" above ground.  The rotor I am using is a CDE Ham III w/brake and I run the heavy guage Belden Rotor cable. 

At the 47 Ft 4" level on my main tower I have a 6 Ft Rohn antenna stand off with a Radio Shack Outdoor Scanning Discone Scanning Antenna (Model 20-043) which is cut for use between 25 MHz to 1,300 MHz and can be used on 2 meters, 220 MHz & 440 MHz frequencies.  The transmission line used for the Discone and Ringo Ranger ARX-2 is Cablewave RG/331U 1/2" Hardline.   Below is a photo of the Rohn standoff assembly at 47 Ft.

Rohn 6 FT Stand_OFF


Here is a photo of me on the tower installing the Ringo Ranger ARX-2B verical 2 meter antenna with the Explorer 14 ; 6-element Beam just below it.

Explorer 14_Ringo being installed


Just below the rotor deck I have a 4 Ft length of T-6061 grade aluminum angle stock ( 2" X 2" X 1/4" ) that extends out from both sides of the tower about 2 ft to support a 40 Meter Double Bazooka on one side, and a 160 Meter "Inverted L" that runs straight down the tower to a ground achor near the concrete base.   The "Inverted L" has (4) #12 stranded copper radials buried in the ground and they extend out from the tower about 150 ft.

I also have another 47 Ft Rohn 25 Tower located 92 Ft out from the house, and a telephone pole planted directly out from the tower about 140 Ft. to support a 80 Meter Double Bazooka between the two stuctures.  This second Rohn tower I have a Cushcraft Model 147-11; 11-element beam for 2 meters with the boom height at 50 Ft, and the rotor is a AR-40.  The transmission line for the beam is Cablewave RG/331U 1/2" Hardline (P/N FXA 12-50-J) and is run underground along with the heavy duty rotor Belden cable inside 1 1/4" Schedule 40 PVC conduit.

Radio Equipment at the shack:  I first moved the equipment over to a smaller rack console in April 13, 1969.  Here is a photo of the console with my HT-37 Halicrafters, and a Collins 75A-1 receiver.  The smaller slanted top console was the Linear Amplifier using a pair of Eimac 4-250A.  The power supply was (4) 3B28 rectifiers in full wave bridge.

 Ham Station Apr_13_1969(1)

Today my radio equipment is still mainly mounted in a newer double/side by side AMCOR Rack Console with double doors in the back and a AC accessory plug in strip and grounding bar running up the center of the doors.  The console's measurements are :  69" High, 24" Deep, and 45" wide. It rolls out from the wall to service and install equipment on (6) heavy duty double rollers.  The console also has a desk fixture attached to sit up to for my log book and note pad.  Below is a the newer console with equipment in 1998.

Ham Station 1998

In 2010 I purchased a slightly used Yaesu FT-990 HF Transceiver. I also have a Heath Kit Phone patch (HD-15) Drake W-4 Wattmeter and Heathkit SWR Bridge (Model AM-2), 6-position B & K Antenna coaxial switch and audio speaker mounted in the panel.

Below is a photo of my new FT-990 Yaesu HF Transceiver:

Yaesu FT_990(1)


Facing the console and to the Left side:

I have the home built Linear Amplifier using a pair of Eimac 4-400 finals in a "grounded grid" configuration, and mounted on the console's floor inside is a power supply for the amplifier that utilizes a power plate transformer rated at 6,200V @ 2 1/2A on it's secondary.  The primary voltage to the transmformer is controlled by a 35 Amp Variac mounted on the lower front panel.  Directly above the RF amplifier is a rack of meters for the amplifier.  Diredtly above the metering is a shelf compartment for my Kenwood TS-530S that I use for as a backup transceiver and is now used primarily on 160 Meters.  Above that Kenwood is a rack mounted Hewlett Packard Variable DC Power Supply 6433-B for my Icom IC-2100H 2 meter equipment and the Yaesu FT-311RM 220 MHz Transceiver which sets on top of the console.  I also have a Deep Cycle Optima D31T backup that is maintained 24/7 with a 10A Automatic Schumacher charger which is on a 24 hour timer in case of a power outage.  It is programmed to charge 3 times a day for 30 minutes each time.

Here is a photo of the Hewitt Packard 6433-B Variable DC Power Supply:

HP-6433 Power Supply

Here is a photo of my Kenwood TS-530S HF Transceiver:

Kenwood TS_530 S(1)


On top and center of the console I have my Yaesu FT-311-RM; 220 MHz transceiver with it's matching SP-55 speaker.  I also have a Yaesu FT-51R Handheld Dual Band for 2 Meters and 440 MHz which is cliped to a metal plate for hands off opertions.

Here is the Yaesu FT-311-RM  220 Mhz transceiver:


Here is it's Yaesu SP-55 "optional speaker" I recently acquired on eBay:

Yaesu External Speaker SP-55 

Here is a photo of my Yaesu FT-51R Handheld Dual Band 2 M/440 MHz Transceiver, which I have recently acquired a second new NiMH battery pack and charger for it.



Here below is my recently acquired Yaesu FT-990 HF Transceiver which is like new.  The Yaesu transceiver and all inter-connecting jumpers in the back to the coaxial switch, SWR bridge and amplifier have all been upgraded to new LMR-400 length cables with silver plated PL-259 male connectors installed from the coax cable manufacturer.  I also have upgraded the inter-connections with "Lightning Impulse Surge Protectors" made by Polyphaser for both the HF equipment and the 2 meter equipment.

Yaesu FT_990

Below is a photo of the Optional Yaesu SP-6 Speaker/Audio Filter :


Below is the Yaesu MD-1 Dynamic Desk Microphone:



This is my MFJ-484-C Grand Master Keyer that my father, W9YEA gave to me as a Christmas gift in Dec of 1987:




In 1972 I purchased a Vibroplex Paddle Keyer.  (S/N 268918) for the electronic keyer I had at the time.  I use it with my MFJ 484-C Grandmaster Keyer.

The Vibroplex serial number range for 1972 production was (267,329 to 270,152)

Vibroplex Keyer No 268918





Gary Howell