The Collins Collectors Association is a worldwide club dedicated to the use, history, and promotion of Collins ham and military radios. While the club name uses the word "collectors", the club is truly built by members who are proud to own and use their Collins radios. A very large amount of the membership use their Collins radios on a daily basis. I do.

The club sponsors several weekly nets which encourage discussion of Collins radios, technical issues, restoration, buy and sell. One fun aspect of the nets is Theme Weeks where folks are encouraged to use and check in with the equipment that is featured in that weeks' theme. Previous themes include KWM-2 week, S-line week, Gold dust twins KWS-1/75A4 week, KW-1 week, military week, and my absolute favorite, AM night where stations are encouraged to check in using AM. AM night draws the most check-ins from all around the country.

The club helps sponsor a Collins orientated reflector.   The reflector is a great source for Collins discussion, history, issues, troubleshooting (of which is great value to me), buy and sell.

The club sponsors a Collins forum each year at the Dayton Hamvention. Imagine if you can, well over a 100 folks who are all wound up on Collins, just like you, learning how to maintain, repair, and making friends! The presentations are first rate, interesting, and fun.

To keep in contact with the membership, the club publishes a quarterly journal which is alot more than just "news". The bulk of each issue is devoted to Collins history, troubleshooting, and restoration. There is also club news and pictures of members stations.

The club also sponsors an outstanding web site which includes information found in the quarterly journal, plus lots more. There are sections on restoration, parts availability, repair services, technical specifications, and so on. The web site can be found at:

I personally belong to the Collins Collectors Association and have been a member since 1998.  I encourage anyone interested in Collins radios, or Collins radio users, to join and support the club. For a small yearly membership fee, you get back so much more. It sure is good to have a whole lot of friends to to share the Collins experience with and help you maintain the equipment.

As you can see, the Collins Collectors Association provides a lot of return on your investment! You can join by either writing to the Collins Collectors Association, P.O. Box 10459, Phoenix, AZ 85064-0459, or visit their website at


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