by Brenda Irby
Updated January 2, 2005

In 2001, Loria Headlee organized a group of Waltons fans from all over the United States and Canada, who worked together to make this beautiful quilt depicting some of their favorite memories of The Waltons.  Another quilt, called the Down at Ike's Quilt, has recently been completed, and a third quilt is being planned.
The new quilt will be a signature quilt with signatures of fans of The Waltons. For more information about any of these quilts, please contact Loria Headlee.

The quilt consists of 15 appliqued squares. Each square depicts something from The Waltons television show.

In addition, three sides of the border hold 23 autographs donated for this quilt, including Joe Conley, Audrey Hamner, Eric Scott, Ronnie Claire Edwards, Earl Hamner, Bo Hamner, JonWalmsley, Lisa Harrison, Paul Hamner, Judy Norton, David Selby, Martha Nix-Wade, Marion Hamner Hawkes, Mary McDonough, Richard Thomas, Jeb Rosebrook(writer), Will Geer Theatricum and Botanicum (signed by Ellen Geer, daughter), Nancy Hamner Jamerson, Michael Learned, Diane Hamner, Tony Becker, Jim Hamner, and Kami Cotler.

Completing the quilt along the bottom are signatures of the quilters who made applique squares for the quilt. Here you can see some close up views of the individual squares, plus the name and location of each quilter:

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