from Spring 2005 [Issue No. 6]

Pig Roast (Part 1 of 5) ▪► Bill Bukovsan

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Dr. Valentine kicks the soccer ball as hard as he can and Billy sees it coming and throws his arms up and then it hits him.  The back of his hand flies into his face and he falls down and he knows heíll have a black eye and he starts to laugh because he doesnít want to cry.  But then Dolly screams and theyíre all above him, Danny and Dolly and Glenn and Carl and Dr. Valentine closest of all and he says donít move, donít move, and Billy laughs up at them and says my eye hurts and Dr. Valentine says whatís the matter with your eye, whatís the matter with your eye and Billy says my hand hit it and Dr. Valentine says oh and then he says donít worry about that.  Dollyís screaming and Dr. Valentine says youíre going to be all right and Billy says I know but my momíll get mad if I donít put ice on my eye and Dr. Valentine says donít move and then he touches Billyís arm and it hurts.  Does that hurt he says and Billy says does what hurt and he canít stop laughing and Dr. Valentine says donít move again but Billy moves anyway, lifts his head and looks down at his arm where Dr. Valentine touched it and sees that itís crooked like the letter zee.  Dollyís still screaming and Dr. Valentine looks at her and says go get your mother, honey and Danny says should I go get Billyís mom and Billy says no and Dr. Valentine says yes and Carl says is it ruined, is it going to be like that forever and Dr. Valentine says what and then says I donít know and then says of course not, itís just broken and Billy keeps laughing.  It sure looks weird says Glenn and Dr. Valentine looks at Glenn and then looks at Billyís arm and touches it again and says you sure that doesnít hurt and it does but Billyís laughing too hard to say so.

Dolly comes back and Mrs. Valentine is with her.  Whatís going on she asks and Dr. Valentine says I broke Billyís arm and Danny says should I get Billyís mom and Billy says no again and Dr. Valentine says I already told you you should and Danny says but Billy says I shouldnít and Mrs. Valentine says who cares what Billy says, go get his mother right now and Danny says yes maíam and runs off.  How did it happen says Mrs. Valentine and Dr. Valentine says I kicked the ball, thatís all, I kicked the ball and it hit him and Mrs. Valentine says youíre not a kid, you know that, you canít play kidsí games because this is what happens and Dr. Valentine doesnít say anything.  Billyís still laughing but he doesnít feel like heís laughing, it just feels like heís shaking and laughter is coming out of his mouth while he shakes and what heís really doing is lying on his back in the Valentinesí backyard looking at the sky and thinking that he needs ice for his eye even if his arm is broken and that this is the exact spot where Dr. Valentineís going to dig the fire pit for the pig roast and that heís going to throw up if everybody doesnít go away.  Heís really white says Carl and Dolly says heís shivering and Glenn says heís laughing, whyís he laughing so hard and Mrs. Valentine says heís in shock, he doesnít know what to do and Dr. Valentine says what do we do and Mrs. Valentine says youíve got to take him to the hospital and Carl says can I come and Mrs. Valentine says of course not, go home right now and Glenn says how about me, can I come, Iím his best friend and Mrs. Valentine says no, go home right this instant, go home, go home.  Then she tells Dolly to run inside to get a blanket and some ice and Billy says Iím going to throw up and Mrs. Valentine says no youíre not, just hold it in, whereís Danny, whereís your mother.  She starts shouting for Danny and Danny bursts through the honeysuckle hedge between his lawn and Billyís and says I canít find her, sheís not home, and Billy tries to say yes she is, sheís in the bedroom working on her lectures but it doesnít come out right because heís laughing and even though he doesnít want to cry heís beginning to wish he would because laughing is worse because at least when you cry you know why youíre crying.  Mrs. Valentine says he canít hear you, speak up and Dr. Valentine says donít move and Billy says sheís in the bedroom, sheís in the bedroom and Danny says well, she didnít answer the door and I rang the doorbell a lot of times and Mrs. Valentine says for Peteís sake, just go into the house and get her, just do it, just do it now and Danny runs off again.  Wait calls Mrs. Valentine, we canít wait for her, tell her weíve taken him to the hospital.  Danny stops and says so should I still get her and Mrs. Valentine says yes, of course, just tell her to meet your father in the emergency room.

Dolly is back with a blanket and some ice in a plastic bag.  Give me that blanket says Mrs. Valentine and takes it from her and lays it on the ground behind Billy.  Lift your shoulders she says and Billy tries but he canít because heís laughing too hard to do anything and Mrs. Valentine says come on, do it, lift your shoulders and Billy says I canít.  Yes you can says Mrs. Valentine and Billy tries again but nothing happens and Mrs. Valentine says help him Ron and Dr. Valentine says this is going to hurt, Iím really sorry and he lifts Billyís shoulders and it hurts really bad but at least Billy stops laughing.  Dr. Valentine says sorry and pulls the blanket around him and lifts Billy up off the ground and Billy says Iím going to throw up and Mrs. Valentine says no youíre not, just swallow it and Billy swallows and doesnít throw up.  Mrs. Valentine puts the ice on Billyís arm and says donít just stand there Ron, take him to the car and Dr. Valentine runs toward the driveway until Mrs. Valentine shouts donít run, Ron, walk, heís got a broken arm, remember?

Dr. Valentine carries Billy to the driveway and digs in his pocket for his keys and then heís got the back door of the Cadillac open and is putting Billy inside.  Mrs. Valentine runs up beside them and says not the Cadillac Ron, take the station wagon and Dr. Valentine says Iíve already got him in there, Iím not moving him again and Mrs. Valentine says I said take the station wagon Ron and Dr. Valentine doesnít say anything. Glenn and Carl come up and Glenn looks into the back seat and says aw, man, you get to ride in the Cadillac.  I told you two to go home, now go home says Mrs. Valentine and Glenn says aw, man and Mrs. Valentine grabs his collar and pulls him away from the Cadillac and says go home, both of you and Dr. Valentine says Iím not going to move him.  Mrs. Valentine looks at Dr. Valentine and then she looks at Billy and says donít you dare throw up.  If you feel like youíre going to throw up, swallow it.  Roll down the windows, Ron.

Dr. Valentine gets into the Cadillac and rolls down the windows and says donít worry, weíll be there in record time.  Mrs. Valentine says you drive that car sensibly, Ronald and Dr. Valentine starts the car and pulls out of the driveway and starts off down Willow Street.  Billy hears his motherís voice calling Billy, Billy and then Brandy, what happened Brandy and then he canít hear anything except the Cadillacís engine and Dr. Valentine saying youíll see, weíll be there in record time.  The back seat of the Cadillac smells like old French fries and cheeseburgers and Billy says Iím going to throw up and Dr. Valentine says you go ahead and throw up if you have to and Billy does and then the back seat of the car smells like old French fries and cheeseburgers and vomit.  Do you feel better says Dr. Valentine and Billy says uh huh.  And then he says can I please come to the pig roast Dr. Valentine and Dr. Valentine slows down and looks back over the seat at him and looks away and doesnít say anything for a while.  Then he speeds up again and says of course you can.  Of course you can.




The Valentinesí have their pig roast every year on Labor Day and nobodyís invited except for people that go to their church and itís not fair because the Valentines come to Billyís familyís caroling party every December and they come to the Harwoodís Easter egg hunt every April but Billyís family and the Harwoods donít get to go to the pig roast.  Itís not fair but thatís the way it is, every September on the last Sunday before school starts Dr. Valentine brings home a pig and the next day he cooks it on a spit over a fire pit he digs in his backyard and all afternoon and into the night the sides of Willow Street are lined with cars that belong to people nobody but the Valentines know and the air is full of the smell of onion and garlic and rosemary and roasted pig.  It smells better than anything else in the world and each year Billy tries to get his parents to complain, to tell Dr. Valentine that itís not right for him to have a pig roast and not invite his neighbors, especially his next door neighbors.  But his parents wonít do it and when Billy asks why not his father says because they donít have to invite us, thereís no law, besides it not doing us any harm and Billy says yes it does too do us harm, we have to smell the pig and we donít get to eat it and besides what about all the cars, arenít you afraid Iím going to get hit and his father laughs and says weíre going to have to live next door to the Valentines for a long, long time, Iím not going to make any waves and Billyís mother says you donít want to eat roast pig anyway, itís too greasy, itís bad for the heart.

Billy knows heíd get to go if it were up to Dr. Valentine.  Everybodyíd be invited if it were up to Dr. Valentine because Dr. Valentineís the nicest guy anybody knows and itís not just Billy who thinks so, itís not just because any time heís taking Danny and Dolly out for ice cream or to McDonaldís and Mrs. Valentineís not going he always takes Billy too, itís because even though there are other surgeons heís always on call and Billy gets woken up all the time at two oíclock in the morning by the Cadillac racing down Willow Street on the way to the hospital and because on winter mornings after itís snowed he shovels out Billyís familyís driveway and the Harwoodís too before Billyís father or Mr. Harwood are even awake.  Billyís father likes Dr. Valentine but he doesnít like it when he shovels the driveway and when he does he sometimes says Ronís crazy and Billyís mother says no heís not, heís a Christian, thatís what Christians do and Billyís father says like I said, heís crazy.

 But itís not up to Dr. Valentine who gets to go to the pig roast, itís up to Mrs. Valentine and sheís mean and so nobody gets to go but people who go to her church.  Billyís father says sheís not mean, sheís just unusual, she just does things her own way but thatís easy for him to say because he only really sees her at the caroling party and the Easter egg hunt and even then he doesnít have to talk with her because heís already busy talking with Glennís father and Dr. Valentine.  Everybody else except maybe Glennís father knows sheís mean.  Glenn thinks thereís a rule that in every family one of the parents has to be mean and the other has to be nice except in his family itís his mother thatís nice and his father thatís mean but at least Glennís fatherís nice sometimes and besides heís busy at the college so heís not home most of the time and anyway itís not at all like Mrs. Valentine who isnít ever nice, who hardly ever smiles and when she does itís bad because you know sheís only pretending, that sheís about to tell you that thereís something wrong with you, that if you canít speak in civilized tones in this house youíll have to leave even though Danny was shouting just as loud or that if you keep on using that kind of language youíre not going to be able to come over ever again even though all you said was fart which isnít really a bad word or that when she bought this bottle of Coke it was intended for her family, not for every child in the neighborhood.  Besides itís better if Glennís father isnít mean because otherwise Glennís rule might be right and then one of Billyís parents would have to be mean and he wouldnít know which one because sometimes theyíre both mean and sometimes neither oneís mean and sometimes oneís mean but the otherís not and heís afraid that if he sat down and thought about it for too long heíd end up deciding itís his mother.

Right now Billy doesnít have to worry about any of that though because Dr. Valentine just said he could go to the pig roast and everybody knows that when an adult says something like that they canít take it back.  They get to the hospital and Dr. Valentine stops the Cadillac in front of the emergency room right next to an ambulance and gets out and opens the back door and picks Billy up and carries him through the sliding glass doors shouting I need a bed, I need some ice, I just broke this boyís arm.  People are sitting in the green and brown vinyl chairs around the edge of the waiting room and they all look up except for one woman whoís got her head between her knees and Billy feels like telling them that he gets to go to the pig roast but he doesnít have time because a nurse comes up and looks at Billy and says oh goodness, heís white as a sheet, come on, Iíll find you a bed and they go through a wooden door with a small window with wires in it and into a little room with a bed in it and a curtain around it.  Dr. Valentine puts Billy on the bed and says how are you feeling, does it hurt and Billy says not very much because his eye still hurts worse than his arm and Dr. Valentine looks at him and says well, stay here for a minute, Iím going to get some help, donít move, stay right here, Iíll be right back and pulls the curtains closed around the bed and goes away.  Billy looks at the creamy yellow walls and the blood pressure gauge and the plastic box with the red cross on it and one empty plastic glove coming out of the hole in its bottom and the sink with the spigot like a flamingoís neck and the paper towel dispenser above it and beside it the cart for the defibrillating machine and then someone pulls the curtains back again and Billy thinks itís going to be Dr. Valentine with help but instead itís his mother and he wants to tell her about the pig roast but she looks at his arm and so he looks at it too and sees that itís still twisted into a zee and then she looks at Billy and says you stupid, stupid boy and starts to cry and so he doesnít say anything.

Dr. Valentine comes up behind her and the nurse who met them at the hospital door is with him.  I donít know where the radiologist is, heís supposed to be on duty but I canít find him says Dr. Valentine and Billyís mother turns around and stops crying and Dr. Valentine says Iím so sorry and Billyís mother said oh no, thereís nothing to be sorry about Ron, Brandy told me what happened, it was an accident and Dr. Valentine said I know it was an accident but I still feel awful, I should be more careful, I canít play with kids like Iím a kid myself and then he says Billy, youíve been very brave up until now, I just need you to be brave for a little while longer while we set your arm, can you do that for me, can you be a big brave guy for just a little while longer?  The nurse has a tray with syringes on it and she picks up the biggest one and takes the plastic cover off the needle and Billy knows she wants to stick it in him and he doesnít want her to but he doesnít want Dr. Valentine to think heís a baby and maybe decide it wasnít such a good idea to invite him to the pig roast after all so he says Iíll be brave.  Dr. Valentine says thatís a good boy and the nurse takes his broken arm in her hand and says you might not want to look and Billyís mother says donít look, Billy but he canít help it, he watches as the nurse puts the needle on his arm right where itís broken and itís bright silver against his pink skin and she sticks it in and it only hurts a little compared with how much his arm hurts and then she pushes the plunger down and he can feel whateverís in the syringe going into his arm and itís hot and it really hurts.  She takes the needle out again and thereís a little drop of blood on his skin where it was and Dr. Valentine says that wasnít too bad, was it and Billy says no even though it was.  Good boy says Dr. Valentine and touches Billyís broken arm with two fingers and says does that hurt and it does a little and so Billy says not really and he can feel the hot stuff spreading out under his skin and everything it touches feels dead.  Dr. Valentine touches Billyís arm again and says how about now, does it hurt now and Billy canít even feel Dr. Valentineís fingers and he says no and Dr. Valentine says good, thatís just the way itís supposed to be.

The nurse leaves the room and when she comes back sheís pushing a cart with a metal tube on it and the tube has a hole in it and a screen at one end.  The nurse wheels the cart over and Dr. Valentine says this is a fluoroscope, itís like an X-ray machine, Iím going to use it to look inside your arm.  The nurse lifts Billyís arm and Dr. Valentine says youíre sure that doesnít hurt, you need to tell me if it hurts but it doesnít, Billy canít feel it at all, itís like heís been sleeping on it wrong and itís gone to sleep except thereís not even that prickly feeling of pins and needles telling him that itíll wake up soon and he gets a little scared and says I donít feel anything, shouldnít I feel something and Billyís mother says he gave you a local anesthetic sweetie, of course you shouldnít feel anything and Dr. Valentine says maybe we gave you more than we needed to but donít worry it wonít hurt you and the nurse puts Billyís arm into the hole in the fluoroscope and presses a button and thereís a whirring sound inside the tube and then she presses another button and thereís a picture on the screen and it looks like two black clouds in a white sky except both of the clouds are snapped in half so thereís really four clouds.  Oh good Lord, you broke both bones, how could you break both of them says Billyís mother and Dr. Valentine says Iím sorry, that soccer ball hit him pretty hard and Billyís mother says it was an accident Ron, donít worry, I just canít believe he broke both bones and Dr. Valentine says well, Iím really, really sorry but at least theyíre clean breaks, Billy, this is going to feel strange, donít look at your arm and Billy says can I watch the screen and Dr. Valentine says itíd be better if you just closed your eyes.  The nurse comes up behind Billy and he can see her hands come up around his shoulder but he canít feel them at all even though he can feels her breath on his neck.  You need to hold him very steady, this boyís a pianist says Dr. Valentine to the nurse and the nurseís voice is in Billyís ear saying are you and Billyís mother says yes, heíd be good too if heíd just buckle down and practice and Dr. Valentine says he sounds pretty good to me already and Billyís mother says well, heíd be better if heíd practice more and Dr. Valentine says okay Billy, itís time to close your eyes now and Billy closes his eyes and all he can feel is the nurseís breath against his neck and Dr. Valentine says hold him steady and the nurse says I am holding him steady and Billy knows Dr. Valentine is doing something with his arm because the skin on his right side gets tight and he starts to sweat and his sweat is cold but he canít feel what Dr. Valentineís doing so he opens his eyes just a little and sees that Dr. Valentineís holding his hand and his elbow and the clouds are moving around on the fluoroscope screen and out of the corner of his eye he can see a lump moving inside his arm like thereís something alive swimming around beneath his skin.  Dr. Valentine told you to keep your eyes closed says Billyís mother but Billy canít close his eyes, he has to watch because he canít feel anything and the clouds keep moving around on the screen and the thing keeps swimming around beneath his skin and Billyís mother says please be careful, oh please be careful and Dr. Valentine says donít worry, weíre almost there and the ends of two of the clouds hit the ends of the other two and wiggle around against each other and then stop and Dr. Valentine says got it, howís that feel Billy and Billy says I donít feel anything and Dr. Valentine says well, of course. 




The worst thing about Billyís broken arm is that it itches all the time and the only way he can get it to stop is to pound on it as hard as he can with his left fist and even that doesnít work very well because it only stops itching while heís hitting it and as soon as he stops it starts up again.  The itchingís mostly worth it because Billyís arm wouldnít itch if Dr. Valentine hadnít broken it and if Dr. Valentine hadnít broken it he wouldnít have invited Billy to the pig roast so Billy tries to remember that when itís really bad but he canít always especially at night because itís been really hot for the last couple of weeks and because he has to lie on his back which is a position heís never been able to get comfortable in so he canít fall asleep so he just has to lie there in the dark feeling his arm itch and pounding on it and wishing he could get up and do something, watch TV or read or play piano or something.  But his mother wonít let him get up because she says he needs to sleep or his arm wonít heal properly and so all he can do is lie on his back and listen to the crickets outside and feel the itches scramble around under his cast like a swarm of ants and know that when he wakes up his chest and shoulder will be sore from holding up the cast all night.  A few days ago the itching was so bad that he got out of bed and got one of his plastic army men off the floor and stuck its rifle under the cast to scratch with and that was working for a few minutes even though the rifle wasnít very long and so he couldnít reach very far up but then he started scratching too hard and the rifle broke off so now itís stuck there under his cast just beneath his wrist and that spot itches worst of all and not only that but he knows his motherís going to be mad when Dr. Valentine cuts the cast off and she sees the little green gun on his skin.

 His mother doesnít like it when he pounds on his cast because she says his armís fragile and the bones are just starting to knit back together and he doesnít want Dr. Valentine to have to reset them, does he and so he canít do it when sheís around even though his father says thereís no harm in it, why do you think they put casts on in the first place.  So in the daytime when he canít stand it anymore he has to pretend to have to go to the bathroom in order to pound on his cast which is what heís doing right now, sitting on the toilet with his shorts up because heís only pretending to go to the bathroom and hitting his right arm as hard as he can with his left fist.  He must be in here fifty times a day now and his motherís worried that thereís something wrong with his stomach even though he tells her there isnít, he just has to go to the bathroom a lot these days for some reason and he sort of likes it because his mother doesnít bug him as much while heís in here and because itís cool and everywhere else in the house is boiling hot.  The windowís above him with its white curtain with the embroidered flowers at the bottom blowing out a little in the breeze and in front of himís the peach-colored counter with his motherís perfume and bath lotions on it and behind thatís the mirror in which he can see the bottles again and behind them just the top of his head and his face down to his nose rocking back and forth as he pounds because he isnít tall enough to see any more.  To the right is the shower with the peach bathmat hanging from the frosted glass doorís handle and past that are the towel racks with the peach-colored towels and nothingís changed in here since he broke his arm and even before except the towels and sometimes Billy thinks what if he stayed in here forever, he wouldnít want to but what if he had to, it wouldnít be the worst place and at least he could pound on his cast as much as he needed to and then his arm wouldnít itch except when his fist got tired.

 He hears footsteps in the hall and then his mother knocks on the door and says Billy, are you okay in there and Billy says yes mom, Iím almost done, just a minute and he pounds on his cast two or three more times and then stands up and flushes the toilet and watches the empty water spin away.  When he gets to the living room his mother calls from the kitchen did you wash your hands and Billy says yes and his mother says I didnít hear the water, go back and wash your hands please and Billy goes back to the bathroom and washes his left hand even though he didnít really go to the bathroom and then comes back into the living room and his mother says so how are you feeling sweetie, you want to try it again and Billy says okay and sits down at the piano and wishes that he had stayed in the bathroom longer because his arm itches.  He puts his left hand on the keyboard and begins to play, A with his pinky and D with his pointer finger and F-sharp with his thumb and then his mother starts to sing and itís her favorite song, the one about the blackbird and the willow tree and the boy with golden hair and normally he doesnít mind playing it even though itís boring because she likes it so much and he knows that the boy with golden hair is supposed to be him but his arm itches and somehow every note he plays sounds dead like stone falling on stone but thereís nothing else to do especially now that heís started playing and he wonders when he can pretend to have to go to the bathroom again.

 The stairs behind him creak and then his father comes up out of the basement and heís singing bent my fender now Iím blue in his opera-singer voice and then he says honey, do you want to knock it off with the Elvis tune, Iím trying to work down here and Billy stops playing and his mother stops singing and says itís not an Elvis Presley tune, he stole it, itís an old Confederate song, Jim Reeves used to sing it and Billyís father laughs and says even worse and Billyís mother says why do you say things like that and Billyís father says besides, he canít play with a broken arm, can you Billy and Billyís mother says heís doing just fine, arenít you sweetie, you shouldnít say things like that, you make me feel crummy when you say things like that and Billyís father says it sure is hot today, boy is it hot, Iím going back downstairs where itís cool now that the musicís stopped and Billyís mother says the music hasnít stopped, Iím not done singing and Billyís father says Iím going back downstairs and he goes.

 Letís try it again says Billyís mother and Billy says I have to go to the bathroom and Billyís mother says again, youíre too young to be shutting yourself up in the bathroom all day, thatís not supposed to happen for a few years yet and Billy says my arm itches and Billyís mother says I know it itches sweetie, maybe next time youíll think about that before you go and do something stupid like break your arm, thereís nothing anybody can do about it now, you just have to ignore it and Billy says I canít ignore it, it wonít let me ignore it and Billyís mother says maybe if you played a different song, do you want to play a different song instead, trust me, itíll help if you find something else to concentrate on and Billy says canít I please just go to the bathroom and then he sees the Valentinesí station wagon go by through the picture window and Dr. Valentinesí driving and Billy shouts the pigís here and runs to the dining room so he can look out the window and into the Valentinesí driveway and watch Dr. Valentine unload the pig.  The station wagon stops next to the Cadillac and Dr. Valentine gets out and opens the tailgate and reaches inside and then thereís the pig, Dr. Valentineís cradling it in his arms like itís a baby.  Itís a big one says Billy and his mother comes up behind him and looks out the window over his shoulder and says I guess it is and then Danny and Dolly and Glenn and Carl come running out of the Valentinesí house and Dannyís jumping around next to his father and putting his hands all over the pig and last year Billy did that too, they were all playing inside the Valentinesí house waiting for Dr. Valentine to get home with the pig and then he did and they all went outside to see it and touch it except Dolly didnít want to touch it and Billy remembers what it felt like, like soft sandpaper that used to be warm but wasnít anymore.  But this year itís only Danny and Carl that are touching it because Glennís standing off to the side next to Dolly and Billy canít figure out why because he knows she thinks the pigís gross because itís head and feet have been cut off and itís dead and so sheís probably saying things like I donít want to look, I just came outside because you guys did, letís go back in and thereís no way Glenn wants to go back in, not when the pig just got here.  Dr. Valentine lays the pig down on its back in the grass next to the driveway and Billy wants to go outside so he can look at it up close and touch it too but he doesnít ask if he can because he just broke his arm six days ago and even though Dr. Valentine said it was okay to go outside and play with the cast on as long as he was careful and didnít try anything too wild his mother probably wonít let him and he could argue with her and maybe even win but then if something happened or maybe even if something didnít happen she might decide that enough was enough, no ifs ands or buts about it, he was staying inside for the rest of the weekend and then heíd miss the pig roast.

 Well thatís it, thereís the pig, you want to come back to the piano now sweetie says Billyís mother and Billy says I think thatís the biggest one ever and he can feel his motherís chest against his back and she says oh, how can you tell from this distance and Billy says I just can, itís the biggest and Billyís mother says how come it doesnít have a head, isnít a roast pig supposed to have a head with an apple in its mouth and cherries in its eyes and Billy says Mrs. Valentine thinks the head is gross and Billyís mother says she thinks everythingís gross, I just donít see the point of doing something if youíre not going to do it right, speaking of which why donít you get back to that piano sweetie, itís bad enough that your right handís going to forget everything it knows, I donít have to sing but you really should practice and Billy says I have to go to the bathroom and Billyís mother says Iím worried about this bathroom thing, I hope youíre not coming down with something, I donít want you sick when school starts and Billy says Iím fine and Billyís mother says I hope so because I tell you what, if itís not cleared up by tomorrow thereís no way Iím letting you go and eat that greasy pig and Billy says Dr. Valentine said I could go and Billyís mother says weíll see, right now itís time to practice, come on Billy, chop chop and Billy says this year I get to go.




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