from Summer 2005 [Issue No. 7]

and can you believe the world keeps spinning

Emmy Favilla


exactly two years ago i realized the equilibrium that allows spotted
butterflies to blend into tree trunks to avoid death isn't nearly the
same equilibrium that we have access to as human beings.
and i wondered why.

two years ago, i questioned why you try to invest so much into your
character, yet survival of the fittest still only cares about physical
strength, not morality or innate human goodness. and for a second, you
wonder if the world has even evolved at all.

two years ago today, i sat in a funeral home listening to the screams
of my 17-year-old friend's mother asking him why he had to get onto
that bike.

and just then, you wonder what purpose memories really even serve. you
ask why ideas don't count until they're made a reality, but memories,
they're supposed to be like gold. you can't touch them, and you can't
bring them to life. but they're supposed to make you smile and they're
supposed to be cherished.

you're convinced that the world would be more sane if
memories didn't exist at all.



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