from Fall 2004 [Issue No. 4]

Absent Visiting Cathedrals (Rodin)

Leonard Gontarek

A photograph of a dog in the driver's seat.

A photograph of a naked woman kneeling & praying.

A photograph through a window of a naked woman reading.

A photograph of a man reading a medicine label.

Sad as it seems, I wanted the clerk in the copy place.

Listen, neighbor, it's not that I don't like the music you listen to,

it's like my mother's perfume, it's just too much.

The world is a mist of pain & I'm trading cigarettes for ideas of god.

The yes rotates from distance to distance.

I'm not talking to myself, I'm talking

to the puppet in my suitcase, I'm talking

to my imaginary friend who won't play with me.

Before he dove into the pond, he dove through

the moon in the pond, before that the light polished his nude body.

Afterwards the bear made off with his clothes & wallet.

I am now behind the bear in the supermarket.

The line is long & I just need change.

The line is long & I just want to get home

before the scarlet flowers stop falling.

Honey, look, scarlet flowers are falling.


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