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From Summer 2006 [Issue No. 9]



all men are assholes

Laura Madeline Wiseman



all men are assholes     fact     I can't do it for you

you're just like your father    pejorative    you're just like your mother, worthless

he used to beat me    reminiscing    that woman was crazy

you like going over there     insinuation     all you do is take take take

look you even walk like him     mockery     lazy like your mother

don't pound your sisters     correction     get in the car get in the car get in the car

what else does he say about me     curiosity     how can you want to live like that

don't you ever stick up for me     probing     a whore just like your mother

pretend I'm not here when he arrives     order     just sit there and shut your mouth

he is so weird     epitaph     your mother

the day I left I stabbed his armchair     revelation     your sister isn't mine

have you seen the old man     accusation     have you heard from your mother

momentum change

I hadn't thought about it    I don't know     that might be true


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