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Fall 2008 [Issue No. 15]



Grant Flint has appeared in The Nation, Poetry, Weber, Amelia, Slow Trains, and other print and online journals. He has recently completed a series of seven memoir/novels. Shy, he does stand-up comedy. You can reach him via email or learn more about him on his website.







Lyn Lifshin's Another Woman Who Looks Like Me was published by Black Sparrow at David Godine and selected for the 2007 Paterson Award for Literary Excellence. (Order it.) Also out in 2006, her prize-winning book about the famous, short-lived beautiful race horse, Ruffian, The Licorice Daughter: My Year With Ruffian from Texas Review Press. Her poems have appeared in most literary and poetry magazines and she is the subject of an award-winning documentary film, Lyn Lifshin: Not Made Of Glass. She has published more than 120 books of poetry, including Marilyn Monroe and Blue Tattoo, and has books forthcoming from Blue Unicorn and World Parade Press. For interviews, photographs, more bio material, reviews, interviews, prose, samples of work and more, her web site is www.lynlifshin.com.




Donald J. Modica was born near Cleveland, Ohio and received degrees from the University of Notre Dame and Columbia University. He teaches English and creative writing in Northeast Ohio. "Willoughby" is from his forthcoming collection of short stories set near his childhood home in Ohio. Another story from the collection, "Gates Mills," will appear in The Evansville Review in 2009.




As you read this, David J. Schwartz is eating a piece of fruit. It may be a clementine, a Royal Gala, or a trusty banana. Doctors recommend that you read this bio at least three times a day for Mr. Schwartz's well-being. His first novel, Superpowers, was published in the summer of 2008; his short fiction has appeared in numerous markets, including the anthologies Twenty Epics, Spicy Slipstream Stories, and The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. He blogs at http://snurri.livejournal.com.


Dalel Serda holds a degree from the University of Texas at Austin and is an MFA candidate at the University of Texas-Pan American, where she teaches and writes along the Texas-Mexican border. She has recently returned home after spending several years as an ESL instructor in Japan and South Korea. You can reach here here.




Paul Silverman's stories have appeared in The South Dakota Review, Tampa Review, Eureka Literary Magazine, Minnetonka Review, Worcester Review, Alimentum, Coe Review, Jabberwock Review, Hobart Online, Pindeldyboz, Smokelong Quarterly, The Pedestal, Laura Hird, Adirondack Review, Dogmatika, Summerset Review, VerbSap, Word Riot, Thieves Jargon and many others. He's been a Spotlight Author in Eclectica, which nominated his story, "The Home Front," for Best of the Net. He has three Pushcart nominations and was shortlisted twice for The Million Writers Award.


Rachel Toliver has work published or forthcoming in Night Train, Cutthroat, Alligator Juniper, Literal Latte, Thieves Jargon, Indelible Kitchen and Geez. She lives in bucolic West Philadelphia and disagrees with all the nasty things people say about Philly. After a long break from teaching, she has recently returned to the public school system as a high school English teacher.





Alan Walsh has been published by Magill Magazine, In Dublin, The Illustrated Ape, The Dublin Writers Group, and has had short stories and poetry published in periodicals in different parts of the world. 



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