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Booking Hawaii Five-O: An Episode Guide andCritical History by Karen Rhodes


Episode Guide

With a forward by Rose Freeman, widow of Leonard Freeman, creator of Hawaii Five-O.

Here is what Mrs. Freeman has to say about Booking Hawaii Five-O:

"Mahalo and aloha to Karen Rhodes for her passion and dedication in completing a history of Hawaii Five-O. I am now her biggest fan. A history that has been approached with love and unbelievable dedication. If it wasn't there, she didn't write it. She got it right and I am grateful to her for sifting out the truth."

Illustrations, appendices, comprehensive index. Total pages 333. Now in paperback.

Price: $35.00.

ISBN: 0-7864-0171-0

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(Let the buyer beware) It has come to my attention that exorbitant prices are being asked for copies of the hardback version of Booking Hawaii Five-0, sometimes ranging into the hundreds of dollars! Don't pay such ridiculous prices. It's not necessary for you to shell out big bucks many cannot really afford to have a copy. The paperback is a trade paperback, hardy enough to stand up to a fan's use, printed on good quality paper.

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