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Jack Lord in an aloha shirt

Five-O Episode Ratings

. (Note: These pages presuppose some knowledge of Hawaii Five-O on the part of the reader.) Find out which ones I think are great, and which ones bark, chase cars, and eat horsemeat. NOTE: The reviews pages are incomplete. Sorry. One of these days when I have a little time, I may get around to finishing . . .

Literate Five-O

-- literary and cultural allusions which appeared in the episodes of the series.


Booking Hawaii Five-O

-- a history and episode guide. Take a look!

The Wisdom of Comrade Wo Fat!

Read the pithy sayings and acute observations of the wily spy.

Episode titles in German, with literal translations!

Thanks to German fans Gabriele Gruber (for the original list) and Michelle Druta (for checking spelling, grammar, etc.), we have the titles of Hawaii Five-0 episodes in German, along with the literal translations of those titles. Have fun comparing the original titles, as we English-speaking fans know them, with how they sometimes get transformed in another language and culture.

Episode titles in French, with literal translations!

Thanks to French fan Florence Faure-Conorton, we now have the Five-0 episode titles in French, as well.

Five-O novels -- a critique of some of the early (and, to date, the ONLY) commercial novels based on Five-0. These books came out in the late sixties and early seventies.

I took a ride in STEVE MCGARRETT'S CAR! (One of them, that is.) Read about it! WITH PHOTOS!

Links to other Five-0 Sites and Hawaiian culture sites.

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Autographed photo of Jack Lord as Steve 


This photo was a gift from my "son" (my husband and I stand
in as substitute grandparents for his little daughter) as a
birthday present in 1998. It's one of my favorite poses
of Jack's, and it's autographed!

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