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The list of titles in French was provided by Florence Faure-Conorton.

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French Title Literal Translation English Title
Episode Pilote: Le Cocon Pilot Episode: The Cocoon Cocoon (in syndication)


French Title Literal Translation English Title
Balade en bateau Cruise Full Fathom Five
Nous serons des étrangers We'll be Strangers Strangers in our Own Land
Le piège The Trap Tiger by the Tail
Le Samouraï The Samurai Samurai
Le rat d'hôtel The Hotel Thief And They Painted Daisies on his Coffin
Trafic d'or Gold Traffic Twenty-Four Karat Kill
Les voies de l'amour The Ways of Love The Ways of Love
Plus de fleurs bleues

No more promises

No Blue Skies
Le mauvais numéro The Wrong Number By the Numbers
Demain ne naîtra jamais Tomorrow Will Never Be Born Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born
Le témoin secret The Secret Witness Deathwatch
Qui a tué Mira Bai ? Who Killed Mira Bai? Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember
Le roi de la colline The King of the Hill King of the Hill
Le grand voyage The Big Trip Up Tight
Face au dragon Face to the Dragon Face of the Dragon
Les otages The Hostages The Box
Tante Martha Aunt Martha One for the Money
Son dernier round His Last Round Along Came Joey
La preuve vivante (1) The Living Evidence (1) Once Upon a Time (part 1)
La preuve vivante (2) The Living Evidence (2) Once Upon a Time (part 2)
Pour la paix For Peace Not That Much Different
Six Kilos Six Kilos Six Kilos
Le grand Kahuna The Big Kahuna The Big Kahuna

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French Title Literal Translation English Title
Assurance sur les morts Insurance on the Dead A Thousand Pardons, You're Dead
Le dragon noir The Black Dragon To Hell with Babe Ruth
Lame de fond Ground Swell Forty Feet High, and it Kills
L'ours en peluche The Teddy Bear Just Lucky, I Guess
Sombre dimanche Gloomy Sunday Savage Sunday
La bête The Beast A Bullet for McGarrett
Douce terreur Sweet Terror Sweet Terror
Le manteau de plumes The Feather Cape King Kamehameha Blues
SOS Singapour S.O.S. Singapore The Singapore File
Tous les chevaux du roi All the King's Horses All the King's Horses
L'escale forcée The Forced Call Leopard on the Rock
Le diable et la grenouille The Devil and the Frog The Devil and Mr. Frog
Un jeu dangereux A Dangerous Game The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild
Fausse manoeuvre Wrong Operation Which Way Did They Go?
Le tigre aveugle Blind Tiger Blind Tiger
[Not shown in syndication] [Not shown in syndication] Bored she hung herself
Vas-y Johnny! Go, Johnny! Run, Johnny, Run
L'abeille The Bee Killer Bee
L'assassin est gaucher The Killer is Left-Handed The One with the Gun
Chantage Blackmail Cry, Lie
Un camarade de collège A Friend from College Most Likely to Murder
Naïf comme un savant Naive as a Scientist Nightmare Road
Alerte à Hawaii (1) Alert in Hawaii (1) Three Dead Cows at Makapuu (part 1)
Alerte à Hawaii (2) Alert in Hawaii (2) Three Dead Cows at Makapuu (part 2)
La reine de la Polynésie The Queen of Polynesia Kiss the Queen Goodbye

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French Title Literal Translation English Title
Mort sur commande Ordered Death And a Time to Die . . .
Trouble en tête Trouble in Mind Trouble in Mind
Attentat sur commande Ordered Murder Attempt The Second Shot
Souvenirs au présent Present Memories Time and Memories
L'affaire du Guarnerius The Guarnerius Case The Guarnerius Caper
La rançon The Ransom The Ransom
Par l'eau et par le fer By Water and the Sword Force of Waves
Hara kiri Hara-kiri The Reunion
Témoin à charge Witness for the Prosecution The Late John Louisiana
Le paradis perdu The Lost Paradise The Last Eden
Le voleur du Monopoly The Monopoly Thief Over Fifty? Steal
Meurtre, amour et poésie Murder, Love, and Poetry Beautiful Screamer
Six ans après Six Years Later The Payoff
Meurtre à la prison Murder at the Prison The Double Wall
Paniolo Paniolo (Hawaiian for "cowboy") Paniolo
Dix mille diamants et un infarctus Ten Thousand Diamonds and a Heart Attack Ten Thousand Diamonds and a Heart
Tuer ou mourir To Kill or To Die To Kill or Be Killed
La guerre des planches (1) War for the Banknote Plates (1) F.O.B. Honolulu (part 1)
La guerre des planches (2) War for the Banknote Plates (2) F.O.B. Honolulu (part 2)
Trafic d'armes Weapons Traffic The Gunrunner
Mon cher ennemi My Dear Enemy Dear Enemy
La vieille dame et l'incendiaire The Old Lady and the Arsonist The Bomber and Mrs. Moroney
Meurtre au stade (1) Murder at the Stadium (1) The Grandstand Play (part 1)
Meurtre au stade (2) Murder at the Stadium (2) The Grandstand Play (part 2)

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French Title Literal Translation English Title
Recherche archéologique Archaeological Research Highest Castle, Deepest Grave
Incinération Incineration No Bottles . . . No Cans . . . No People
Les clés de l'énigme The Keys of the Enigma Wednesday, Ladies Free
Voyages organisés The Package Tours 3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu
Le pigeon The Pigeon Two Doves and Mr. Heron
Tireur d'élite Sharpshooter . . . And I Want Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots
Air cargo Air Cargo Air Cargo -- Dial for Murder
Pour un million de dollars For a Million Dollars For a Million . . . Why Not?
Qui a tué Melissa ? Who Killed Melissa? The Burning Ice
Kamehameha Kamehameha Rest in Peace, Somebody
Marché de dupes A Fool's Deal A Matter of Mutual Concern
Neuf, dix morts Nine, Ten Dead Nine, Ten -- You're Dead
Kailimoku Kailimoku Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise?
Mascarade Masquerade Odd Man In
Vertige Vertigo Bait Once, Bait Twice
Une vie pour 90 secondes (1) A Life for 90 Seconds The Ninety-Second War (pt. 1)
Une vie pour 90 secondes (2) A Life for 90 Seconds The Ninety-Second War (pt. 2)
Viol Rape Skinhead
Une balle perdue Stray Bullet While You're at It, Bring in the Moon
Règlement de comptes Settling of Scores Cloth of Gold
Bonsoir mon amour Good Night, My Love Good Night, Baby -- Time to Die!
Rendez-vous pour un meurtre Rendezvous for a Murder Didn't We Meet at a Murder?
Drogue en mer Drug(s) at Sea Follow the White Brick Road
Le lieutenant Ralston Lieutenant Ralston R&R&R

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French Title Literal Translation English Title
Massacre sur commande Ordered Slaughter Death is a Company Policy
Course contre la montre Race Against the Clock Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain
Il n'est pas nécessaire de tuer... It is Not Necessary to Kill . . .
(to Get Rich, But it Helps)
You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich -- But It Helps
La mort d'un ami Death of a Friend Pig in a Blanket
Le vol du prototype The Theft of the Prototype The Jinn Who Clears the Way
Double chantage Double Blackmail Fools Die Twice
Evénements en chaîne Chain of Events Chain of Events
Vengeance à froid Cold Revenge Journey Out of Limbo
Trilogie : le fils Trilogy: the Son 'V' for Vashon: the Son
Trilogie : le père Trilogy: the Father 'V' for Vashon: the Father
Trilogie : le patriarche Trilogy: the Patriarch 'V' for Vashon: the Patriarch
Au 12ème coup At the 12th Stroke The Clock Struck Twelve
Escroquerie en famille Fraud Within the Family I'm a Family Crook -- Don't Shoot!
Rapt d'enfant Kidnapping (of a Child) The Child Stealers
Merci pour la lune de miel Thanks for the Honeymoon Thanks for the Honeymoon
Le paranoïaque The Paranoid The Listener
Deux maisons et une double vie Two Houses and a Double Life Here Today, Gone Tonight
Diabolique entreprise Devilish Venture The Odd Lot Caper
Qui êtes-vous, Mr Winkler ? Who Are You, Mr. Winkler? Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die?
Rapt Abduction Little Girl Blue
Pourcentage Percentage Percentage
Dernier avertissement Last Warning Engaged to be Buried
Le pendentif The Pendant The Diamond That Nobody Stole
Procès Trial Jury of One

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French Title Literal Translation English Title
Le crochet The Hook Hookman
La bande dessinée The Comic Strip Draw Me a Killer
En route pour la mort En Route to Death Charter for Death
Quelle famille! What a Family! One Big Happy Family
Pyromanie Pyromania The Sunday Torch
Elle court,elle court, la valise... Pursuit of the Valise Murder is a Taxing Affair
La guerre des souteneurs War of the Pimps Tricks are Not Treats
Pourquoi attendre la mort de l'oncle? Why Wait Until the Uncle's Death? Why Wait Till Uncle Kevin Dies?
Le reflet du sang Blood's Reflection Flash of Color, Flash of Death
La fille du diable The Devil's Daughter A Bullet for El Diablo
Touche finale The Finishing Touch The Finishing Touch
Coup de tonnerre atomique Atomic Thunderclap Anybody Can Build a Bomb
Mourez à la bonne heure Die at the Right Time Try to Die on Time
La pièce rare The Rare Coin The $100,000 Nickel
A la vie, à la mort Undying Promise The Flip Side is Death
Les naufragés de la dernière vague Last Wave Castaways Banzai Pipeline
Pigeon ne vole pas Pigeon Does Not Fly One Born Every Minute
L'arme secrète The Secret Weapon Secret Witness
Un aller pour deux One-Way Ticket for Two Death with Father
L'or des mers de Chine Gold from China Seas Murder with a Golden Touch
Le refoulé The Frustrated Man Nightmare in Blue
La vengeance de la police The Police Revenge Mother's Deadly Helper
Croisière pour un tueur Cruise for a Killer Killer at Sea
L'homme aux cent visages The Man with 100 Faces 30,000 Rooms and I Have theKey

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