Two 50 ton overhead gantry cranes and a single 25 ton crane handled work-pieces exceeding 100 tons. Submarine dive planes, 

a destroyer strut bearing and dive plane stocks are see in the foreground. The Quincy shipyard's machine shop was 

world renowned for it's huge machinery and skilled machinists. 



A 35 ton propeller shaft being turned in a Niles lathe. One of the intermediate sized lathes in the shop. 

Notice the line boring bars hanging above.



A machinist cutting an internal acme thread on a 3000 pound propeller nut. The lathes capacity is 48 inch swing by a 25 foot long bed (a medium sized lathe). Manufactured by LeBlond the lathe is a servo shift model with a 75 hp spindle motor -- this thing can remove steel fast. Notice the Niles lathe in the background with a partial view of the mating propeller shaft. The shaft and nut are for one of the LNG super tankers produced at the Quincy shipyard during the 1970's.  But wait is that machinist WB1S ?


The work-piece on the large Giddings and Lewis boring mill is a hinge segment to the bridge structure that astronauts use to walk to the nose of the space shuttle. The pipes protruding at an angel are later welded to the bridge structure(not shown). The bridge structure is similar in size to a small highway overpass. Imagine swinging a highway overpass on a hinge. The complete hinge assembly is made up of two of the segments -- an upper and lower. Just before the shuttle lifts off the bridge structure swings away from the nose of the space shuttle rotating on the hinge. This hinge segment weighs about 15 tons and was made by rolling a twelve inch thick steel plate into a cylinder. The inside diameter was bored to accommodate the hinge bearing. The operation being performed in the picture is drilling service access holes used to service the hinge bearing. Notice the six inch diameter water cooled spade drill. This machine is capable of pushing a 6 inch or larger drill through alloy steel with no pilot hole. After drilling, the hole is finish bored, and single point threaded (this model boring mill is equip with a half-nut). The thread accommodates a screw in cover. Nasa was one of the shipyards many high profile customers. That's WB1S again.