Dire Wolf

Soundcard Packet TNC, APRS Digipeater, IGate, APRStt gateway



Version 1.1 - December 2014 

New features: Logging of received packets and conversion to GPX format.  AGW network port can now accept 3 different client applications at the same time.  Frequency/offset/tone standard formats are now recognized.  Non-standard attempts are detected and a warning message suggests the standard format.  Decoding of telemetry.  GPS tracker (Linux only).  Beacon positions can be specified in either latitude/longitude or in UTM coordinates.  Now compatible with RMS Express.


 Version 1.0 - May 2014 

New features: 9600 baud operation.  New interfaces for operation with software defined radios (SDR) such as gqrx or rtl_fm.  New, easier to use, beacon configuration options.  Improved support for UTF-8 character set.



Version 0.9 - November 2013 

New features:  Selection of non-default audio device for Linux ALSA.  Simplified audio device set up for Raspberry Pi.  GPIO lines can be used for PTT on suitable Linux systems.  Improved 1200 baud decoder: 976 packets decoded from Track 2 of WA8LMF TNC test CD.  Multiple decoders per channel to tolerate HF SSB signals off frequency.  Command line option "-t 0" to disable text colors.  APRStt macros which allow short numeric only touch tone sequences to be processed as much longer predefined sequences.



Version 0.8 - August 2013

 New features:  Internet Gateway (APRS IGate).  Compatible with more applications such as YAAC, UISS, Linux AX25.


Version 0.7 - March 2013

 New features:  APRStt (Touch Tone to APRS) Gateway.


Version 0.6 - February 2013

 New features:  Runs on Raspberry Pi.  Improved demodulator performance: 965 frames from Track 2 of WA8LMF TNC Test CD.