Dire Wolf

Soundcard Packet TNC, APRS Digipeater, IGate, APRStt gateway





This page will be disappearing on October 8, 2015.  Comcast announcded that the personal web page service will be discontinued.  (They didn't mention anything about my bill going down to compensate for loss of this feature.)  


The new location will be https://github.com/wb2osz/direwolf/releases. If you have any links to this current location, please update those links  to use the new location.  If you got here by following a link on some other page, please contact the owner to have the link updated,  Thanks for your patience during the transition.



Version 1.2 - June 2015 

New features: 

Improved decoder performance.  Over 1000 error-free frames decoded from WA8LMF TNC Test CD.  See "A-Better-APRS-Packet-Demodulator.pdf" for details.

Up to 3 soundcards and 6 radio channels can be handled at the same time.

New framework for applications which listen for Touch Tone commands and respond with voice.  A sample calculator application is included as a starting point for building more interesting applications. For example, if it hears the DTMF sequence "2*3*4#" it will respond with the spoken words "Twenty Four."

Reduced latency for transfers to/from soundcards.  More accurate transmit PTT timing.

Packet filtering for digipeater and IGate.

New command line -q (quiet) option to suppress some types of output.

Attempted fixing of corrupted bits now works for 9600 baud.

Implemented AGW network protocol 'y' message so applications can throttle generation of packets when sending a large file.

When using serial port RTS/DTR to activate transmitter, the two control lines can now be driven with opposite polarity as required

by some interfaces.

Data Carrier Detect (DCD) can be sent to an output line (just like PTT) to activate a carrier detect light.

Linux "man" pages for on-line documentation.

AGWPORT and KISSPORT can be set to 0 to disable the interfaces.

APRStt gateway enhancements:  MGRS/USNG coordinates, new APRStt3 format call, satellite grid squares.


Download Software:

Documentation, all included in the zip files above.


Version 1.1 - December 2014 

New features: Logging of received packets and conversion to GPX format.  AGW network port can now accept 3 different client applications at the same time.  Frequency/offset/tone standard formats are now recognized.  Non-standard attempts are detected and a warning message suggests the standard format.  Decoding of telemetry.  GPS tracker (Linux only).  Beacon positions can be specified in either latitude/longitude or in UTM coordinates.  Now compatible with RMS Express.


 Version 1.0 - May 2014 

New features: 9600 baud operation.  New interfaces for operation with software defined radios (SDR) such as gqrx or rtl_fm.  New, easier to use, beacon configuration options.  Improved support for UTF-8 character set.



Version 0.9 - November 2013 

New features:  Selection of non-default audio device for Linux ALSA.  Simplified audio device set up for Raspberry Pi.  GPIO lines can be used for PTT on suitable Linux systems.  Improved 1200 baud decoder: 976 packets decoded from Track 2 of WA8LMF TNC test CD.  Multiple decoders per channel to tolerate HF SSB signals off frequency.  Command line option "-t 0" to disable text colors.  APRStt macros which allow short numeric only touch tone sequences to be processed as much longer predefined sequences.



Version 0.8 - August 2013

 New features:  Internet Gateway (APRS IGate).  Compatible with more applications such as YAAC, UISS, Linux AX25.


Version 0.7 - March 2013

 New features:  APRStt (Touch Tone to APRS) Gateway.


Version 0.6 - February 2013

 New features:  Runs on Raspberry Pi.  Improved demodulator performance: 965 frames from Track 2 of WA8LMF TNC Test CD.