Freedom Road Series



Welcome to the Freedom Road


And welcome to the Chilcotin. This is one of the most scenic areas of British Columbia, with wildly diverse scenery and cultures. You are coming for the geocaching, but don't pass on the opportunity to enjoy all the area offers. Bring your camera. NOTE: There is no cell phone coverage here from any carrier.


Our aim is to provide you with a memorable, pleasant caching experience, so we offer these tips that may enhance your adventure.




This is a remote area. The roads are very good, even when the pavement stops and the gravel suffices. From May through September, snow is rare, but at these elevations, it can happen. Be sure that you and your vehicle are up to the task. As noted above, there is no cell phone service here. Let someone know where you are going and when you should return. Winter caching is discouraged because snow will cause unsafe conditions. You will be a long way from urban amenities, so plan accordingly. A spare tire is a must. The traffic on the road is light, and help may be a long time in coming. The roads are wide, but park as close to the right edge as is safely possible. Use your 4-way flashers. For a look at the road and weather at Freedom Road Series #1, visit


You won't be the only ones out there. Because of the wilderness environment you may well encounter deer, moose, fox, wildcats, and bears (both black bear and grizzly). They may run from you or ignore you, but they are not friendly or tame. Don't be lunch! If they are near a cache, after you take your pictures, pass that one up. You can come back after they have gone. Check out the photo gallery tab above; all those photos were taken along this route.


Caching tips:


We intend for you to find these caches – all of them. Your first hint: they are all 35mm film canisters. We know that the logs are small and may fill quickly. We know that some may go missing due to animal, environmental, or human intervention. To make things better for all of us, we ask that you bring some spare film canisters and log sheets, so that you can replace what is full, damaged, or missing. There is no point in going this distance for DNFs.


All the caches are on the north side of the roadway (the right side as you drive from Williams Lake toward Bella Coola. That was done so that you won't have to dodge traffic or park inappropriately. So, the best way to attack the series is from East to West (regardless of the cache numbering).


Caching Etiquette:


Cache responsibly. All the cache containers are covered with rocks for a reason ... critters love them, too. Please make sure that the caches are protected, even if it takes a couple of seconds. The next cachers will appreciate it. (The owners will, also.)


CITO (Cache In -Trash Out) is always appropriate. It is the least we can do to show the folks who live here that cachers are appreciative of being invited in.


Be respectful of private property … there is no need to cross fences or block driveways.


Smile, we are having fun!


Facilities Available:


There are numerous gas stations and stores along the highway. There are many motels and resorts that offer fine facilities for overnight lodging and camping. Visit to assist with your planning.


If you need a link to the Freedom Road Series on, here it is:

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