First page of the original plans
First page of the original plans
First page of the original plans

MiniCoupe Builders Log


Builder: Bill Day, PMP

Started 11/1/2003 : Completed 06/29/2013

Last update 8/10/2014

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Am I flying yet?

8/10/14Completed all work. Painted plane. Moved plane to hanger. Ron Dixon came up and helped with linkage setup. Plane is now ready to continue flight testing.
6/2/14Completed all major work. Installed new prop. Time to attach wings and check linkage, then its time to go flying again!
6/1/14Completed major fiberglass work to enclose the carb and carb heat box.
5/27/14Completed left side cowling. Worked on Carb Heat Box. Engine started right up. Now more fiberglass work and rigg carb heat control.
5/4/14Fixed exhaust pipe. Installed heat muffs. Working on canopy and cowling. Extending cowling by 1.5". Ride side done, working on left.
4/20/14Intake manafold and updraft tubing resized. Moved carb back and up 2". Installed manafold pressure tap. Installed manafold pressure gauge. Need to fix one exhaust pipe, some sheet metal and fiberglass work left.
3/2/14Installed left gear. Hung motor.
2/23/14Another nice break in weather. Installed right gear. Removed left gear. Left side looks worse. Must have taken most of the inpact. Prop ordered.
2/2/14Nice break in weather. Installed doublers and access panels for rudder petal and steering controls. Closed up top skin were I changed out the engine mount. Waiting on landing gear to come back from the painters.
12/22/13Installed rudder and steering, added access for rudder linkage. Removed engine, took off old accessory case. Drilled out rivets for access to top nuts of engine mount. Removed old engine mount. Installed new engine mount. The blue painters tape was used to keep the nut tight in the wrench, no space for my big fingers. Will need to cut down the tubes for the rubber mount on the accessory case. My apologizes to those who have emailed me, I will try and get in touch with every one to answer any questions.
12/20/13Picked welded engine mount for the new accessory case, this effort was planned for late winter. Worked on the canopy, need to get it fitted for March test flights.
12/15/13Patched fuselage for rudder and steering pass-thru, not real pretty.
12/14/13Installed nose gear and removed tie-down strap on tail. Removed right main gear and found bent angle, came down a little harder than 1st thought.
12/13/13Ebay for the carb. Worked bracket for throttle, now when you push forward you get full throttle, very important since force of habit is to push forward. Hint, Hint!
12/7/13Nose gear welded back together and repainted. Nose wheel replaced, most of the main gear is completed, waiting on axels. The bolts shown in the pictures are too short.
11/30/13Prop, nose gear, nose wheel, main gear, rudder peddals, steering hole in fuselage are the main damage. Minor fiberglass work needed.
11/9/13Took the plane home to start determining what needs to be done.
11/7/13FAA paid a vist and took lots of pictures, was looking for failure in the plane, Really was an ID10T issue.
10/26/13Broke the plane on 2nd flight, was doing short hops on the runway. If you want the whole story will tell you offline.
10/17/13After many frustrating weeks, pulled the engine. Reworked the accessory case to move the starter forward and fixed stripped bolt holes. When I can, will replace the case with a Diehl case from Geat Plains. Replaced the battery and battery holder with a higher Cold Cranking Amp (325), old one was 170. Dropped the mag, took it home and checked every thing and re-timed for installation on engine. Found an intermittent short and was going to fix today, got called back to work. Worked on carb settings. Built new bracket for Carb.
7/17/13Well was able to get a Taxi Test in, made it up to the hold line and the engine quit. Would not restart. The accessory case bolt holes for the started were stripped out and the starter slipped down stopping the engine before 1st flight. Worked on carb settings and Heli-Coiled holes. Waiting on hanger space at airport.
7/14/131st Taxi at Martin State Airport.
6/29/13Well "My Obsession, The Mistress" as my friends say, now has her paper work. Long road but a dream come true. A few little things to correct and then time to fly.
6/20/13Put on trailer to get transponder checked out at Bay Bridge Airport.
6/15/13Setup for fuel flow test. 3:20 min per gal. 18 gal/Hr, would empty the fuel tank in an hour.
6/14/13Back seal completed. Cooling tube for mag in place. Front part still to complete.
6/13/13Completed sheet metal baffeling, connector for mag vent cooling tube. Rubber seal next.
6/9/13Completed firewall covers, re-worked wing hinge. Replaced the three small hinges with one continuous hinge.
6/4/13Completed tail tiedown point, started trimming baffeling.
6/3/13Riveted top hinge connection on cowling.
6/1/13So, when is it considerd a plane with a few punch list items left?
6/1/13So, when is it considerd a plane with a few punch list items left?
5/27/13Mount points for the cowling. Had to cut more of the cowling than I liked, will set me back a bit to rebuild the cowl.
5/21/13Initial fit of cowling.
5/14/13Worked on pass-thru for cables. Now to trim baffling and mate the cowling. Basic prime of exposed metal, bottom left to do. Baffling seals, draft tubes for mag and rectifer and minor stuff left to do.
5/6/13Reworked seal around crank. Showing placement of the baffling.
4/21/13Spark plug harness installed. Started engine after 6 month layoff, been too cold for me to work outside. Adjusted carb. Work left to do: oil leak, baffling, cowling, overall clean up of the plane.
1/14/13Worked on Oil Cooler Shroud. Don't like my current spark plug harness, creating a new one, maybe it will hold together better then the old one.
9/23/12Worked on Carb Heat Box, started putting baffling in, started on the cowling.
9/20/12Put door springs around exhaust to help get heated air for Carb and Cabin heat.
9/16/12Almost done with Carb Heat box. Still working on carb settings.
9/5/12Started the engine and got 6 minutes time running. Now to figure out the correct carb settings.
8/19/12Worked out the new routing for the intake manifold. Welded and painted intake.
8/17/12Rebuilt engine and mounted back to the plane. Installed new generator. Installed new prop from Sterba Props. Working out the new routing for the intake manifold. Working on throttle control routing. Need to install a vacuum gage as well. Have engine baffling and fitting of cowling to go.
5/21/12Repared damage to right center section. Now need to pull the engine and do an overhaul.
5/18/12Plane broke tie downs after hand propping engine.
5/6/12Wing covers drilled. Electrical for wing tips done, Little details in cockpit done.
5/4/12After several attempts, figured out how to cut the metal for the windshield. Completed install of windshield.
3/26/12Started final install of windshield.
3/18/12Completed left side windshield gap cover. Painted inside to reduce glare.
3/17/12Completed right side windshield gap cover. Showing how I get the start of the center bend.
3/12/12Learning how to shape metal for the windshield gap cover. Also, needed to add the little angles on the sides for the windshield.
2/20/12Ready for final sanding and painting of the cowling. Installed the Tiny Tach. Cleaned up the sealant and preped the top skin. Installed top skin. Heil coiled stripped bolt hole in accessory case. Have angles bent for wing gap skin. Rebent front canopy support brace.
2/5/12Structural work completed on the cowling. Cosmetic work left now.
1/29/12Cowling progress.
12/19/11Labels for instrument panel. Cowling progress.
12/16/11Put up the older pictures to round out the work blog. Need to start getting everything in order for the final inspection.
12/13/11Put new metal over existing main hole. Continue to work on the cowling.
12/12/11Replaced both Tachs, One Tach didn't work and the old Tiny Tach quit after half hour of running, so replaced it with a new Tiny Tach(4c). Had to open up the top fuselage and put new metal over existing holes. Oiled all push/pull cables. Working on the cowling again. No new pictures at this time.
11/19/11Started the engine for the 1st time today.
10/21/11Getting ready to time mag and engine together. Currently working on the engine baffling. Had a set back working on the cowling, will start on it again this Sunday. Set up mounting brackets for cabling. Need to make the firewall penetration covers.
9/11/11Put in stiffener for throttle control. Final riveted braces for fuel tank. Installed transponder antenna. Installed mount for the digital compass and inserted power cable. Installed top sheet of front fuselage.
9/5/11Been down for some surgery. Closed up the tail section, bottom front fuselage. Trim cable mounted , throttle 50% complete. Installed rudder pedals. Installed side access panels. Needed to add an access panel on the tail. Wing tips and tail cone painted. Lots of little things completed.
2/28/11Completed both wings with wing tip mounting points. Added tie down point to both wings. Some electrical work left on one wing. Will need to take additional pictures when a little bit warmer.
6/8/10Some more assembly on center section.
6/1/10Started final assembly on center section.
5/31/10And how do you get a plane out of your basement?
12/11/09Wing Tip work, one mounted to the wing.Started working on the cowl.
10/18/09Wing Tip work, need to complete the lights, Setup for sliding canopy started, used 22 inch drawer rails.
9/27/09Wing Tip work with lights, Instrument panel painted.
6/21/09Updates on fuel path, access hole, canopy.
5/5/09Posting some pictures.
12/27/08Started getting back into working on the plane. Plumed the fuel line through the firewall. Wired the Instrument panel, need to run the lines from the engine through the firewall, including the alt and battery wiring. Worked on gasolator mounting. Found some automotive trim material to protect wiring and pitot/static lines. Created the throttle and elevator trim handles. Working with Styrofoam to build the tail cover. Wired the dimmer unit. Mounted the push to talk and transponder wires. Worked on brace for throttle cable.
4/6/08Drilled and installed nuts for rectifier. Decided to use angle for rudder tips, found out I really don't like working on fiberglass. Made shoulder harness bracket out of 4 pieces of .040. Received the tank and epoxy mix to put the bottom part on. Now to let it cure.
3/4/08It's been a rough few months, way too much work. Replaced the original fuel tank, the new one has a cap of 17 gals. Installed the Anti collision light and tail light. Hooked them up to watch them flash. Have alot of the instrument panel wired, now it needs to be cleaned up. Bent tubing for canopy support. Now need to determine where to split the canopy for entry. Many other small items being worked on as I get free time.
10/25/07Worked on fuel tank top. Had to put a relief in the tank for the new turn and bank indicator. Cut a 2 liter soda bottle in half and used the top tapered portions to make the relief for the indicator. Looks like I have enough clearance and didnít lose too much space in the tank. Need to work on the hard points for the fuel gauge and fuel filler.
10/14/07Worked on Pitol/Static lines, convert final lenght to softer tubing to be able to route easier. Worked on fuel tank top and started glassing the changed sections, 1 layer, fiberglassed left rudder top with 1st layer of glass. Got a nice turn and bank indicator to put in the pannel. Started trimming the canopy down to a nice fit. Installed bearings for stick and rudder control.
8/4/07Finished brake pedals and adjustable cable tensioners. Set nose ribs and ran tubing for the pitot/static system and nav lights for the wings. Initial install of the quick disconnect for the tubing for the removable wings.
8/1/07Been tied up with work and getting instrument rating. Decided to redo the fuel tank and not make it quite so large. Working on brake setup. Had to shorten the pedals. The nail is to give me an alignment location for the brake cable.
4/1/07Showing updates on fuel tank, cowling, rudder control, elevator control and wiring.
2/21/07Ah, the stuff I really don't like. Fiberglass work on wing tips, fuel tank and cowling. I used the squared pattern for the firewall and now have to create (that's get help) a cowling for it.
1/21/07Working on Nav Lights, put fuselage on and rudders to work on rear rudder controls.
1/18/07Picture Updates. Rudder Linkage, Seat Belt placement, Rudder tips, top and bottom, Cut outs for Nav lights in wing tips. Fuel tank being looked at by fiberglass man.
12/17/06Received everything back from the welder. Only two items left to weld, 1/4" bolt and rod end connector for steering. Trimed center rudder rod for stearing. Trimmed engine mount to fit on firewall. No space at the 6 O'Clock position for a starter, beware you need the starter at the 12 O'Clock position. Put engine on for first time to get a look at spacing for everything.
12/8/06Stearing control horns from rudder rod cut and ready to weld. Created a one-off spacer to drill the spinner plates. Spacer lasted long enough to get all the holes drilled and then broke. Realized only got 5 bolts instead of 6. Did rough cut-out for prop and placed on engine to check everything out.
12/3/06Finished gas tank, ready to start setting up for glassing. Worked on linkage for rudder tubing. Got engine mount to welder.
11/26/06Continue to work on gas tank. Drilled holes for rudder tubing on firewall. Created brace for rudder control linkage. Cut tubing for engine mount, ready to weld.
11/11/06Worked on gas tank. Have rough shape and will fine sand to fit under the top skin. Checked out the foot arrangement and it seems to be ok. Checked to see how the canopy will look on the bird. Checked to make sure I had plenty of room for my head. It maybe 2 inches, not much after putting on headset.
11/4/06Worked on engine mount jig. Didn't like the 1st attempt on the accessory case board, so redid it. Made sure the firewall board was drilled exactly by using the firewall to double check the drill holes. Going to pretty much try to keep the engine mount stock, also took in the fact that I'm using an accessory case. Used thread-all rod and two oak boards to insure rock sold jig. Need 4 more "fender" washers. Will start notching the tubes after that.
10/29/06Engine now closed up, once I hang it on the airframe, I can finish it and break it in. Built cable end connectors for the brakes, now need some longer brake wire. Think I'll put the brake handles to the front and have brake petals. Worked on mounting the radio and transponder, need to see how much room I have to build a fuel tank. It will have to be a glass tank to fit around the radio and transponder. A quick view of what the instrument panel will look like. Will have my GPS on the left side of the panel. Not bad for 3 years work.
10/15/06Now have Brakes. Needed to resolve this before I can start closing up the center section. The pictures will show how I got the brake pads to sit in the drum. Also show my brake handles, now where do I put them?? ;-)
9/23/06Started replacing rod end connectors, mine weren't really up to par. Had these done at a local machine shop. Also working on the engine, need a few little parts to close it up.
9/16/06Progress todate. Finally can begin to start on the plane again. Access panel for the bottom of the center section.
7/23/06Progress todate. Side panels done and right side bottom skin.
7/3/06Progress todate. Ribs for side skins from firewall to instrument panel. Top skin cut and drilled, still need to do the bottom sides. Figured out where I wanted the transponder and radio.
5/29/06How to get a plane in and out of your basement!
5/28/06Have not done much due to work. Mainly doing detail work. Cleaned up firewall, left a lip to put sealer when final assembly. Drilled for side panels of cockpit. cleaned up fuselage for connection to center section. Installed doubler for antenna. Put in tubing for electrial and antenna wire for easy replacement. Final riveted turtle deck where possible. Remember the picture to the left of the turtle deck..
4/13/06Finished closing the rudders. Have not done much due to work and Sun-N-Fun. Talked to Ron about a support for the rod end on the elevator. Whipped one out today.
3/11/06Status Update: Working on horz stab, final riveted most of the stab, working on the rear spar and hinge area. worked on mount points for vert stab and rudders. cleaned up elevator and ready for final assembly. Had an inspection by Bobby, Ron and Jeff.
2/26/06Status update. Worked rudder control. Blind nuts installed on Hor. Stab. Used scrap piece on front fuse to see how it fits. Worked on luggage comprtment, ready to cut out the door.
2/14/06Worked on leading edge for horz. stab. Trimed, drilled, ready for final trimming
2/11/06Worked on elevator.
2/7/06Worked on elevator and trim tab. Completed trim tab.
2/5/06Built left rudder.
2/4/06Finished connection brackets for vertical stabilizers. Closed up vertical stabilizers.
1/29/06Finished left side vertical stabilizer. Started connecting it to the horz stab.
1/25/06Started working on left side vertical stabilizer.
1/23/06Finished up left side of horizontal stabilizer.
1/22/06Started fitting right side vertical stabilizer and closing up right side of horizontal stabilizer.
1/18/06Drilled Vertical Stabilizer hinge and 3/4 in spar. Ready to start fitting on right side.
1/17/06Have one Rudder and Vertical Stabilizer almost finished.
12/11/05Finished ribs for the vertical stabilizer and rudders.
12/4/05Started worked on the ribs for the vertical stabilizers.
12/2/05Worked on the ribs for the rudders and ready to bend.
11/19/05Worked on the Instrument panel. Cut, drilled and bent the panel. Placed what instruments I could in the panel for now. Need to figure out what to do for the radio and transponder.
11/12/05Bobby, Ron and Jeff came to inspect my work. They liked what they saw.
11/5/05Reworked horz. stab ribs, bent bottom sheets. Drilled only a couple of holes and placed on tail for pictures.
10/16/05Trimmed up turtle deck sheets. Started on mount point for horz. stab.
10/12/05Rebuilt Bulkhead 'F'. Worked on turtle deck and got them to fit much better and the rear of the fusalage is still level.
10/11/05Finished up the left side brace.
10/10/05Figured out what was wrong with the turtle deck. Rebuilt the forms for Bulkheads 'D' and 'E', check out the new pictues which show how much I had to change them. Worked on the side braces and final riveted the right side.
9/18/05Still working on the turtle deck and work on small detail stuff.
8/28/05Bent 1/4 inch stiffener in bottom sheet. Started working on bottom of fuselage for final assembly. Finished drilling and counter sinking some of the holes.
8/20/05Had alot of other issues come up. Nose gear trimmed and pilot holes drilled for bolts. Started final assembly of fuselage braces. Plane on langing gear for the first time.
7/23/05Have first sheet between bulkhead C and D completed. Nose gear is welded up, now needs to be trimed. I can continue to do more with the plane now that I have completed my studies and passed the Project Managet test!
7/14/051st attempt to figure out the sheet metal for the top of the fusealage
7/13/05Update to Bulkheads, some firewall work, braces, bent nose gear tube, side panels for cockpit.
6/19/05Update to show how fusealage is coming along.
5/8/05After going to Sun-N-Fun and attending all of Steve Bennett's forums, I started working on the engine. Almost ready to start final assembly. Started working on the fuselage, cut bottom sheet and bent to shape.
3/23/05Cleaned up slots in nose skin. Drilled flex angle to nose skin. Drilled holes for electrical tubing. Placed grommets in all holes.
3/22/05Riveted flex angle to two ribs. Cut slots for F-1s and F-4s in nose skin.
3/21/05Trimed up the nose skin. Completed some flex angle for two ribs for support when cutting for F-4's.
3/19/05Completed drilling nose ribs and nose skin. Have drilled holes for pitot/static tubes.
3/18/05Setup bending brake for nose skin. Bent nose skin and drilled main spar holes.
3/12/05Completed Top skin. Drilled bottom main spar and bottom skin. Angled holes for wing connection points.
3/11/05Started drilling Top skin to main ribs
3/8/05Cut top skin to length.
3/6/05Cut access and worked on CS-20,21,22. Trimed control rod to length.
3/5/05Worked on Elevator control. Cut and drilled trailing edge for center section.
2/28/05Trimed bottom skin. Pulled center section apart for final clean-up. Put final bolts in wing connections. Drilled last CS-13 for left rear wing connection. Received Registration for N853WD today.
2/19/05Finished 2nd rod end adapter and cut 2 rod end connectors and taped them.
2/18/05Finished one rod end adapter for ailerons.
2/16/05Ron Dixon came up and inspected the bird. Worked on rod end connections.
2/14/05Worked on brake setup for left main gear. Attached wings to determine locations to run pitol/static and lights tubing.
2/13/05Made copy of Tail Number paperwork to include with registeration and mailed it.
2/12/05Worked with Bobby to complete 8050-1 to register the airplane. Inspected Ron's Mini for firewall ideas.
2/11/05Corrected error with F-7C, too low. Took main landing gear and Firewall nosegear support to be welded.
2/6/05Cut plates for tubing.
2/5/05Cut plates and tubing for nose gear.
2/2/05Worked on control setup.
1/27/05Cut axle to length and cleaned up.
1/26/05Went to Dillsburg to pickup the axle tubing and tubing for the Nose gear.
1/25/05Started final riveting the M-1s to the firewall.
1/23/05Worked and completed Firewall and temporally bolted angles on.
1/22/05Completed Angles.
1/21/05Purchased metal for Firewall.
1/19/05Started working on angles for forward section
1/18/05Completed Right compression gear.
1/17/05Adjusted the right landing gear to allow the aileron push tube clearence to operate.
1/15/05Started working on the right compression rib.
1/14/05Adjusted the left landing gear leg to allow the aileron push tube clearance to operate.
1/12/05Completed Left compression rib.
1/8/05Started working on left compression rib.
1/5/05Completed all ribs. Trimed rear F2's to size.
1/4/05Worked one nose rib and main rib.
1/3/05Worked on a couple of nose ribs.
12/29/04After talking to Steve Bennet, was able to get the fly wheel nut off the crank, Put some touch up welds on the landing gear. Completed two more nose ribs.
12/28/04Half the nose ribs are completed. Spend most of the time working on the outer two ribs to get the correct distance and alignment.
12/27/04Bent more doublers. Started working on the nose ribs for the center section.
12/27/04Took some time off to let hands heal. Been working on the center section. Welding the main landing gear. Tearing down the 1835 vw engine for rebuild. Messed up the crank yesterday trying to get the flywheel nut off.
11/6/04Bent rear spar and the 1" by 2" u channel for the fusealage section. Drilled rear spar and 3/16" angle.
11/5/04Drilled main ribs to bottom skin.
11/4/04Completed cutting and bending the ribs. Have made arangements to get the rear spar bent over the weekend.
11/3/04Started cutting ribs for vertical stabilizer
11/1/04Completed drilling plates for landing gear.
10/31/04Attempeted to bend the rear spar, not very successful.
10/30/04Went to Dillsburg for some 2024T3 .040. Cut out rear spar and cut out the 4130 plate for the landing gear
10/25/04Trimed and rounded over the F-1 supports
10/24/04Cut and cleaned up angle for landing gear
10/23/04Finished most ribs to main spar
10/18/04Finished the ribs. Started drilling for ribs to main spar.
10/16/04Drilled and bolted CS-6s to main spar. Started riveting CS-12s to ribs.
10/15/04Drilled landing gear attachment angles for right side.
10/13/04Finished main ribs and drilled landing gear attachment angles for left side.
10/12/04Started cleaning up main ribs
10/10/04Drilled and bolted F1s to center spar. Drilled and bolted CS-33s to center spar.
10/8/04Completed left wing!
10/7/04Completed dimpling the bottom skin and aileron hinge. Put skin into place, ready to rivet.
10/6/04Riveted ribs to main spar. Riveted top skin to spar and nose section.
10/5/04Riveted ribs to top skin. Dimpled the spar line on the nose unit. Will take pictures tomorrow (6th Oct).
10/3/04Sized aileron push rod. Cleaned up hinge area for aileron. Countersunk the rear spar doubler angle. Dimpled the top skin and half the ribs
10/2/04Drilled rivet holes in nose skin. Dimpled and riveted nose skin to nose ribs.
9/30/04Bent the nose skin and positioned on wing. Ready to finish setting up and drilling rivet holes.
9/29/04Setup and drilled aileron hinge on wing side.
9/27/04Dimpled hinge area on aileron and riveted hinge in place. Started putting wing together to work on the wing side of the hinge.
9/26/04Completed all the ribs for the aileron, drilled, deburred, dimpled and riveted ribs.
9/25/04Started working on aileron ribs. Nothing wants to fit right.
9/22/04Drilled and deburred hinge on aileron side.
9/21/04Drilled and deburred aileron.
9/20/04Marked aileron for rivet spacing and hinge size.
9/18/04Finished riveting rear spar doubler. Bent new left aileron and center trailing edge.
9/7/04Dimpled and riveted doubler for pitot/static access hole.
9/6/04Worked on access holes for aileron control and pitot/static system. Have doublers cut out and drilled. Have access hole for pitot/static.
9/4/04Worked on rear spar connection support. Started riveting rear spar doubler, ran out of rivets.
9/1/04Cleaned up top skin, ribs and main spar.
8/31/04Drilled top skin.
8/29/04Started working on top skin, cut to size.
8/21/04Completed rear spar doubler
8/20/04Cleaned up rear spar doubler and started drilling.
8/19/04Cut old aileron apart, stress cracks in trailing edge, will use part of it for rear spar doubler.
8/18/04Drilled nose ribs for spar
8/15/04Cleaned up and cut lighting hole in nose ribs. Flanged nose ribs.
8/14/04Finished cutting nose ribs. Bent nose ribs to shape and drilled for spar.
8/13/04Started cutting out new nose ribs for left wing. See Right Wing log entries.
8/11/04Finished aileron control setup.
8/11/04Worked on aileron control setup
8/9/04Completed pitot mounting setup.
8/1/04Drilled ribs for bottom skin and rear spar. Started working on pitot mounting setup.
7/31/04Finished access panel, just need opening mechanism installed.
7/17/04Closed Right Wing! Need to finish access panel, wiring and wing tip. Started drilling left bottom skin for ribs.
7/16/04More riveting on bottom skin.
7/14/04Riveted bottom main spar on right wing. Done 1/4 of the bottom skin.
7/13/04Riveted top main spar on right wing. Now the fun begins, ready to rivet bottom skin and rear spar.
7/11/04Started working on the left wing. Marking up bottom skin for rib placement.
7/5/04Dimpled ribs and top skin. Started closing up wing. Waiting for some longer rivets for the spar. Completed top skin to ribs.
7/3/04Installed push rod mount on aileron. Completed push rod. Mounted aileron control to main spar. Cleaned up hinge area to eliminate the squeaks.
7/1/04Deburred and dimpled aileron hinge holes. Riveted aileron. Attached aileron to wing to start working on the length of the push rod.
6/30/04Trimmed nose section to fit to the spar. Drilled hinge area on aileron.
6/28/04Pulled the rivet gun apart and cleaned it. Found one piece was put in wrong (got it that way off ebay), now it seems like new. Finished riveting the nose piece.
6/27/04Started riveting the nose skin. The rivet gun started acting up, so quit for the day.
6/22/04After having Bobby show me how to repair everything I still decided to replace the nose ribs and skin. So I redid the nose ribs and bent another skin. Got all the holes drilled and clecoed inplace. Now I can rivet the nose section. I also placed the rubber gomments in the the ribs and have a piece of ice maker tubing to place in after riveting. The tubing is for wiring support.
6/9/04Put bend in nose skin where it does not belong. Wing slid off table and bent back rear spar. Asked Bobby Thomas (Technical Counselor)to come take a look at it Saturday.
6/8/04Started trimming Nose skin and seting up drill guide lines.
6/5/04Built benting brake for nose skin. Bent skin and placed on wing.
6/3/04Finished drilling the top skin.
6/2/04Almost finished drilling the top skin. Just have main spar section to drill. Worked on hinge area for free movement.
6/1/04Finished aileron paint. Cut and started drilling the top skin.
5/31/04Put Main Ribs and bottom skin back together. Drilled a few more holes for the rear spar. Measured and marked top sheet for cutting. Still working on aileron paint.
5/30/04Cleaned painting attempt from bottom skin. Started working on removing aileron's paint job.
5/26/04Completed deburring and dimpled bottom of main ribs and bottom skin. Countersunk lower spar holes.
5/25/04Pulled wing apart and started deburring everything.
5/24/04Cut and bent aileron rib. Started moving everything into basement, more room to work.
5/23/04Cut and bent aileron rib. Put together the micro-stop counter sink and adjusted it. Took some pictures of current work.
5/19/04Cut and driled one half of the aileron hinge.
5/17/04Bend right rear spar support. Drilled and clecoed to rear spar. Cut out doubler and door for aileron control access.
5/16/04Finished drilling right main ribs to bottom skin. Finished aileron control horn. Setup one end of aileron control rods. Installed rear wing attache bracket.
5/15/04Continued drilling right main ribs to bottom wing skin. Worked on tapping 1/2" tubing for rod bearings.
5/12/04Started drilling right main ribs to bottom wing skin.
5/8/04Picked up engine and 30' of hinge material.
5/6/04Cut 4130 Tubing for main landing gear.
5/1/04Bent Wing Skins for Right and Left wings. Bent both ailerons.
4/18/04Finished drilling main and nose ribs to left spar
4/17/04Started working on left main ribs to left spar
3/12/04Finished working on nose ribs.
3/3/04Started working on nose ribs only got 5 done.
2/29/04Started working on the right wing and drilling main ribs for spar. Finished and put spar into center section and took pictures.
2/28/04Finished control system setup. Took over to let Ron Dixon see it and he approved of its construction. Cut and drilled F-1s and clecoed to center section.
2/22/04Finished replacing pulled rivets with solid rivets, saved several pounds for each spar. Blocked up center section and leveled. Inserted outer wing spars, one at a time, and set deherial. Drilled and then reamed for taper pins. Need to get a #9 reamer to complete the taper, #8 not big enough.
2/21/04Replacing pulled rivets with solid rivets
2/17/04Cut slot in joystick setup tube.
2/16/04Cut side panels from 8525K134/McMaster for joystick setup. Drilled holes for angle attachment and circular pieces. Misaligned one set of holes, offset by 1/2" and drilled another set. Got hold of scrap tubing 1 7/8" as the the center part, cut to 5". Cut 1" x 1" x 1/8" angles for connection to center spar.
2/14/04Finished riveting the center section spar. Need to drill holes for all the attachments and fuse angles.
11/10/03Cutting out nose ribs and main ribs
11/1/03Put wing spars together. Can't find my notes as to when I did what with the spars and other pieces I have cut out and cleaned up.
11/1/03Started cutting up my Teenie Two, it was damaged from Isabel. I had a lot of stuff in the storage area collapse on it

Current Pictures

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