Rhode Island Inhabitants 1638

     Rhode Island at this time was known as Aquidneck. On March 13, 1664 the name was changed to Rhode Island. Aquidneck was first settled in 1638 by a religious sect called Antinomians and others who had left Boston, MA in search of religious freedom. Among those were William Coddington, William and Anne Hutchison, William and Mary Dyer and about 13 others. John Hall is listed as an inhabitant in 1638. 

     From the Rhode Island State Archives:

     A catalogue of such persons who by the General consent of the Company were admitted to be Inhabitants of the Island now called Aquidneck, having submitted themselves to the Government that is or shall be established according to the word of God: therein 3:20th day 1638.

Samuel Hutchinson Adam Mott  Richard Sands
Thomas Emons John Mott John Hoff
Richard Awards Robert Jefferyes Thomas Beeden
Edward Willcoks Thomas Hitt John Tripp
Thomas Clarke James Tarr Osamund Doutch
John Johnson John Roome John Marshall
William Hall Robert Gilham Robert Stanton
John Briggs Jeremy Clarke Joseph Clarke
George Gardiner Nicholas Davis Robert Cam
William Witherington Wm. Baker George Layton
Samuel Gorton John More John Arnold
John Weekes Anthony Pain Wm. Heavens
Ralph Earle George Potter Thomas Layton
Nicholas Browne Wm. Richardson Edward Poole
Richard Burden Wm. Quick Mathew Sutherland
Richard Maxon James Davis Nicholas Epson
George Parker Thomas Spicer Erasmus Bullock
Robert Potter George Cleer Nathaniel Potter
Thomas Hazard William Nedam William Cowlie
Sampson Shatton Jeffery Champlin  

Inhabitants admitted at the Town of Nieu-port since the 20th of the 3:1638 

Marmaduke Ward Robert Field Thomas Stafford
Job Tyler Thomas Sauorie William Parker
Inhabitants admitted July 2, 1638    
John Merchant Hugh Durdall John Grinman
Jeremy Gould William Baker Edward Rero
Enoch Hunt John Layton John Macummore
Nathaniel Adams Mr. Will Foster Robert Root
Samuel Allen John Hall Ezeciah Meritt
George Allen Tobye Knight James Burt
Ralph Allen John Peckum John Bartlett
Thomas Burton Michell Williamson Edward Andrews
Henry Bishop Robert Lintell Sampson Salter
John Hicks Richard Smith Nicholas Cotterell
Edward Browce James Rogers John Vaughn
Inhabitants admitted Aug. 6, 1638    
Mathew Gridell