Morris Family History






Descendants of the Morris Family, Ancient Planters of Colonial Virginia


By: Wanda Ware DeGidio









     He was born c1694 in Reedy Branch, Farnham Parish, Richmond County VA. He was the son of Edward & Elizabeth (Presley) Morris. He married Elizabeth Hammond.  According to Farnham Parish marriage records, MCR, p. 138, "Edward Morris married Elizabeth Hammonds, 25 May 1727."  Elizabeth was the daughter of Job Hammond who died 19 Oct 1756 (will rec. book 6 pg 140-141), Job's will mentions daughters Susannah, Elizabeth, Mary and Amodine, and sons Thomas, Travis, Job and Samuel.  It was signed by Job Hammond, witnessed by Anthony Tune and Dorcas Tune.  Job Hammond married twice, first Elizabeth Haynie, possibly granddaughter of John and Jane (Morris) Haynie and daughter of Richard Haynie.  He married secondly Amodine (maiden name unknown). 


     The will of Edward Morris states, "Edward Morris, of North Farnham Parish in Richmond County (VA) being sick and weak of body but in perfect sense and memory, thanks be to Almighty God for...." The will of Elizabeth Morris states, "all of the remainder of my moveable estate to be the same more or less until my son Jesse arrives at the age of eighteen years and then and at that time I give unto my daughter Winifred one negro woman name Sukey to her and her heirs forever, and I likewise give to my son Hammond Morris three negroes.



1.  Dorcas Morris b: 20 Apr 1728 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., Virginia m. 7 Feb 1749 Anthony Tune
2.  Winifred Morris b: 24 Apr 1731 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., Virginia 
3.  Hammond Morris b: 25 Dec 1733 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., Virginia 
4.  Elizabeth Morris b: 18 May 1734 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., Virginia 
5.  Ann Morris b: 23 Apr 1739 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., Virginia
6.  Jesse Morris b: 10 Oct 1742 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., Virginia






     In 1753 Hammond married the Mary (Tuttle) Brown, widow of Manley Brown, and daughter of Peter Tuttle and Mary Thomas in North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, VA.  In 1760, Hammond Morris left Richmond County, and settled in Prince William County, Virginia, where he bought two hundred acres bordering on both sides of Red Bank Creek and Town Fork in Surry County (now Stokes County).  By April 1778 Hammond and Mary Morris requested a letter from their Church "because of moving their residence."  


     The DAR Patriot Index shows Hammond Morris as having rendered Patriotic Service during the American Revolution, but according to Judge David W. Bolen, Hammond Morris, Sr. was not a soldier during the American Revolution, but he sent three sons, William, Jesse and Travis who served in Revolutionary army.  In 1776 Hammond would have been 43 years old and of an age to have rendered service during the war.  It was a requirement that every able-bodied man belong to the militia or "home guard" defense force. They were to be used only for local duty, but small numbers were called up from time to time to go elsewhere for special duty and it is quite possible he was in the home guard during the revolutionary war.


     A deed dated July 12, 1790 between Henry Fry and Elizabeth, his wife, and Gray Bynum and Charles McAnnally, Commissioners for the County of Stokes for 5 pounds for a 14-3/4 acre tract of land on which Henry Fry now lives lying on both sides of Buffalo Creek, part of land conveyed to county by Michael Fry on Town Fork, dividing line between Henry Fry and Michael Fry.  This deed was witnessed and signed by: Michael Fry,  Wm. Cook, Henry Fry, Hammond Morris and Elizabeth (X) Fry.

     On May 11, 1789 Henry Meredith of Spartanburg County, SC and Travis Morris of Laurens County, SC, for 30 pounds in one document and 10 shillings in another document (lease and release?) rec'd from Travis sells 150 acres being part of 600 acre tract formerly granted unto Thomas Evans and conveyed unto Bartlett Brown in the year 1755, lying on the south side of Enoree joining lands of George Rose . . . due unto the said Henry Meredith ...on the last day of the said term . . . (Laurens County, SC Deed Book C, p136-137) The sale is witnessed by John Farrow and Hammond Morris.


     Shadrack Morris, son of Hammond and Mary, married in 1797/8 to Elizabeth Hutchings, sister of his brother Presley's wife.  Their children were Jesse Morris b. 3/14/1812 d. 9/26/1892 m. 3/2/1833 to Mary L. Martin; Henry Morris b. 12/8/1793 d. 2/26/1868 m. Mary Bransom; Rebecca Morris b. 4/8/1706 m. Elijah Tucker, she died in TN; Moses Morris b. 12/8/1801 d. 2/14/1873 m. Cynthia Walker; Isaac Morris b. 3/31/1804 d. 4/12/1897 m. Jane Mecum; Joshua Morris b. 5/3/1807 d. c. 1865 in Arkansas m. c 1829 Eunice Jordan in Sparta, TN; Elizabeth Morris b. 11/5/1809 d. c. 1884 m. Dick Fulp and Shadrack Morris b. 12/24/1798 d. 9/1872 m. Eunice Gibson.



     As can be established from the above 19 Jul 1663 and 28 Apr 1668 deeds, the Morris and Presley families were closely associated in colonial Virginia.  Peter, son of Col. William Presley, was the father of Elizabeth Presley who married 1) Peter Elder and 2) Edward Morris on 8 Sep 1687.  Spencer Ball witnessed the signature of Peter Presley during the signing of his will.  Spencer Ball was the brother of Capt. William Ball, great uncle of George Washington and uncle of his mother Mary Ball, daughter of Joseph Ball.  A resolution to buy nothing from England until the Stamp Act was repealed was signed by 170 Virginian's, including George Washington and Spencer Ball.  


     Col. William Presley was involved in Bacon's Rebellion and was a member of the long assembly during the years 1662 to 1676.  After Presley returned to the assembly in June 1676, members made a remark that a certain measure was customary (referring to an apology).  Presley replied, "tis true it has been customary; but if we had any bad customs amongst us, we are come here to mend them," which set the House into laughter.  After the restoration of Governor Berkeley, Presley was a member of the royalist legislature, but is remembered for his saying that he believed "the Governor would have hung half the country, if they had left him alone."

Pension application of Travis Morris - State of Illinois, Union Co. - Declaration in order to obtain benefit of an Act of Congress.  On this 15th day of April 1833, personally appeared in open court before the Hon. Thomas C. Browne, Judge of the circuit court of Union County, State of Illinois now sitting.  Travis Morris a resident of Alexander County and State of Illinois, aged 70 years 12th June last, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of an Act of Congress passed June 7th 1832, that he entered the service of the United Sates under the following named officers and served as herein stated.  this affiant states that he was born in Richmond County, Virginia in 1758, but that he has no record of his age it being on written in his father's bible in Richmond Church, Virginia were he was christened.  That at the time of his entering the service in 1776 or in or about the commencement of the war he lived in Prince William County, Virginia, that in 1776 he thinks, he turned out as a draftsman under one John Hedges, Capt. to the best of his remembrance, one Jesse Ewel, Col., for a three month tour together with several hundred others from the same county.  That he was marched to Philadelphia, then called headquarters of Washington, whom they jointed immediately on their arrival.  That some time after joining General Washington, they were marched off to a place called Brandywine where they met and fought the British.  He thinks between the middle of July and September in the year of 1776.  He states that at this battle he was young, careless and thoughtless and knew no other officers except his Capt and General Washington with whom he was particularly acquainted as his father once lived a near neighbor to the General previous to his turning out under him.  He further states that at the expiration of this three months term of service he was discharged regularly by a written discharge which got burned some tome after in his brothers house which was destroyed by fire.  That from this he returned home.  He states he was again drafted probably some 6 or 7 months after his former discharge at any rate when it again came round to his company's term of service and was taken as it was the worst of that day in rotation.  That in this expedition of three months he was commanded by Charles Maddis, Capt. and General Rutherford and that in the meantime, that is between his first tour and this one, his father had moved to NC Surry County near the Moravian towns where he lived when called into service this time.  That they were marched form the place where he turned out to Willington.  That on the road to Wilmington 10 miles from the later place they came to a large brick building where they found and took prisoners 30 or 40 British soldiers and proceeded onto Wilmington with them.  That upon their arrival in Wilmington they took some two or three hundred more prisoners, British soldiers.  He states that the prisoners were taken into the population of the regulars and they returned home after having been in this service three months.  that for this time likewise he received another written discharge which shared the same fate as the others at the same place and time of the former burning which happened after the war was over. [more will be added as this is translated from the original text]. 


     The will of Hammond Morris, Sr. was written in Stokes Co, NC and dated 20 Oct 1810, Vol II, p. 117-118) (Recorded Dec. Tern of Court, 1810) Sons: William, Jesse, Travis, Thomas were given various sums of money.  Daughter: Elizabeth was given money and furniture. Sons:  John, Hammond, Shadrack and Presley were given various sums of money and to Presley all my land.  He mentions all heirs were in “indigent” circumstances and cannot afford negro George who he bequeath to Isaac Dalton who is to pay heirs.  Sons William, Jesse, Travis and Thomas.  Daughter Elizabeth.  Sons John, Hammond, Shadrack and Presley.  Executors Isaac Dalton, Esq. Witnesses: David Westmoreland and Harbard (X) Barham and Taylor (X) Westmoreland.  Signed Hammond Morris.


     On Oct 2, 1927 at the annual Morris reunion, a motion was made by Judge David W. Bolen of Fancy Gap, VA to appoint a committee to locate Hammond Morris' grave and place a monument for the future generations.  One of the attendees remembered when Albert Morris had shown him the graves many years earlier.  L. R. Davis and Walter R. Morris eventually found the stump of the tree marking the graves, and then found Presley Morris' stone marker.  On  Aug 17, 1937, a letter was sent to the Honorable Board of Commissioners of Stokes County requesting the abandoned graves containing the remains of Hammond Morris, Presley Morris, Sallie Morris and Travis Louis Morris be moved.  They are now in a concrete vault in Loves Cemetery in Walkertown, NC, with a marker which reads, "In Memoriam Hammond Morris 1733-1810."  Source:  Folk lore of Blueridge Mountain their first Sunday School and Founders, by W. R. Morris. 


1790 Stokes Co., Salisbury Dist. NC Census              
Thomas Morris 112                                            
John Morris 122 
Hammond Morris 111 
Hammond Morris 211 

William Morris 124 

1800 Stokes Co., NC No Twp Listed Harmon Morris 00001-00000
1800 Stokes Co., NC No Twp Listed Presley Morris 10100-00100


1.    William Morris b: 28 Feb 1754 North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, VA - soldier in the RW
2.    Jesse Morris b: 7 Mar 1756 North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, VA - soldier in the RW
3.    Travis Morris b: 12 Jun 1758 North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, VA -soldier in the RW
4.    Thomas Morris b: 16 Jan 1761 Prince William County, VA 
5.    John Morris b: c1763 Prince William County, VA 
6.    Elizabeth Morris b: c1765 Prince William County, VA
7.    Mary Morris b: c1767 Prince William County, VA
8.    Hammond Morris, Jr. b: 1769 Prince William County, VA
9.    Sarah "Sally" Morris b: c1771 Prince William County, VA
10.  Shadrack Morris b: c1773 Prince William County, VA  
11.  Presley Morris b: 4 Oct 1775 Prince William County, VA






     in 1799, Presley Morris married Charity "Polly" Hutchings (2 Dec 1778-17 Feb 1828).  Polly was the sister of Sallie Hutchings who married Presley's brother Shadrach, both daughters of John and Mary Elizabeth (Angel) Hutchings  He died in 1815 when his son Presley, Jr. was an infant.  Polly, a devout Methodist, raised seven small children and reared them to become men and women who her neighbors admired for their religious training.  It is said by Polly's friends, neighbors and relatives that she was overheard praying many times.  Presley and Polly cared for Hammond Morris until his death in 1810.  Source: The Heritage of Stokes County NC 1981 published by The Stokes County Historical Society.


     In 1917 Judge David W. Bolin of Carroll Co., VA visited his relatives in Stoke Co., NC, and brought with him a letter that had been passed down to him which was written by Hammond Morris, Sr. while in Missouri to his relatives in the east together with other papers of interest concerning the Morris family of Carroll Co., Virginia. Source:  Folk lore of Blueridge Mountain their first Sunday School and Founders, by W. R. Morris. 


     Bride: Mary Branson Groom: Henry Morris Bond Date: 08 Oct 1814 County: Stokes Record #: 02 216 Bondsman: Presley Morris Witness: T Armstrong Bond #: 000140526.


1800 Stokes Co., NC No Twp Listed Harmon Morris  00001-00000
1800 Stokes Co., NC No Twp Listed Presley Morris 10100-00100
One son b. 11/22/1799 Frederick Morris, less than age 1

1810 Stokes Co., NC No Twp Listed Presley Morris  20010-20010
One son b. 1801-1810 Frederick Morris b. c1799, age 9, (should be 10)
One dau b. 1801-1810 Mary Morris b. 1 Oct 1802, age 7
One son b. 1801-1810 John Morris b. 4 Aug 1804, age 5
One dau. b. 1801-1810 Charity Morris b. 2 May 1807, age 3

1820 Stokes Co., NC No Twp Listed Charity Morris  111100-02010
One son b. 1801-1810 John Morris b. 4 Aug 1804, age 15
One dau b. 1801-1810 Charity Morris b. 2 May 1807, age 13
One dau b. 1801-1810 Martha "Patsy" Morris b. 10 Feb 1810, age 10 
One male b. 1802-1804, possibly a hired farmhand or relative (same person as below, counted in the 16-18 category)
One male b. 1795-1804, possibly a hired farmhand or relative (same person as above, counted in the 16-25 category)
One son b. 1810-1820 Presley Morris, Jr. b. 7/7/1815, age 5

1820 Stokes Co., NC No Twp Listed Frederick Morris 100100-00100 (he's 19)

Slaves and slave owners of Stokes County, North Carolina - Harrot, 1815, Will of Presley Morris to his unnamed wife.


     David S. Westmoreland lived on a parcel of land deeded to him by James and Patsy (Morris) Huddle containing thirty-six and one-half acres.  This land was willed to Patsy by her father Presley Morris.  On June 20, 1837, David left this land to his daughter Polly, wife of John Morris, for love and affection.


1. Frederick Morris b. 11/22/1799 Germanton, Stokes Co., NC m. Mary Horn
2. Mary Morris b. 10/1/1802 Germanton, Stokes Co., NC, married before 1820 census
3. John Morris b. 8/4/1804 Germanton, Stokes Co., NC m. Mary "Polly" Westmoreland (4/9/1086-6/11/1883)
4. Charity Morris b. 5/2/1807-Aft 1832 m. William W. Westmoreland s/o David S. Westmoreland and Rebecca Bynum
5. Martha "Patsy" Morris b. 2/10/1810 Germanton, Stokes Co., NC m. James Huddle
6. Sarah "Sally" Morris b. 9/14/1812 Germanton, Stokes Co., NC, died prior to 1820 census
7. Presley Morris, Jr. b. 7/7/1815 Nancy Westmoreland on 29 Sep 1836 in Stokes Co., NC d/o William W. Westmoreland





     John Morris married Mary "Polly" Westmoreland on 3 Feb 1823 in Stokes Co., NC, Polly was born 8 Apr 1806 in Surry Co., NC.  They bought four hundred acres of land from Anthony E. Banner in 1845.  In a letter to John Morris on Jane 2, 1845, Anthony E. Banner wrote giving him his Post Office, Mt. Airy, NC.  Banner at that time lived on the Good Spur Road, later known as the John Morris place, south of the Morris Cemetery less that 1/4 of a mile.  John was Post Master for the Good Spur Post Office in Good Spur, VA as late as 1868.


1830 Census Page 267 Line 25 Stokes Co., NC, No Twp Listed

John Morris 11001-10001 – Males 0/5=1 (Unknown) 5/10=1 (Jesse) 20/30=1 (John) Females 0/5=1 (Martha) 20/30=1 (Polly)

John Morris 26 NC

Polly 24 NC

Jesse 6 NC

Male 4 NC

Martha 1 NC 


     All Morris' in 1830 Stokes Co., NC Census, No Twp Listed - Henry Morris p. 292 line 21 (son of Shadrick Morris b. c1773), John Morris p. 267 line 25 (son of Presley Morris b. 1775), Frederick Morris p. 250 line 16 (son of Presley Morris b. 1775), Isaac Morris p. 252 line 21 (son of Shadrick Morris b. c1773), Moses Morris p. 250 line 25 (son of Shadrick Morris b. c1773), and Shade Morris p. 218 line 2 (son of Shadrick Morris b. c1773).


1840 Stokes Co., NC Census Dist: Salem, Yadkin, Deep River, Bethania, Bethahara, South Fork Microfilm M704-372 Enumerator: J. Z. Brown Page 206 Line 15
Males 0/5=1 (John) 15/20=1 (Jesse) 30/40=1 (John) Females 0/5-2 (Mary & Louisa) 5/10=1 10/15=1 (Unknown) 30/40=1 (Polly)
John Morris 36 NC 

Polly 34 NC 

Jesse 16 NC  

Martha 10 NC  

Female 8 NC  

John 5 NC                     

Mary 3 NC                     

Louisa 1 NC 


1850 District 11, Carroll Co., Virginia Census
569 569 John Morris  46 NC
Polly 44 NC
Martha 20 NC
John 16 NC
Mary 13 NC
Louisa 11 NC

William 9 NC

Sally 7 NC

Thomas 5 NC
Joseph 2 VA


1850 District 11, Carroll Co., Virginia Census
568 568 Jessee Morris  25 NC
Martha 22 NC
David W. 1 VA
John W. 1/12 VA


1860 Fancy Gap, Carroll Co., Virginia Census
John Morris  55 NC
Mary 54 NC
Mary 23 NC
Thomas 14 NC
Joseph 12 VA
Jefferson Hanks 7 VA
Mary Bailiff 2 VA


1870 Fancy Gap, Carroll Co., Virginia Census
Morris, John 65 NC
Morris, Polly 64 NC
Bailiff, Mary 12, VA
Bolen, Columbus 17 VA


JOHN MORRIS CEMETERY http://ftp.rootsweb.ancestry.com/pub/usgenweb/va/caroll/cemeteries/john-morris.txt 
MORRIS, John                            1804                1875                   Founder of Morris Cemetery
MORRIS, Polly Westmoreland    1806                1883                   Wife of John Morris
MORRIS, Martha Bolen               Nov 5 1826      Dec 17 1902       Wife of Jesse Morris
MORRIS, Jesse                           Mar 13 1825     Mar 16 1894       Pvt  Co D  29 VA Inf  CSA

1.    Jesse Morris (3/13/1825 Redbank Creek, Germanton, Stokes Co., NC-3/1/1894 Fancy Gap, Carroll Co., VA) m. Martha Bolen
2.    David Morris (6/1827 Stokes Co., NC-5/26/1835 Forsyth Co., NC)
3.    Martha Elizabeth Morris 8/30/1829 Stokes Co., NC-2/21/1870 Fancy Gap, Carroll Co., VA) m. Enoch Hanks (4/11/1824-5/31/1898 Carroll Co., VA)
4.    Rebecca Morris (9/16/1831 Stokes Co., NC-3/22/1916 Fancy Gap, Carroll Co., VA) m. David W. Bolen
5.    John Morris, Jr. (1833 Stokes Co., NC-1914 Fancy Gap, Carroll Co., VA) m. Rhoda Branscome
6.    Mary Morris (9/26/1836 Stokes Co., NC-12/11/1920 Fancy Gap, Carroll Co., VA) m. Wash Hanks
7.    Louisa Morris (1839 Stokes Co., NC-) m. Abner Bailiff
8.    William P. Morris (9/28/1841 Stokes Co., NC-2/23/1929 Fancy Gap, Carroll Co., VA) Pvt  Co D  45 VA Inf  CSA m. Caroline Smith
9.    Sarah "Sallie" Morris (1843 Stokes Co., NC) m. Alfred Gardner
10.  Thomas B. Morris (1845 Stokes Co., NC-1864 Fancy Gap, Carroll Co., VA)
11.  Joseph F. Morris (1848 Good Spur, VA-Fancy Gap, Carroll Co., VA) m. 1) Sallie Dalton 2) Martha McCraw






     Jesse Morris married Martha Bolen (5 Nov 1826-17 Dec 1902), daughter of Isaac and Mary (Coltrane) Bolen.  On 30 May 1851 a deed of bargain and sale from William Bolin and Rebecca his wife and Jesse Morris and Martha his wife to Isaac Beamer bearing the date the 27 Day of Sep 1850, conveying undivided interest in real estate was returned to the office together with the certificates thereon and added to record.


1860 Census, Fancy Gap Dist, Carroll County, Virginia 
Jessee Morris 35 Blacksmith NC
Martha Morris 35 NC
David W. Morris 11 VA
John W. Morris 9 VA
Mary A. Morris 7 VA
Wingfield S Morris 1 VA
America V. Morris 5 VA


1870 Census, Pipers Gap Dist, Carroll County, Virginia
Jessee Morris 45 NC
Martha Morris 45 NC
John W. Morris 20 VA
Winfield Morris 11 VA
Lavinia Morris 9 VA
Horatio S. Morris 1 VA


1880 Census, Laurel Creek Dist., Carroll County, VA 
Jesse Morris              WHITE   MALE      55   HEAD  FARMER              VA  VA  VA
Martha Morris            WHITE   FEMALE  54   WIFE KEEPING HOUSE  VA   VA  VA
Winfield S. Morris     WHITE   MALE      21   SON                                VA  VA  VA
Horatio S. Morris       WHITE   MALE      11   SON                                VA  VA  VA


     From Carroll County Deaths - Morris, Jesse (male), 17 Mar 1894, cause: heart disease, age: 69 years, parents: John & Polly Morris, occupation: farmer, consort: married, informant: Martha Morris, wife.  


35 MORRIS, Jessee Mar 13 1825 Mar 16 1894 Pvt Co D 29 VA Inf CSA
34 MORRIS, Martha Bolen Nov 5 1826 Dec 17 1902 Wife of Jessee Morris


1.  David W. Morris b: 30 Nov 1843
2.  Mary Ann Morris  b: 19 Jul 1853
3.  America V. Morris  b: 19 Apr 1855
4.  Thomas W. Morris  b: 14 Feb 1857
5.  Winfield Scott Morris  b: 23 Apr 1859
6.  Lavinia Morris  b: 15 Jun 1861
7.  Horatio Morris  b: 13 Aug 1868
8.  John William Morris  b: Wft Est 1831-1862






     Winfield Scott Morris had numerous had numerous marriages and relationships as shown below.  He was buried in the John Morris Cemetery, Carroll Co., VA after living to be 89 years of age.  It is said he was a very handsome, dynamic man who was very popular among the ladies.  It appears his life was also full of tragedy as several spouses and children died at a young age.


     In 1883, Winfield Morris married Amanda Edwards, she died soon after giving birth to their first child:


1.  Lucy Morris (1884 Carroll Co., VA -Aft 1920) m. Charles "Charlie" C. Horton on 25 Jan 1920, Carroll Co., VA


     On 2 Jul 1885, Winfield Scott Morris married Margaret "Maggie" L. Turner (6/18/1865-12/17/1896 Carroll Co., VA) in Surry Co., NC, daughter of James Turner and Caroline LNU.  Death record states: Morris, Margarett L. (fem), 16 Dec 1896, cause: consumption, age 30 yrs. parents: James N. & Carlien Turner, consort: Winfield S. Morris, informant and husband.



2.  Frederick V. Morris (3/1886 Carroll Co., VA-Aft 1900)

3.  Ollie Virginia Morris (2/12/1888 Carroll Co., VA-6/25/1891 Carroll Co., VA)-died at age 3

4.  Jesse L. Morris (6/1890 Carroll Co., VA-Aft 1900)

5.  Mattie L. Morris (7/1891 Carroll Co., VA-1/21/1894 Carroll Co., VA) Death record: Morris, Mattie L. (fem), 21 Jan 1894, age: 2 years 6 mo, parents: Winfield S. & Maggie Morris, Carroll Co., VA, informant: Winfield S. Morris, father.

6.  William C. Morris (11/2/1894 Carroll Co., VA-8/3/1896 Carroll Co., VA) Death record: Morris, Wm C. (male), 3 Aug 1896, cause: indigestion, age 2 years, parents: Winfield & Margarett L. Morris, informant: Winfield S. Morris, father.


     On 7 May 1900 Winfield Scott Morris married Parthena A. Highley in Carroll Co., VA, daughter of William Highley and Martha Brawley.  Later that year, Winfield Morris is listed on the 1900 census as married, but he is only living with sons Frederick and Jesse as well as his mother Martha.  There was no sign of Parthena on the census.


     In 1902, Winfield Scott Morris and Laura Roxanne Harris (6/5/1880 Carroll Co., VA-3/13/1934 Carroll Co., VA), daughter of William Harris and Lydia Horton had a child.



7.  Grace Telitha Harris (8/13/1903 Carroll Co., VA-1/14/1976 m. Albert Metts (8/8/1885-12/1/1949)


     In 1909 Winfield Scott Morris married Fannie Galyean:



8.  Josephine M. Morris (7/19/1910 Low Gap, NC-2/5/1998 VA) m. 1) Clayton A. Bedsaul 2) William Kenney Cock

9.  Vera Belle Morris (7/17/1914 Surry Co., NC-4/2/1997 Galax, VA) m. Bernard Ray Felts on 19 Sep 1931 Carroll Co., VA