Ward D. Griffiths III: his home page

The most critical thing implemented so far is my resume. For a Word version (may not be up to date, I don't run a Microsoft shop) there's this.
Mail me at wdg3rd@comcast.net
Well, despite what it does to my employment prospects, there are times when my politics must intrude. No apologies. And lots more to come. (Well, along with pictures of the wife, the cats, other trivia.)

Well, it's the end of 2004, and I've started a (sort-of) blog on a friends page. Nothing fancy, and probably not going to get updated as often as I'd like (I'm not that prolific with ideas). But there is much else on the page worth reading, unless you're a statist or some other kind of idiot. I especially suggest checking out Kate's novel. A damned fine read.

America in Denial!

[Ther's more to life than you see on broadcast news.]

For the Best in Feminine Protection!

[There is an alternative to the Mothers Day Million Moron Marchers]

Bill of Rights Enforcement!

[BOR Enforcement!]

The Liberty Round Table

[The Liberty Round Table]

A picture of my wife and me (for those interested in the resume, it's an old picture and my hair and beard are not quite that unrestrained presently).

[Photograph by Il Fettucinni]