Welcome to Alternative Energy Resources for Bellingham. Our intent is to provide up-to-date information about alternatives to traditional fuel and energy consumption. Do you want to save money and sustain your quality of life and the environment? If so, then please take a look around this site. The emphasis here is on resources in Bellingham, Washington, and the Pacific Northwest, but we also include links to good information regardless of location. Not ready to generate your own home energy? Then take a look at the conservation information. If you haven't already started to conserve energy, you can cut your energy consumption way down with very little effort or expense and start receiving immediate payback in the form of lower gas and electric bills. Personal satisfaction from reducing your load on the environment ain't bad either.

We are not a business and have no commercial affiliations. We simply wish to provide useful information and hope to learn from our investigations as well as your input. If you have any suggestions or resource information please email us

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