Revised: Jan 17 2010


The Grammy year runs from Oct 1 to Sep 30. The awards are presented in February of the following year. The year given here is the year that the nominations close. 

Bela holds the record for nominations in the most categories, and by my count most wins in most categories (8), ahead of Pat Metheny (6).


2009 (52nd) Contemporary World Music Album Throw Down Your Heart
Pop Instrumental Throw Down Your Heart
2008 (51st) Pop Instrumental Album BF&F: Jingle All the Way
2006 (49th) Contemporary Jazz Album BF&F: The Hidden Land
2001 (44th) Classical Crossover Perpetual Motion

Instrumental Arrangement Doctor Gradus..., from Perpetual Motion (with Edgar)
2000 (43rd) Contemporary Jazz Album BF&F: Outbound

Country Instrumental Performance Leaving Cottendale from Alison Brown: Fair Weather
1998 (41st) Instrumental Composition Almost 12 from BF&F: Left Of Cool
1996 (39th) Pop Instrumental Sinister Minister from BF&F: Live Art
1995 (38th) Country Instrumental Hightower from Asleep At the Wheel: The Wheel Keeps on Rolling

2009 (52nd) Classical Crossover Album Melody of Rhythm
2008 (51st) Country Instrumental Sleigh Ride from Jingle All the Way
2006 (49th) Pop Instrumental Subterfuge from The Hidden Land
2005 (48th) Country Instrumental Who's Your Uncle from Jerry Douglas: Best Kept Secret
Contemporary Jazz Album Bill Evans: Soulgrass
2002 (45th) Country Instrumental Performance Bear Mountain Hop from The Country Bears Soundtrack
2000 (43rd) Pop Instrumental Zona Mona from BF&F: Outbound
1999 (42nd) Bluegrass Bluegrass Sessions
1998 (41st) Pop Instrumental Big Country from BF&F: Left Of Cool

Country Instrumental The Ride from Jerry Douglas w BF: Restless On the Farm
1996 (39th) World Music Bela et al: Tabula Rasa
1995 (38th) Country Instrumental Cheeseballs In Cowtown from, Bela: Tales From the Acoustic Planet
1994 (37th) Spoken Word For Children Amy Grant: The Creation
1992 (35th) Jazz Instrumental Magic Fingers from BF&F: UFO Tofu
1991 (34th) Jazz Album BF&F: Flight Of the Cosmic Hippo

Jazz Instrumental 
or Instrumental Composition
1990 (33rd) Jazz Album BF&F: BF&F

Jazz Instrumental
or Instrumental Composition
 1989 (32nd) Country Instrumental Bigfoot from NGR: Friday Night In America
1988 (31st) Bluegrass album Drive (First year of BG category; Bill Monroe Won)
1987 (30th) Country Instrumental Metric Lips from NGR: Hold To a Dream
1986 (29th) Country Instrumental Seven By Seven from NGR: New Grass Revival

In the Apr 21 96 interview by Nat Torkington, Bela lists 12 nominations

Seven By Seven
BF&F (2)
Hippo (2)
UFO Tofu
"one from the new one"-Cheeseballs
Amy Grant
Can't remember

There was one more for 1995, two for 1996,  three for 1998, three for 2000, two for 2001, one in 2002 for a total of 24 nominations!

Remaining question:  What were the songs and categories for the first two BF&F alblums?


1998 Best Jazz Group Playboy Reader's Poll
1998 Best Miscellaneous Instrument Playboy Reader's Poll
1998 Best Miscellaneous Instrument JazzTimes
Best Miscellaneous Instrument
+2 other
Best Country & Bluegrass Banjo
Best Dixieland and Jazz Banjo
Frets Magazine
1981 Best Overall Album (Drive) Fret's Magazine


1999 Grammy Nomination: Yin-Yang
1998 Bassist Of the Year Bass Player Mag
1998 One of most influental bassists of the 90s Bass Player Mag
1998 Talent Deserving wider Recognition Down Beat
1997 Bassist Of the Year Bass Player Mag
1993 Bassist Of the Year Bass Player Mag
??? Best Jazz Bassist Gitar Player Mag

Please let me know of other awards that should be listed here. Thanks