The Historical Society of Bay County

Panama City, Florida

About Us

The Bay County Historical Society was organized in 1936 to preserve  the rich heritage of the area. This objective has been pursued over the past 75 years by members and friends.

Bay County Courthouse

Our Mission

  To identify, preserve, and document Bay County history

  To assist in the preservation of historic sites within the county

  To collect, identify, and preserve documents, pictures and artifacts

In addition to its community projects, the Historical Society sponsors a regular lecture series, featuring talks and topics of historical significance to the area.  The public is invited, regarless of membership.  They are presented each month September through May.  There are no meetings in June, July and August. You can learn more about our meetings on the Events page.  Click the link below.

2015/16 Officers and Directors

Dr. Glenda Walters
(850) 832-0840

Immediate Past President:
Rebecca B. Saunders
(850) 785-9036

Vice President:
Robert R. Hurst
(850) 785-6184

Pat Cook
(850) 233-1210

Marlene Womack
(850) 785-2635


     Bob Daffin, Russ Mathis,

Elyse Fishel, John Lewis, Lynn Moore

The Advisory Board

Why an Advisory Board?

Over the last few years, as we solicited public support for a museum of Bay county history, we found that the citizens of Bay county recognized the need for such a facility and encouraged us.  Now that we have opened the doors to the museum, we have found enthusiasm and excitement from many.  Our vision is that this facility will grow bigger and better and become a permanent part of the community. For that to happen it will take more than the dedication of a few. It will take talent and wisdom from a range of individuals in our community.  With that in mind, the Board of Directors invited a group of citizens representing a wide variety of interests to be stand-by advisors.  We want to develop a relationship with them so that we may consult or solicit their assistance in the future. Such a relationship will be mutually beneficial and satisfying in many areas such as publicity, financial planning, programs and funding.  The local individuals who have agreed to fulfill this role for us at this time are:

Ed Deluzain, Jennifer Jones, Scott Clemo, Jan Gainer, Ann Lahan, Nicole Barefield, Greg Frith, Terri Pierce, Arthur Cullen, Elyse Fishel, Doug Smith, Ellis Fowhand, Carol Roberts, Heather Parker, Stacey Fontaine, Billy Stevenson, Jason Wenzel, Rayford Lloyd, Jr., and Vickie Gainer. 




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