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Last update of conditions 1/31/2015

We Want More Snow!

Welcome to the new "We Want More Snow!" site.

"We Want More Snow!" was created for those of us who want more snow. Folks can fret about snow in the winter or folks can choose to embrace the diversity of the seasons, including winter with it's hopefully abundant amounts of snowfall. When we want even more snow some of us will resort to making our own snow when needed. Another civic minded purpose for this site is to provide local real time weather data and information from our on site weather station in addition to an extensive set of quick access direct links specific to Goffstown, NH by utilizing some of the worlds most prominent weather forecasting organizations. The Weather Underground forecast, for example, incorporates our on site Vantage Vue weather center data to more accurately forecast local Goffstown weather conditions. I like to think of this site as the most powerful informational weather website in all of Goffstown, NH!
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May the snow be with you .
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WWMS (KNHGOFFS3) Weather Conditions
Take a look at the new "WWMS Weather Cam" page since there should be some interesting time lapse type images as the fall and winter seasons progress.