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This page is dedicated to those Duane sailors who have gone before us.

Please contact me, Rick Bogdan (MM3 68-70), if you would like more information

about posting information on this page, please include as much information as possible.

James Entwhistle March 3, 2014
Born March 15, 1920, raised in Everett, MA, joined the Coast Guard in 1940

 and served during WWII on the Duane. He lived in Plymouth, MA. and would have been 94 this month.

ETCM Bill Albright crossed the bar in the fall of 2013. He served on the Duane in 1961

Charles (Chick) Straub May 11th 2010

Jack Laib March 2010

Shirley Gabrial

Donna Murphy

James Patrick Sharp-QM1cserved 3/19/42 to 9/29/45 and sailed a few trans-Atlantic
crossings aboard the Duane. He died at age 80 - March 24, 1997

Robert Burns of Oklahoma City, OK - December 2008

Tom Nagle-QMC Columbia, SC - August 11, 2008

Harry Hays- served 1942-45 Alliance, OH - October 21, 2008

Donna Murphy (wife of Greg Murphy) Port St. Lucie, Florida - June 24, 2008

Maria Ragucci (Wife of Tony Ragucci-RMC 74-76) - April 13, 2008

Arthur Shaw - August 2004

Robert Wiggleworth

Edward Grant-Lynnfield, MA

Lawrence Murphy

Dan Walsh

James Witt

Gilbert Parks

Floyd Stromer-San Pedro, CA

Robert Nunn

Ken Theriault

Thomas Bernier

Roger Erdmann

Robert Cain

Skip Dalton

Rick Moison

John Gosnell

James Walsh

Carl Perkins

Erdman Ruse

John Baker

Wally Hanson

Gary “Duke” Snyder

Charlie Farlow-Melfa, VA

John Dugan

Richard Clark

George Chioran-Westerville, OH

James Brooks

Maurice O’Connell

David Dorey

Wallace Miller

Helmer Pearson

Donald Rogers

Robert Stanton

VADM Paul E. Trimble, USCG (Ret.) – former commander of the USCGC Duane, Palm Harbor, FL - November 16, 2005

Jerry R. Murray-Portland, Maine - Jan. 22, 2006

Brothers Robert J. Carey (March 9, 2009) and Richard P. Carey (July 21, 2011) served together on the Duane during World War II

Bruno Vendramin - June 6, 2007

William O'Connor

Sal Astuccio

William Hunt

John Hitchings

Jack Connely-ET Cape Cod, MA

Jack Gardner

Here is a jpg of the famous Camel cigarette ad starring Ray Buckner when he was on the Eastwind.

He served on the Duane as QMC and many of us knew him.

Ray "crossed the bar" on July 17, 2007


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