Money Used During Bible Times


The Bible has more references about money and what to do with money than any other topic including love. I'm convinced that is because what people do with their money shows the condition of their heart and who their Lord is. Money was not needed in the Garden of Eden. During much of the Old Testament times, no coins were used. Barter gradually was replaced by weights of precious metals. Pre-weighed metal coins that had the same names as weight units then replaced the need to weigh the metal for each transaction. In the New Testament, Greek and Roman coins were circulating in the Holy Land.

These pages attempt to gather the Bible references about money. Many of the current English translations don't give the Hebrew, Greek or Roman coin names.

 Old Testament Money

New Testament Money


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Please e-mail me with questions or corrections. Please note however that I am not a coin collector. I have no collection of ancient or modern coins. From the little that I have read, coins related to the Bible are in great demand, and are relatively high priced, especially compared to other ancient coins. There are many Internet sites on coin collecting.


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Created: 25 December, 2001

Last Revised: 02/25/07