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This page was originally created in 1998 when my longtime friend and often housemate Sondra Lieber took a teaching job overseas and could only see & cuddle with our cats at summertime and holiday breaks back in Florida. To ease her kitty-withdrawl pains, I put up this site so she could have a bit of a virtual visit whenever needed. Since then, many others have enjoyed having a look at our little fuzzy folks, so I've left the site up in public. Much time has passed, and sadly, so have most of the cats shown here on the page. At present (last updated October 2008) only PurrPlexed, aged 14, remains of the original brood we had at the beginning, and also Screamer, age unknown but at least 15, who still lives outside on the grounds where I work (she's going deaf, but is otherwise fine and shows up almost every night for dinner.) Two weeks after Bullwinkle passed away in January 2008, and with only siblings PurrHaps & PurrPlexed still around, I took two new 4 month old kitten siblings into the household and named them Anna & Hannah. For those with twisted brains who appreciate the naming of cats, Anna & Hannah are both palindromes, and one is contained within the other. Anna, a brown Siamese, is the friendlier of the sisters, and her full name is "Anna The Queen Of Siam." Her more high strung "psycho-kitty" sister Hannah's full name is "Hannah The Princess Of Hiss'N Spit." They get into more mischief than all of the other cats put together, and as you can see by their eyes in the picture below, they may well be "The Devil Cats From Hell", LOL! In any case, I hope you continue to enjoy our kitties' antics, and while I'll try to add more new stuff from time to time, don't hold your breath waiting for it...

SPECIAL TREAT! - Here is an old video clip from about 1993 or so of my late, great cat Bulwinkle doing his favorite death-defying trick, courtesy of You Tube:

Above is a group photo of the menagerie at dinner time one night a few years ago. From left to right are C-Fur, Rattatooie, Itsy, Doc, Bullwinkle, PurrHaps, and PurrPlexed. Pippin & Mr. Snowbody were upstairs at the time, in separate rooms, as they both were on a special medicated diet (and also would have probably tried to kill each other if they were left in the same room together!)

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"The Eyes Have It..." (left) as C-Fur and PurrHaps take cover behind the sofa when a guest visits the house.

Below, Pippin (left) and Itsy (right) share a chair for a cozy napping place.

Rattatooie, "A cat too broad for the small screen."

Above, a perfect case of art imitating life

At left, C-Fur, our three-legged wonder-kitty, loves to straddle the arm of a chair with her stump dangling.

Below, C-Fur relaxes beside her little "cat house". She got her name because, as everyone knows, it's "D-fur Dog, and C-fur Cat..."

Above, we see PurrHaps (aka Peri) taking in a lazy-eyed ceiling-high view of the living room from the top shelf of our home-built "climbing tree", while at right, she's taken over the "Cat House".

At left, it's the amazing Bag-O-Cat, as Doc hides in a pillow case.

Below, Peri has neatly filed herself away on a printer stand shelf.

Below, Itsy towers over
a VERY young Plexi.

And thereby hangs
a tail (Peri's!)

At left, Bullwinkle cleverly hides, no doubt quite sure that he's completely invisible.

Below, Bullwinkle (aka DumbButt) continues to stare straight ahead, totally oblivious to the little coffee-scoop hat that's been placed on his head.

Below is a very early picture of our eldest cat, Doc, only a few weeks old in 1984, receiving a tongue-bath from his "uncle" Nick.

Left, young Doc in a "really big shoe..."

5-month old Doc meets his first dog!

While not strictly members of the household, Screamer (left above) and Spritzer (right above) are considered honorary members. They live outside at the plant where I work, and are excellent in their unofficial jobs of "On-Site Rodent Control."

Above, How Doc & Pippin often feel about Plexi.

"Who, Me?..."

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...Yeah You, Plexi!

"Now you've met our cats...
the true owners of the house!"

I've not updated the photos on this page in several years, and sadly, some of the cats are no longer with us. I will try to do some updating soon - REALLY, I promise...

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