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Below, a fairly recent (but alas, still 8 months before the haircut & makeover, LOL...) shot of me displaying my car at a car show here in Florida in October 2008. That's not a camera effect, there really are seven other Deloreans lined up next to mine! I don't update this page as often as I should, and much of it dates all the way back into the 1990's when I first went online (same e-mail address since 1995, woo-hoo!) so a lot of the pics & other stuff here may seem a bit like like ancient history. I'll try to keep adding some more current stuff, honest...

[Me at the Lake Mirror Classic car show 18Oct08]


And Speaking Of That New Stuff I Promised To start adding...

Here's a few nice pics of Me & My Sweetheart...

June 2009 in Colombia below

September in Colombia above

December 2009 formal night aboard our cruise ship in the Caribbean below

December 2009 in Curacao on the cruise above

Ain't we a pair?...

The future Mrs Harris has had some unpleasant past experiences with a relatively harmless but very annoying cyber-stalker and web site troll who we think has lost interest lately, but just to keep her privacy a little bit more secure I'm going to leave her first & maiden names off of this page, 'nuff said? And now back to older sections of this page - God, I feel like a museum tour guide...

[Sylv Plays At The Tournament]

That's me, in the striped shirt, watching Sylvester McCoy, a star of the BBC-TV series "Doctor Who", playing my very own Doctor Who pinball machine at the "Doctor Who Pinball Challenge" that was held at the May 1997 "FutureCon Florida". To everyone's utter amazement (especially his own) he won! Sylvester has sailed with us so far on SEVEN different cruises, a record for any of our Sci-Fi Sea Cruise celebrity guests! To check out all the details on the celebrity/fan vacation cruises that I run, go to The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise Page.


Below, my old business card (by the way, that address & phone are long since gone...)

[My Card...]


[Sylv Gives A New/Old Meaning To Canon On Doctor Who]

Click the play button to hear a special message from SYLVESTER McCOY to his Internet fans. I hope the "cannon" pun puts a few smiles on the faces of all at rec.arts.drwho! The location was in the town square of Georgetown, Grand Cayman, during the May 1997 "Sci-Fi Sea Cruise". You can check out all the info on our next cruise at The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise Page.


[1997 Cruise Group Shot]

This is a group shot from the 1997 "Sci-Fi Sea Cruise", with celebrity guests Sylvester McCoy, Nigel Bennett, and Mira Furlan posing together with a bunch of their fans at the last-night-out autograph/cocktail party. You can veiw our entire fun photo gallery section covering some of our past celebrity/fan cruises (16 of them so far since 1988!), and check out the info on our next cruise event as well, at The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise Page.


[Pert, Pete, & Debs with Me]

That's me up above with a few "old friends", from back in the 80's when I used to help run the "Omnicon" sci-fi conventions on Ft. Lauderdale Beach. At left I'm with Debbie Watling, at center with Peter Davison, and at right with Jon Pertwee, all past stars of the BBC-TV series "Doctor Who".

Below, I'm posing with Walter Koenig of "Star Trek" and Deven Chierighino, Co-Producer of "The Wizard Of Speed And Time" at the shooting for "A Star's Trek", my first production credit. TWoSaT is one of my all-time favorite films. If you have not yet discovered this hard to find masterpiece by the amazing Mike Jittlov, then you can check out more info, at Mike's official web site WizWorld.com By the way, I actually DO have a life outside of sci-fi fandom and car shows, but it's not nearly as much fun!

[Walter, Deven, Me & Some Of Our Best Work]


[My Car & My Vanity Plate]

So what else would a crazed sci-fi fan drive on his way "back to the future"? As the licence plate clearly shows, it's really a TARDIS in disguise! You can find out more about the amazing world of the Delorean sports car through theDMC News web site.


[Mike Pinder & Me]

I'm a long time fan of the legendary pop music group The Moody Blues, and this photo with keyboardist & founding member Mike Pinder was taken after an interview that I did with him for a local PBS station. (And someone FINALLY shot a fairly decent picture of me where I'm actually LOOKING at the camera!!!) I've also since briefly met Justin Hayward, "The Voice" of the band, but, alas, didn't get a picture of us.


I'm also quite fond of cats, and currently have a total of three of them around the house. I've given them (and some of their dear departed buddies from years past...) their own home page, which you can see by clicking here.


Here's a few links to some other sites you might find of some interest if you're into any of the things covered on my page.

The Usually Sort-Of Annual Sci-Fi Sea Cruise (An ongoing project of mine, with our next voyage currently in the planning stages, but most likely to be sailing up the east coast to Canada & back again out of New York City in mid 2011, with a load of celebrities from & fans of Doctor Who, celebrating their mutual love of the TV show, and just getting together to have a great time. It's always great fun, so please do check out the site!)

Outpost Gallifrey (A great Dr. Who site, & a fun convention every Presidents Day weekend in Los Angeles)

Nitro 9 Dr. Who Info Site

The Unofficial Sylvester McCoy Page (at least until he makes or authorizes his own site...)

Chicago TARDIS (The current annual Thanksgiving weekend Chicago Dr Who convention)

New England Fan Experience recently renamed from United Fan Con for MANY years previously, is a fun Sci-Fi con with at least one Doctor Who guest each year in November

Doctor Who Pinball Page

The Delorean News Page (All About My Favorite Car!)

Moody Blues - The Official Site The boys are still out there playing...

Dave Barry's Sunday Paper Column & Archives Site (ALWAYS Good For A Few Laughs!)

WizWorld (Mike Jittlov's official site)

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