YOU Could Own The Actual DeLorean Used In Filming The "Pot Shop" Video!

Act Quickly...

[Time Is Running Out]

...Time's Running Out!

NEWS FLASH...Wow, another new pot parody video is out from Steve and his crew, but you can STILL be the happy owner of that sweet DeLorean seen in his original video of Pot Shop. Yes, the car is still available if you act quickly! I do have a long-standing private offer for the car at blue-book value from an old friend in England that I will be accepting soon if this promotion does not produce a sale here in the USA, so if you'd like to make an offer, and save me the hassel of overseas shipping, international duties and taxes, and currency exchange, don't delay. In fact, I might even consider a slightly lower offer if it's from someone who can pick up the car locally here in South Florida and drive it home themself ;-)

I am the owner of the actual original fully restored classic 1981 DeLorean used in the filming of the hugely popular parody video "Pot Shop", shown below on the day of filming at Miami's famous Wynwood Walls. It is now being made available for sale and YOU can be the proud new owner!

Here below is the complete original video of "Pot Shop" that we all know & love.

And here, of course, is the original monster hit "Thrift Shop" as performed by Macklemore that inspired it. That's not my car in it with the tricked out wheels and trim, but I do know the owner, and he's NOT selling, LOL.

My car has also appeared in a number of other video shoots and has been ridden in and had pics taken with a number of famous celebrities, for even more "bragging rights" you can tell your friends about when the car is yours...

Above you can see it in a fun episode of the web series "Going Nowhere" that has been featured at the popular web channel.

Here below is another professional music video that my car has appeared in for the great Cedric Gervais. It's only in the opening scene briefly driving by, but it really helped to establish the 1980s time frame for the whole song.

Over the years, a ton of celebrities have either taken a DeLorean ride with me or posed for a picture, including a Playboy Playmate, a Wizard from Middle Earth, a sexy James Bond Girl, and several Doctors Who. Here's a couple of the more recent ones...

With "Doctor Who"'s Arthur Darvill (Rory) above taken at the annual Orlando "Doctor Who" fan convention. Arthur had another pic with this car, posing solo in "Marty McFly" style, featured as the cover photo on his Facebook page for over a year, as "Back To The Future" is his favorite film and getting a ride in my DeLorean was a real thrill for him.

With "Doctor Who"'s 5th Doctor, Peter Davison, also taken at the annual Orlando "Doctor Who" fan convention. When being menaced by time traveling killer stone angels, a DeLorean could be a great getaway vehicle ;-)

Another shot from the "Doctor Who" convention, in a real-life recreation of the famous "DeLorean Meets TARDIS" T-shirt design.

[Me And My Sweetie :-)]

So, who is this guy, and why is he selling his car?... My name is Dan Harris, and I am a long time & well respected member of the DeLorean owners' community. I owned a "fixer-upper" DeLorean and kept it going as a daily driver for 20 years and a quarter million miles before trading it in at DMC Florida for this fully restored & refurbished beauty almost three and a half years ago with only 7,500 original miles on her at the time. Lovingly cared for and driven daily since then, she's now up to about 28,000 miles, and I'd normally never want to let her go. But my lovely wife has begun a college program in nursing, and the college fund needs to take priority, so maybe it's time to let someone else have this wonderful car while I down grade to something more sensible & economical for a few years, and perhaps start over again with another DeLorean after my wife has her degree completed.

So, you ask, what's the deal? How can you get the car?... Well, it's really very simple, we're looking for the highest serious offer, and it can be yours. Strictly as a fully restored and excellent running low mileage collector car in top condition, the car has a currently listed high retail value in the NADA Guide of $46,300, with the special note that cars like this one, with the refurbishment and restoration work having been done by the experts at Delorean Motor Company can command a premium of up to an additional 30% above the book value. The restoration wizards at DMC Florida brought this already great condition car back to better than original showroom condition, and I've pretty much kept it that way since, with a car show trophy or two along the way to show for it. I actually paid $40,000 for the car when I bought it from DMC almost three and a half years ago, and still have their appraisal letter from that sale for that amount accepted by my Allstate insurance agent. DMC Florida is familiar with the condition of the car and most all of the work ever done to it, and will be handling any actual sale and transfer arrangements arising from this promotion as needed. If all you want is a DeLorean, any DeLorean, then you can buy a "needs work" fixer-upper for way less, or another great condition good runner for a little less, from our friends at DMC Florida or elsewhere. But face it, the real value to YOU of buying THIS particular DeLorean is not just in it's basic value as a classic collector car in great shape that is all ready for you to start driving and enjoying right from day one, but also for the special added value of having the one & only car actually used in the "Pot Shop" video. Yes, you can plant your butt in the same leather seat as The Sexy Saxman as you ride around town in style. You can play the video for your friends and proudly tell them that THAT amazing ride is parked in YOUR garage. And if you do become the new owner of this F'in Awesome car, you'll also have the good feeling that a portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to help support "Pot Shop" creator Steve Berke's ongoing efforts for legalization. The car is located in the South Florida area near Fort Lauderdale, and SERIOUSLY interested buyers can make purchase offers, ask questions, request detailed pics, ask me to phone them back directly, or even arrange a local area in-person inspection, by e-mailing me at for more information.

[DMCFL Graphic & Link To Their Site]

[Graphic & Link To Steve Berke's Site]

[Love Those Doors!]

Our special thanks go out to Steve Berke, creator of the "Pot Shop" video, for helping us to publicize the availability of this unique car to his army of loyal viewers and supporters on his Twitter feed, Facebook, and other online forums. Steve is an ardent supporter of the efforts to legalize marijuna, and should we sell this car as a result of this campaign, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to help him to continue those efforts in his own inimitable style. Click on the pic to visit Steve's site.

If you REALLY want it, and you make us the highest offer, it CAN be YOURS!

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