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    Born and raised in Boston MA, moved to upstate New York in 1969, then relocated to Everett WA in 2006.  Moved to the Portland, Oregon area in 2010.  Authored four technical books for electronic hobbyists.  Authored a young people's novel, The Prophecy, later renamed The Millionth Moon, which I've now republished.  Before that I published a lot of magazine articles on a wide variety of subjects ranging from the history of electronic technology to methods of carbon-dating the Shroud of Turin.  Some were published internationally. One even won an award.  Since then, I published  The Winding Road, the true story of a Korean neighbor of mine.  It tells of his childhood in 1930's Korea, His weeks as a war refugee, then as a spy, a POW, and his coming to this country.  My most recent publication is The Seven Tales of Reverie, a series of modern fairy tales, targeted to girls 7 thru 10.  This presently exists as an e-book available from Amazon and Nook, and as a paperback.  Click on the book title to learn more.
My hard-copy books have been handled by Llumina Press, and by Xlibris, and I'm well satisfied with their work. They
have a large selection of terrific books you can't find in most bookstores.  Click on their logo to see what they have.                                                                                             

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Master Mason
Member Everett Lodge #137, F&AM
              Tigard-Orenoma Lodge #207, AF&AM                                   
        Past Master
        Royal Arch Mason

        Past High Priest

Hobbies include Ham Radio; Call sign: W2FEZ.  


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