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 CAREER INFO So you want to be a wildlife biologist? Here is a collection of links to learn about this exciting profession. You can also view Rawge's Photo Scrapbook.
"GET THAT GIG" A great career exploration Site - My favorite


A site devoted to helping people connect their Christian faith with care for the Earth
ECO ENCORE Want to help make a difference? Donate your used books, CDs, DVDs, etc. to Eco Encore. The money will be used to fund environmental progams


 JIMINY CRICKET'S Environmentality Challenge Learn how you and your school can take part in this great program (I helped a 5th grade class with their project - it was great!)
OK, I'm addicted - it's my favorite Cartoon. They also have a great section with information for various wildlife species. I got to meet Eliza and tour the Comvee, Click Here to see a picture of Eliza and me



Links to information about wildlife care and rehabilitation

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Rawge's Free Desktop Wallpaper. Get this picture of a Pacific Treefrog and add it to your desktop wallpaper. The page has step-by-step instructions for the simple process. You can also find  San Joaquin Kit Fox, Cooper's Hawk Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard common garter snake, and an intensely colored version of a great-horned owl and full moon and a digitally enhanced picture of Canada Geese, Black-necked Stilt, wood-ducks, a coyote in the frost, a dragonfly, a cool burrowing owl, and a cute Coyote Pup.
CERTIFIABLE WILDLIFE BIOLOGIST TEST NEW! Try this fun test to determine if you are a "certifiable" wildlife biologist. Then click the TWS link learn how to become certified by The Wildlife Society, the professional wildlife biologist organization.
  It's a tough one - Good Luck!
FREE WILDLIFE WEB PAGE GRAPHICS Free animated gifs, graphics and web page backgrounds for use on your page
COLLEGES OFFERING WILDLIFE PROGRAMS   List of colleges that offer majors in wildlife biology
LIST OF STATE FISH AND GAME OFFICES Here is a list of web site addresses for each State's Fish and Game office
JOB and CAREER LINKS Links to the best searchable wildlife and environmental job announcements
ON-LINE RESOURCES FOR BIOLOGISTS Links to online conversion calculators, local weather, local maps, and many more online resources to make our jobs easier! THESE SITES ARE A GREAT RESOURCE FOR HELPING WITH HOMEWORK AND REPORT WRITING
ON-LINE DICTIONARIES FOR BIOLOGISTS Links to many specific dictionaries and glossaries, i.e. insect terms, soil erosion terms, math nomenclature, botany terms, etc THESE SITES ARE A GREAT RESOURCE FOR HELPING WITH HOMEWORK AND REPORT WRITING
ONLINE JOURNALS AND E-ZINES Links to online journals and electronic magazines of interest to biologists
WILDLIFE RELATED SOFTWARE Links to free downloadable wildlife software (population, diversity, band recovery, etc)
WILDLIFE LINKS Links to general wildlife and ecology sites. Birds, mammals, fish, wildlife rehab, etc FUN TO EXPLORE
GAME WARDEN INFORMATION Career and general information about Fish and Game law enforcement
WATER and AIR POLLUTION Links to sites that offer great info about some of the pollution problems we face in our profession
STIG'S BIRD COUNTING GAME See how good you are at estimating the size of various bird flocks. Good Practice!

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