So, You Want To Be A Wildlife Biologist? Well, here is a collection of web sites that can give you some ideas about what a biologist does on a day-to-day basis. You can also find some tips about education requirements, how to prepare in high school, and other important information.

Rawge's Photo Scrapbook Some Pictures from my day-to-day activities
Wildlife Biology Salary Info Good place to compare Jobs and Salaries 
Bird Counting Wildlife biologists count birds all the time. Try this fun game to see how well you can do!!
A Career as a Wildlife Biologist
"Just For Kids" from The Connecticut DEP
"My Life As A Seasonal Widlife Biologist" A great account of a seasonal biologist's work history, by Ranger 146.
EEK! Life as a Wildlife Biologist Life as a Wildlife Biologist by Genny Fannucchi
Planning a Career in Fish and Wildlife Management: This information will help you plan for a career in the conservation of renewable natural resources
Careers in the US Fish and Wildlife Service Info about working for the US Fish and Wildlife Service
List of Colleges Offering Wildlife Programs A List of colleges that offer Wildlife Biology or Wildlife Management majors
Info about becoming a Veterinarian Many share a feeling of kinship with animals, yet few consider working with four-legged creatures as a career. Being a vet is just one of many careers that involves working with animals on a regular basis.
Wildlife career Center Mammalogist? Herpetologist? There are many careers available working with wildlife.  The AnimalHelp Career Center features information pertaining to different careers, from zookeeping to wildlife biology.
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Working with Wildlife
by Dr Jane Goodall
A Whale Biologist at Work
by Sneed B., III Collard
College Financial Aid for Dummies Scholarships 2000 How To Go To College Almost For Free

The Wildlife Biologist's Information Page