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Welcome to the Wildlife Biology Information Page, a web page for wildlife professionals, biologists, students, and others seeking wildlife or resource management information, tools, software, job and career info, and humor.

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* I've restored a couple of 1950 Dodge trucks.
* I  built a pair of custom mini  choppers (#1, #2, #3, #4)
* I  like to build and photograph crosses

* I play music and restore guitars. I give these instruments, for free, to local students, missionaries and church music leaders.
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Gus The Wildlife Biologist!

Meet Gus The Wildlife Biologist!
Episode 1  Gus competes for attention at a grade school career faire
Episode 2 Gus breaks in a new recruit
Episode 3 Gus fights for monetary justice
Episode 4 "Who's the real Slim Shady?"

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Rawge's Free Desktop Wallpaper. Get this picture of a Pacific Treefrog and add it to your desktop wallpaper. The page has step-by-step instructions for the simple process. You can also find  San Joaquin Kit Fox, Cooper's HawkBlunt-nosed Leopard Lizard common garter snake, and an intensely colored version of a great-horned owl and full moon and a digitally enhanced picture of Canada Geese, Black-necked Stilt,a cute Coyote Pup, an adult coyote in the frost, a dragonfly, a cool burrowing owl, and male wood-ducks.  
EARTH MINISTRY A site devoted to helping people connect their Christian faith with care for the Earth
SCIENTIFIC NAMES SPELL CHECKER Free Custom Dictionary of Latin Names for spell-checker using MS Word, Excel, and Outlook. Checks genus, species, order, family, etc. Great Resource!! 
UNITS CONVERTER FOR WILDLIFE BIOLOGISTS Converts almost anything, Very handy! Use online, or download to your desktop by right clicking here, and choosing "Save target as"
WILDLIFE BIOLOGY CROSSWORD PUZZLE Do you like crosswords?  Try this one that I created for wildlife biologists. Click Here for the solution. More to follow later!
WILDLIFE BIOLOGY NEWS Interesting News Items Gleamed from the Net. 
CERTIFIABLE WILDLIFE BIOLOGIST TEST Try this test to determine if you are a "certifiable" wildlife biologist.
Then, try TEST #2
Click here to take
Quiz II
WILDLIFE BIOLOGY JOKES PAGE Jokes and humor for wildlife biologists and other wildlife professionals. 
FREE WILDLIFE WEB PAGE GRAPHICS Free animated gifs, graphics and web page backgrounds with a wildlife theme. 
SPECIALTY WILDLIFE BIOLOGY SUPPLIES List of companies offering wildlife biology and game management supplies, products for field use, and outdoor gear.
COLLEGES OFFERING WILDLIFE PROGRAMS List of colleges that offer majors in wildlife biology.
LIST OF STATE FISH AND GAME OFFICES Here is a list of web site addresses for each State's Fish and Game office.
WILDLIFE CARE and REHABILITATION Links to information about wildlife care and rehabilitation
JOB and CAREER LINKS Links to the best searchable wildlife and environmental job announcements
ON-LINE RESOURCES FOR BIOLOGISTS Links to online conversion calculators, local weather, local maps, and many more online resources to make our jobs easier!
ON-LINE DICTIONARIES FOR BIOLOGISTS Links to many specific dictionaries and glossaries, i.e. insect terms, soil erosion terms, math nomenclature, botany terms, etc
ONLINE JOURNALS AND E-ZINES Links to online journals and electronic magazines of interest to biologists
WILDLIFE RELATED SOFTWARE Links to free downloadable wildlife software (population, diversity, band recovery, etc)
WILDLIFE LINKS Links to general wildlife and ecology sites. Birds, mammals, fish, wildlife rehab, etc
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