Clickable U.S. Map of Colleges with Wildlife Programs

Click on a state to view the colleges which offer wildlife programs. Many other colleges offer wildlife biology related programs such as ecology, environmental biology, resource management, zoology, animal behavior, etc. If you know of a college that offers a wildlife program but is not on my list, please email me so that I may add it to the list.




Click on a state to view the colleges that offer wildlife biology programs. You may also check the National Association of University Fisheries and Wildlife Programs for more information.



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ALABAMA     (back up to map)

Auburn University

Jacksonville State University

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ALASKA      (back up to map)

University. of Alaska at Fairbanks

McGill University


ARIZONA      (back up to map)

Northern Arizona University.

University of Arizona


ARKANSAS      (back up to map)

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Arkansas State

Arkansas Tech


CALIFORNIA      (back up to map)

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Davis

Humboldt State University


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COLORADO      (back up to map)

Colorado State


CONNECTICUT      (back up to map)

University of Connecticut



University of Delaware


FLORIDA      (back up to map)

University of Florida


GEORGIA      (back up to map)

University of Georgia, Warnell School of Forest Resources


IDAHO      (back up to map)

University of Idaho


ILLINOIS      (back up to map)

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


INDIANA      (back up to map)

Indiana State University


Ball Sate University


IOWA      (back up to map)

Iowa State


KANSAS       (back up to map)

Kansas State University

Emporia State University


KENTUCKY     (back up to map)

Murray State

Eastern Kentucky University


LOUISIANA      (back up to map)

Louisiana State University

Grambling State University

Louisiana Tech


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MAINE      (back up to map)

University of Maine

Unity College


MARYLAND      (back up to map)

Garret Community College

Frostburg State



Framingham State

Univ. Mass Amherst


MICHIGAN      (back up to map)

Michigan State

Lake Superior State University Michigan  


MISSISSIPPI      (back up to map)

Mississippi State


MINNESOTA         (back up to map)

University of Minnesota

St. Cloud University


MISSOURI        (back up to map)

University of Missouri, Columbia

Southwest Missouri State University

College of The Ozarks


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MONTANA      (back up to map)

University of Montana

Montana State


NEBRASKA     (back up to map)

Peru State

University of Nebraska School of Natural Resource Sciences




NEVADA        (back up to map)

University of Nevada, Reno


NEW HAMPSHIRE     (back up to map)

University of New Hampshire


NEW MEXICO      (back up to map)

New Mexico State


NEW YORK      (back up to map)

Cornell University

The State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry at Syracuse

SUNY Cobleskill


NORTH CAROLINA      (back up to map)


North Carolina State University, Raleigh


NORTH DAKOTA     (back up to map)

University of North Dakota

North Dakota State University

MSU-Bottineau (AS Degree)


OHIO     (back up to map)

Ohio State


OKLAHOMA     (back up to map)

Oklahoma State University


OREGON      (back up to map)

Oregon State


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PENNSYLVANIA      (back up to map)

Penn State or the Wildlife Program

California University of Pennsylvania

Keystone College (AA Degree)


SOUTH CAROLINA      (back up to map)

Clemson University


SOUTH DAKOTA      (back up to map)

South Dakota State University


TENNESSEE      (back up to map)

University of Tennessee

Tennessee Tech University


TEXAS      (back up to map)

Southwest Texas State University

Texas A&M

Texas Tech


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UTAH      (back up to map)

Utah State


VERMONT     (back up to map)

University of Vermont


VIRGINIA      (back up to map)

Virginia Tech.


WASHINGTON      (back up to map)

University of Washington

Washington State


WEST VIRGINIA        (back up to map)

West Virginia University