Williams Family from Evansville, Indiana


William Williamsís short 36-year life was made up roughly of the following phases. Fourteen years of growing up, 14 years of farming, 2 frightening years of war and being wounded, a couple years of recovery, a couple of years getting on his feet and courting Feriba, three years of having a family and then the heart attack ends it all.

But in that short time he helped save a country, survived a war in which millions were killed or wounded or died of sickness, started a family which has grown to about 70 to 80 people at this date. If one counts the spouses of those descendants the total exceeds 100 for sure. They are scattered over they country. We know of ones in Indiana, California, Montana, Rhode Island, and Oregon and there are many more states undetermined.

We challenge all the survivors of those descendants, numbering over one hundred, to find out more about this man and his whole extended family.  There are many more stories to be told.

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