Welcome to
Bob & Zeke & Tony's 1999 Beer Tour
of Belgium and Germany

Enjoy yourself - it's later than you think, enjoy yourself - while you're still in the pink, the years go by as quickly as you wink, enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, just have another drink.

 Chapter 1 - Beer Tour
 Chapter 2 - Beer Tour pt. 2 - Alt
 Chapter 3 - Three Beers Tone,,er,,ah,,Beer Tour Three
 Chapter 4 - Beerfore There Was Brew
 Chapter 5 - Koln
 Chapter 6 - Kolschbier
 Chapter 7 - The Land Of 500 Beers
 Chapter 8 - The Genker
 Chapter 9 - Number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine
 Chapter 10 - Rainy Day
 Chapter 11 - Farewell Bokrik
 Chapter 12 - Rochefort
 Chapter 13 - Of Gnomes And Men
 Chapter 14 -Liege - Where The Streets Are Paved With Dogshit
 Chapter 15 - The Road To Antwerp
 Chapter 16 - From Antwerp To Westmalle
 Chapter 17 - Just Another Day
 Chapter 18 - Beer, Bugs,...Bruges
 Chapter 19 - Beautiful Bruges
 Chapter 20 - Hop-along Trappisty
 Chapter 21 - From Earth To Mons
 Chapter 22 - Orval And The Road Through France
 Chapter 23 - Germanic Interlude
 Chapter 24 - St. Michael And Back
 Chapter 25 - Eggs Ackley
 Chapter 26 - The Deliverance Of Mohammed
 Chapter 27 - An Afternoon In Brussels
 Chapter 28 - The Lambic Region
 Chapter 29 - In The Cellar With Guido
 Chapter 30 - Last Tango In Brussels
 Chapter 31 - All Good Things Must

Well, that's it for Europe for a while. Who knows when I'll get back there? Hopefully sooner rather than later. If you enjoyed yourself a little reading the Beer Tour, I suggest you try...

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