Linda Benenati

          Linda Benenati studied art at San Jose State in the late 60's, but ended up with a degree in English. After college, she pursued a career in graphics and writing in the tech industry. Consequently, she loves the interplay of words and images. Over the years, she has worked in many different media: oil and acrylic painting, found-object and papier-mâché sculpture, and mixed-media collage. Most recently, she has ventured into encaustic painting—which just might be her all-time favorite medium with its vibrancy and versatility. She resides in Saratoga with her husband and sometimes art collaborator, Michael.

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Linda Benenati - June O & Peacock  Linda Benenati - And Baby Makes Three


Lorraine Catania

          Lorraine has lived and worked in Aptos, CA for over 20 years. She has exhibited at Pajaro Valley Arts Council Gallery, The Santa Cruz Art League, and has participated in Open Studios for 10 years. Lorraine is primarily self-taught attending workshops of nationally known artists such as Peggy Kroll Roberts, Elizabeth Tolley and Hedi Moran. She is well known locally for her vibrant, colorful sill life and floral oil paintings. More recently, she has been working on a series of local landscape paintings - scenes and location in Monterey as well as Santa Cruz Counties. This is Lorraine's second year exhibiting in the peaceful, beautiful gardens of Wisteria Antiques and Design.

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Lorraine Catania - Dahlia1  Lorraine Catania - Pescadero State Beach


Judy Cooper

           "Judy Cooper is an Aptos artist who began as a painter, but discovered the joy of working in ceramics after a workshop with Santa Cruz sculptor Marianne Groh. She continues to grow as an artist, inspired by nature and animals, as well as the subtle emotional expression of the portrait."

Judy Cooper


Michele Faia

          Michele is one of the local artists whose paintings and prints are available at Wisteria Antiques. Incorporating flowers and nature as healer, her watercolor and mixed media mandalas are "sacred circles" and are uniquely beautiful and peaceful. Also for sale in the store is Michele’s book, ART IN MY HEART; The Power of Watercolor Mandala Making. She will be happy to sign a copy of her book for you if you catch her on a day she’s on staff, as she works part time for Wisteria. Michele teaches classes and workshops locally. 

Link for Michele Faia:

Michele Faia- It Broke My Heart  Michele Faia- Thoughts Are Things


Michele LaMontagne Hausman
             Michele LaMontagne Hausman is an impressionist oil painter whose landscape and figurative paintings are in public and private collections in at least 7 countries on 4 continents. She travels back to her ancestral roots in France periodically to be inspired by Paris, the French countryside, and the ancient villages of southern France. Each of her French paintings is a distillation of one of her memories, from the villages of the Luberon to the gems of Paris. Wisteria has represented Ms. Hausman since early in 2006. Please ask any of Wisteria’s staff to show you her paintings and her recent book, Impressions of the Natural World, which features a “French Connection” chapter.
 Link for Michele Hausman: 

floatingattuileries  pecheavendre


Josie Iselin

            Josie Iselin holds a BA in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard and an MFA from San Francisco State University. She began her art career in the field of photography and installation art, exhibiting throughout the Bay Area and teaching at the California College Arts and Crafts (CCA.) She is the author of five books with more in various stages of development in her San Francisco studio, "Loving Blind Productions." She uses her flatbed scanner and computer exclusively for generating her imagery. Each book is built within the computer, in essence as a piece of sculpture. As a writer and designer as well as photographer, Josie can be considered the ultimate craftperson in her task as book-maker. She lives with her husband and three children on a steep hill in San Francisco.

Link for Josie Iselin: 

Josie Iselin BBSeaGlassSquare  Josie Iselin Oyster+Periwinkles      


Jen Norton

            Jen Norton was born in Belmont, CA. After graduating from college, Jen worked as a Graphic Designer. She now paints mostly in acrylic, using expressive color, texture and pattern to reveal the sublime in the ordinary. Jen seeks to develop order and beauty from underlying chaos. She believes that through art, one can hear the whisper of a mighty Creator. Her intention is that her art may cause you to pause and listen.

Link for Jen Norton:  

Jen Norton Irish Brown Bread  Jen Norton turnip chard concerto


Jean Thomas

            Jean Thomas has lived on a farm in Pleasant Valley, Aptos, for over 40 years. After earning an art degree from Cal State Northridge, she continued studying ceramics and painting at UCSC and Cabrillo. She has contributedto numerous shows at PVAC, SCAL, and Cabrillo. A recent Tuscan trip led to oil paintings on red canvas for enhanced color. And the farm, now mostly flowers, is an unending source of subject matter.

Link for Jean Thomas:

Jean Thomas (1)(4)  Jean Thomas(2)


Marcella Evensen         

            Marcella is a California native, and attended San Jose State University. After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts and English, after attending San Jose State University, I travelled for three months in Europe to see the art work that I had studied about in books...also, the birthplace of the Renaissance. While I was in Perugia, Italy, I attended the Instituto di Belli Arte...concentrating on the intaglio method of printmaking. I also attended classes in painting and drawing. Upon my return to home, I decided to finish the studies needed for teaching. When I retired from teaching four years ago, my husband encouraged me to pursue painting once again, and helped me set up a pottery kiln which I purchased at a garage sale. I started combining the painted pieces with the pique assiette technique, and found my garden plaques to be a way to use my imagination and creative energy. My work keeps evolving as my interest in various subjects changes. I recently travelled in the South of France and in Italy, finding so much inspiration in the ancient towns which are rich with history and design. I am working on some new designs using the actual clay impressions I took from interesting stone and metal work from the city of Paris, the towns in the South of France such as Cabrieres d'Avignon, Gordes, Bonnieux and Arles. In Italy, I took impressions in the towns of Siena, San Vincenzo, and Stresa. I am looking forward to seeing the new direction that my art work will take me!

  Marcella- BotaniqueMarcella- La Serre


Judith Drake         

            Art has been my passion as long as I can remember. My grandmother, parents, and all four of my siblings are enthusiastic artists, it's in my blood. I have lived in the Monterey Bay area for over 40 years. Its beauty has been a constant source of inspiration and I feel so very fortunate to resid in a community which values and encourages the arts. I love flowers, animals, and vibrant colors, all of which are present in my work. Of the many classes I have taken locally, my favorite was a class in color. It was so much fun watching others embrace the vibrancy of color and to watch their art come alive. I hope to be a part of the artistic community as long as I can and encourage the next generation in finding their own path. 

Judith Drake- Yum  Judith Drake- Chef Pig 


Diane Devine

                 Diane was born and raised in San Francisco, California and is still residing on the California coast. A self-taught artist who throughout her 30-year career has experimented with all mediums, she felt her unlimited potential was captured best with the watercolor medium she concentrates on today. Her talent is rare and unusual reaching into all phases of her life. A genius with design for the home and garden, she creates many lavish displays of food and floral arrangements that inspire her paintings. Her work has been published in books, on cards and prints. Shows have been held in San Francisco, Carmel and Los Angeles, California. Vibrant color combined with complex pattern define the Devine style.

Link for Diane Devine:

Diane Devine Herbs de Provence  Diane Devine Cafe Eiffel


Coraly Hanson

           Coraly has a passion for painting "en plein air" in oils. She loves to paint the California Coastal areas, Sierras, Canada, France and Hawaii. She also enjoys setting up beautiful floral/still life arrangements and painting them in her studio in Santa Cruz. She hopes to inspire and encourage others by trying to capture some of God's majestic Creation. Coraly is a nationally recognized and collected artist and is a member of several national juried art organizations, including Oil painters of America, The California Art club, the American Impressionist Society, the Plein Air Painters of Hawaii and the Santa Cruz Oil Painters. She has been juried into several national art competitions and won a few awards. She recently participated in the Carmel Art Festival, which drew some of the top plein air artists from around the country. Her work is currently displayed at the James Harrold Gallery in Tahoe City, the West Cliff Inn in Santa Cruz, and at her studio/gallery in Santa Cruz.

Link for Coraly Hanson:

   Coraly Hanson China Cove  Coraly Hanson Sunflowers Daisies 


Bill Kennann

          My home and studio are located in Santa Cruz, California which gives me access to the beautiful coastline, vineyards, and close proximity to the snow covered Sierra Mountains.  After moving to Santa Cruz in 1975 I fell in love with our coastal beauty.  I enjoy painting outdoors because of the intensity of color and the added sensations of sound and movement and the ever changing atmospheric conditions. I work in several mediums but primarily in oils when painting on location.  Often the vista view is so panoramic that I will spend several days on location to complete a larger canvas.  My education is ongoing and includes a BFA in Painting from San Jose State University in 1975.

Link for Bill Kennann:

Bill Kennann- Perfect Moment  Bill Kennann- Morning Sun at Pleasure Point(2)


Shelly Trabucco

         Shelly combines her love of plants (succulents especially) with salvaged materials to create unique living art for home and garden. She started collecting succulents after moving to the area 16 years ago, and discovered they are drought tolerant, and flourish in her sandy, gopher infested soil. Shelly started planting discarded chairs years ago, and has graduated to other more unusual containers. Turning unused items into something alive and beautiful is what inspires her. Her hobby has grown into the small business, Nest Egg Gardens. You may have seen her work at the Farmers Market at Cabrillo College, or other events like Art in the Park at Moss Landing. She looks forward to bringing her creations to Wisteria Antiques.

Link for Shelly Trabucco:

Shelly Trabucco 1  Shelly Trabucco wreath


Mary Jo Dunn-Ruiz

      As an oil painter, I look at the world with an artist's eye, assessing light, color and subject matter. I enjoy working quickly with thick, buttery oil paints. I paint florals, still life, animals and figures, studio landscapes and en plein air. I enjoy using deep, rich colors in my floral paintings to depict contrasts between light and dark. I am partial to grouping different textures and shapes together for my still life vignettes---the trick is to create a "lively" still life! I use live models and photographs of animals or models, the goal being to capture the essence of the model. My studio landscapes have been painted using my original photographs. "En plein air" means "in the open air" in French. These paintings are special because they evoke the weather and time of day I was outdoors painting, whether in sun or fog.

Photos from show at Wisteria.

Link for Mary Jo Dunn-Ruiz:  

Mary Jo Dunn-Ruiz Berry Trail  Mary Jo Dunn-Ruiz Coastal Boxes


Priscilla Tokash

     Priscilla combs antique stores, bead shops, flea markets and bead shows looking for unusal vintage beads and stones, and creatively works them together to make unique one-of-a-kind keychains. They are truly conversation pieces. There are always new designs to see at Wisteria as her work has become a tradition there. This season she has added bracelets to her collection.

Priscilla Tokash Keychains  Priscilla Tokash Keychains (1)


Wendy Domster

     Inspired by the traditions of past cultures and the consciousness to create a sustainable, healing, healthy society, Wendy expresses her artistic vision through the manipulation of raw and recycled materials. Her bird homes, made of recycled material, have been a way of preserving life story. When we lose our stories, the memories and life forces that weave us together are lost as well. As life shifts, significant occasions often get watered down and even forgotten about, why not create and honor those moments through sculpture. Wendy encourages conversation on the preservation of story and event through the arts. Wendy is a native of Buffalo, New York and holds a Fine Arts degree from Alfred University. She is a 20 year veteran firefighter and resides in Santa Cruz, California.

Wendy Domster  Wendy Domster (1)


Marianne de Hatten Groh

     Marianne was born in Alsace, France. She began to sculpt at the age of 12 using natural clay of her region. She always had a fascination with people and their expressive dispositions. Her desire to translate fleeting moods into sculptures came to her at a young age. She studied at the "Beaux Artsi" in Strasbourg, France and later at San Jose State University in California. The artist can be commissioned for portrait-busts of children and adults in terra cotta and bronze. Her weekend workshops and sculpture classes are enjoyed by beginners as well as advanced students.

DSCN0706(1)  DSCN0806


Joan Blackmer

     Joan is an artist who is interested in making images that convey the magic of a single moment. The moment might be when a hummingbird hovers over a blossom or a reflection in a window reveals the activity of a busy Paris street. Over the course of many years Joan has worked in a variety of mediums including photography, painting, collage and printmaking. Joan teaches printmaking workshops at her studio in Santa Cruz.

Joan Blackmer Hummingbird  Joan Blackmer Goose


Don Faia

     In addition to his career as an award winning graphic designer including the Odwalla juice visual identity, Don has pursued a lifelong interest in painting and collage. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries and is in collections throughout the United States, including the Library of Congress. "These nature inspired collages and paintings are a fusion of  imagination and playfulness. I love creating a visual dialogue with nature as I explore its unique diversity and mystery."

Don Faia- Ancient to Future #3  Don Faia- Night Garden Spirit


Susan Trimingham

     Susan W. Trimingham is currently living and working in Santa Cruz as a professional artist and teaching artist. She started working as an artist in 1965 using watercolors for landscapes and flower studies, and oil paint for large figurative pieces. In 1995 she began working with oil pastels concentrating on a Plein Air  series of the northern coast.

Susan Trimingham- Antonelli pond  Susan Trimingham- Laguna Creek


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