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"Into New Territory" picks up in the aftermath of the events portrayed in the 20th Century Fox
 Films "XMen United" focusing on Wolverine and carrying forward with new original
storylines and themes.  


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NC-17  Adult Content

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Panther & Wolverine's
 feral encounters
Graphic Adult Content

most rated G to PG13

Stories based on the hit movie

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Disclaimer: I don't own the X Men or the characters in Van Helsing and don't claim any rights to any of them.  My writings are in the spirit of fun and not for any profit.  No harm is intended towards Marvel, 20th Century Fox Films, Mr. Jackman, his family, friends and collegues.  However, Danielle aka Panther is my creation - any use of this character is strictly forbidden.  Join my Yahoo group to discuss my fic.

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1/30/05  "Van Helsing: Hunting Evil Beyond Castle Dracula" has been completed - please look under the Van Helsing fic sectio

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