Into The Wolverine's Den

Summary:  Logan discusses some basic needs in life from home, food, sex, and fatherhood

They say possession is 9/10s of the law. The law of the wild says possession is survival, and I live by the law of the wild. There are a few basic needs to survive – food, territory, and a suitable mate – and I got me all three.

Let's start with territory – the Xavier School for the Gifted in my case. I suppose you could say I have claimed this place as my turf.  There ain't too many adult males around that would even challenge me – all except Cyke of course. Then again, he ain't been around as much as I have or seen what I have seen. He's younger than me and tries his best to outsmart me, but I am still the superior one.

Chuck - the only way he can challenge me is mentally since physically he can't and yes, he has enough smarts to outdo me anytime.  Sometimes, I think he enjoys playing mind games to get me to think before acting.

Kurt, the Nightcrawler – he ain't got a mean bone in that blue skinned body of his. All it would take to get him to turn tail
runnin' is to just shoot him a nasty glare and a soft growl.

Colossus – now he's capable of sending me on my ass, but a comrade doesn't do that and he won't.

It's a good thing these all be truths. I don't think Chuck would appreciate my scent-markin' around the grounds.

Food. Chuck certainly makes sure there is enough of that around, especially with all them gluttonous kids. And, a full belly makes for contentment and the ability to maintain one's strength. My only demand is a stash of beer for only my enjoyment.

Women. One could say I got plenty of them to choose from – all with their certain gifts and charms that could woo this male's heart quite easily, and a few of them have.

Marie started it with her sweet innocence and deadly skin. She did the one thing no woman has ever been able to do – get into my head and understand me fully. I swore to protect her, but she has grown up and doesn't really need this old dog anymore.

Jean – she stole my heart like a thief in the night. What can I say? She's got smarts, compassion, and a set of legs any guy would die for.

Ororo – goddess of the winds and a pillar of strength who could do a number on me just with a stare.

But, it was Panther who I finally gave my heart to and settled down with. She tamed my angry spirit and keeps me happy and satisfied.  She understands me as completely as anyone can, has the same animal tendencies as I, and eh hem, loves lots of sex.

The problem is that I get so damned pissed off whenever any guy even looks her way. I can feel my claws itching to skewer even the innocent pizza delivery boy just for smilin' at her. She laughs at me tellin' me to stop bein' so insecure. Hell, I ain't insecure – just possessive. I know what I got and I ain't givin' it up without a bloody fight.

We had a difficult beginning. Neither of us was able to figure out each other's true intentions. The flirtations were strong and
aggressive. When we finally hooked up, man let me tell you, she's a wild ride. There ain't anything more I can ask for. She's prime property and I got her. She's hot and wild but sensible, smart and compassionate. Kurt says we were made for each other and somehow that blue mutant speaks some really deep stuff. He comments on how we mirror each other with our gifts and personalities.

I have to admit I find it enjoyable to go out with my girl. I feel like I got me the greatest prize of all. Yet, I feel like I have to
be constantly on guard. My senses are heightened in search of any threat or challenge from would-be rivals. She doesn't realize how her sweet smile and sexy walk are such a turn on and not just for me.

For example, I took her to this nice restaurant and half the time I wasn't even listening to her talkin' to me `cause there was a bunch of flirtatious young horny guys who wouldn't stop lookin' at her. She kicked me under the table to get my attention tellin' me to ignore them. Holdin' her hand while eatin' didn't get the message across to them jerks either. I could feel my heart pumpin' with fury and the alloy screamin' to taste blood.

When we headed out, one of them jerks wolf-whistled and touched her somewhere he shouldn't have, and I flew around ready to kill. I begged the guy to follow me outside and if it weren't for her clingin' to me so tightly, I know I would probably be in jail now – and jail ain't keepin' me from her. But, she recognized all the male posturing and planted such a kiss on me that I can still feel it on my lips even weeks later. I loved it so much when she told that creep she had more than enough man with me.

So, I got territory, an ample food source, and my woman. You might wonder what Wolverine does to keep her by his side and rival males at a distance. I did mention she likes lots of sex, right? I feel more at ease in crowds knowin' she's got my scent all over her. Anytime I feel threatened or some asshole decides to take his chances, I pull her close and wish his senses were as heightened as mine are.  Kissin' her while watchin' my adversary usually is enough to send the opponent walkin'. Sometimes, I gotta resort to more drastic measures. I will pull her away from a rival and take her someplace more secluded and give her a quickie. And when we return, she's marked as mine - all over her body.

One thing I find really cool is waking up with her at my side. She sleeps so peacefully with her arm draped over me and restin' her head on my chest. I can lay there for hours just watchin' her – listening to her soft breathing and occasional purrs. Many times she looks like she's smilin' and I certainly hope it's `cause of me. And every day I am glad she's here with me.

OK, I can meet all the basic needs. But, I am surrounded by civilized men. First off, I started moving away from being so primal and becoming a bit more civilized.

The civilized man marries his girl, and that's what I did. Kurt did the honors since he was the only one with any real religious
background. Yulanda, her best friend, was Danielle's maid of honor and Cyke stood up for me. Chuck played father of the bride since we all kinda think of him that way. Our witnesses were all the other residents of the school.

What was embarrassing for me was our first dance - in the middle of the courtyard, in front of all the residents, and to a song by Richard Marx. The whole affair was nice, but I couldn't wait to tear that damned dress off her. She had way too much fabric between me and her.

So now, legally she's mine and my next step into civilization is fatherhood. Ok, this is something I am unsure about handlin'. I
always was careful about who I messed around with. Heightened senses come in handy when it comes to sex. I could tell instantly if a woman was near what I like to refer to as `danger time'. She could throw herself at me all she wants and I am gonna run like a dog with his tail between his legs. I'd rather pleasure myself before takin' a chance and guys, ya can't count on condoms doin' the job. Getting lucky wasn't worth that risk. Guess it's cause a part of me wouldn't want some kid not knowin' who his dad was. Maybe its `cause I don't even remember my own childhood and my parents, whoever they were.

But, Panther's expectin' now – my kid – and shit, am I scared. I am glad she's got that healin' thing cause she don't have mornin' sickness. I listen to her whine about bein' uncomfortable sometimes and try my best to be understandin'.

I still am wonderin' how I am gonna deal with a kid. I never thought myself the type to be a good father, but Panther says I got tons of potential. She says she saw enough with the way I am with Marie. I don't dare tell her some of that fatherly protection of Marie had hidden feelings. But, I am gettin' more protective of Panther. I am on guard even more strongly than before. Hell, a part of me is growin' in her. Guess we all will see if I can pass that next test into civilization.



Hi Sunshine,

Just wanted to drop a note and say how much I enjoyed your story.  It was very cute and I liked how you portrayed Logan.  Very, very cute. I liked the scene where Logan and Panther went to dinner at a nice restaurant.  Did Logan where a suit? <eg> You would think that if a man had any self-preservation at all, he wouldn't mess with someone who looks like Logan.  <shakes head>  

I think Logan would make a great dad.  It would certainly be interesting to watch.

Thanks again,

Amy D.

response from the writer:

thanks for the comments!

The restaurant scene - here is how I picture a guy like Logan (movie version Logan):  his trusty blue jeans, cowboy boots, a nice shirt (button-up) and a sports coat - never ever a suit for that feral man.  I would think he would dress the same for his wedding too.

I know everyone likes to pair Logan and Marie together (she's too young and too sweet for a roughneck like Logan in my eyes), but I see him with a strong minded woman and that' why I created Panther.  Logan shows a strong tendency to be a good father with the way he is with Marie and even in the second movie protecting all the kids.  I am working on a story that follows up the fatherhood thing.  I hinted a bit to his fatherly ways in my long story "Together Again" which is posted here.