Together Forever

Summary: Spring has arrived with special news for Wolverine and Panther. 
Some Logan POV

Spring arrived and the leaves on the trees were just beginning to sprout. Tulips and hyacinths bloomed around the campus and Danielle went outside to get some fresh air. She lay down in the grass under the warmth of the sun.

Logan looked outside and eyed her suspiciously. Jean walked down the hall seeing him looking out the window.

"Everything ok?" she asked.

"I don't know. I don't remember her sleeping this much," he said.

Jean looked out seeing Danielle stretched out in the sun.

"That's a very feline thing to do," Jean giggled.

"Hum..." Logan mumbled.

"It's either that or something to do with you," Jean giggled.

Logan shot her an odd look before letting a half smile rise up on his lips.  His mind drifted to thoughts of secret encounters in the forest near the school, his bed, the floor, and his shower.  He couldn't deny having a healthy sex life with his girl.

"She has taken on quite a feline personality since that battle with Stryker," Jean said.

"She has changed. But, I'm glad to have my girl back," Logan said.

"You aren't sounding completely comfortable with it," Jean said.

"Well, it's just something I gotta get used to," Logan replied.

"She's certainly more her old self now.  You want me to check her over again? I can later on today if you like," Jean responded.

Logan thought hard about it. It seemed like a reasonable thing to do.  He worried so much about her after everything she had endured in the last several months.


He joined Danielle outside, nestling down behind her molding his body to hers. She stretched and yawned and pushed her back into his chest as his arm fell around her. She smiled to herself knowing it was Logan – she smelled him without even having to look. Danielle loved him – his rugged maleness and strong disposition, and he was hers, all hers.

"You feelin' alright?" he asked.

"Fine. Don' ya just love the sun?" she replied.

"I was thinkin' maybe we could go out for dinner tonight. Just you and me," he suggested.

"Sounds good. Seafood I hope," she replied sleepily.

"Whatever ya want," Logan said.

Afterwards, they both got up. He kissed her gently feeling her body go limp in his arms. She held onto him absorbed in his kiss. Just then, Danielle felt a little faint. She quickly grabbed onto his shoulder.

"Hey, you ok?" he asked.

"God, I feel really weird right now," Danielle replied.

"You been like this for weeks. Something's wrong," he said.

He felt her knees buckle and he lifted her into his arms and carried her down to the medlab.

Jean asked for some privacy and Logan reluctantly left the room. She took Danielle inside and began checking her over. Danielle informed her of these same fainting spells she kept having. Jean suspected it being caused by after effects of Danielle's trauma. Nothing was turning up – she seemed normal – very normal for her condition.

"I'm pregnant," Danielle said.

"About ten weeks. No morning sickness or any other symptoms?" Jean replied and questioned.

"No morning sickness. Just really tired. And, hungry all the time.  I didn't think much of skipping last month's period.  I often do," she replied.  "So much for being on the pill."

"Let's have a better look," Jean said as she brought over the ultrasound equipment.

The image was delightful - Danielle was indeed pregnant.  She looked at Jean as tears welled up in her eyes.

"I never thought..." she trailed off thinking of how happy she was and how it never occured to her that she would ever be a mother and let alone a mother to a child of Logan's.

"I'm surprised Logan didn't sense anything different about you," Jean said.

"No.  He wouldn't know.  Being on the pill makes me smell pregnant all the time."

"You are right.  Logan wouldn't tell the difference.  You want me to call him in?"

Danielle dried her eyes before nodding yes and Jean was at the door to let him in.

"What's up? Hey, you ok? What's wrong?" he asked with great concern. 

He knew instantly that she had been crying.  The salty smell still lingered on her face. Danielle lay on the exam slab and took Logan's hand. He leaned into her as she pulled him to her for a hug.

"I need to tell ya something important," she started.

His eyes were wide with fear thinking something was terribly wrong.

"I hope ya don't hate me. I know yer not all too crazy about kids and I didn't plan this," Danielle started.

Logan cocked his head wondering what she was driving at.

"Yer gonna be a father," she said.

"A...a father?" Logan stammered out.

Jean showed him the ultrasound. Danielle watched Logan's expression of shock.

"Logan, I won't ask ya to do anything if ya don't want to be involved.  I'd be quite capable of handlin' this myself," she said.

"Are ya crazy?" he asked.

I stood there staring – just staring. I was completely unable to move, frozen there as if Magneto had me in his grasp. Danielle took my hand and I still couldn't move. My eyes were just glued to that video monitor and the image of the child Danielle was carryin' – it held me defenseless.  I am baffled that I didn't figure this out sooner.  Jesus, man, my girl's havin' my baby.  Then, I go and say somethin' in Logan style.

"It's mine? It's really mine? We did this?" he asked.

"Well, unless someone else has been wearin' yer shorts, then it's yers," Danielle joked.

Here is bad ass Logan – strong, solitary, feral animal – and I am gonna be a father. We're gonna have a family of our own.

Logan started out of the room like wildfire.

"Where ya goin'?" Danielle cried out.

"I gotta make arrangements. We gotta get ready!" he said.

"Logan, you still got 7 months before the baby comes," Jean said.

"I don't mean that," he said and was out the door before any more questions could be asked.

Jean and Danielle could hear Logan shouting happily as he raced down the hall.


It was lunchtime and the entire campus was gathered in the expansive hall to eat. Charles sat at the head of the table watching the residents gather together for lunch. Bobby and Rogue sat down next to Danielle, who was unaware of Logan's whereabouts. Scott and Jean were across from them and all the rest of the younger residents filled in around the table.

"It is with great pleasure that I wish to announce to you that Danielle has indeed accepted to stay on permanently with us. I am sure Logan had something to do with it. I also hear Logan has a special announcement to make. Logan, the floor is yours," Charles said.

Logan entered the room. Danielle could see he was nervous about something.

"I am really bad at expressing myself, but I just wanted to thank you all for puttin' up with me these last few years. I came here angry and lonely – I still don't know who I really am, but it doesn't matter now. This is my home, my family - people like me and who understand me. And because of that, I wanted to share something with ya all," Logan started.

He pulled out the dog tag from his pocket. Silently, he stared at it. Danielle began to wonder what was going on. His attention turned to her as he got down on one knee.

"Danielle, I know this ain't much and that I had given it to you before, but it is the only thing I have to offer you – ya already have my heart," Logan said softly.

Marie grabbed Bobby's arm – she was awestruck by his popping "the question". Danielle couldn't move – she felt Logan's hands place the chain around her neck and she looked at the dog tag – " 458-25-243  Wolverine".

"I'll ask ya official like, would ya be my girl?" he asked.

Danielle hesitated to respond.  She was overtaken with surprise.

"Yer stuck with me, Logan. I love you," she finally responded and then hugged him.

Kurt sat down holding his rosary as a wide smile crossed his face.

"God has blessed these two souls and given them the faith in themselves to find the strength to love again," Kurt said.

"Well, now, I think we ought to have a toast for this special announcement," Charles said.

Logan stood up and moved behind Danielle's chair.

"Before ya go ahead with that, there's something else I need to say. Danielle's pregnant," Logan added.

Marie nearly cried with jubilation.

"I never imagined the pitter-patter of young feet around here. It ought to be a real blessing. Congratulations to both of you," Charles said.

Scott walked around the table to stand before his former adversary.

"Congratulations," Scott said extending his hand to Logan. Logan's eyes were welling up and Scott hugged him.

"I know I have been a real jerk to ya, but I think I need someone to be a best man or somethin' like that. Ya think ya wouldn't mind?" Logan asked.

"I'd be honored to – with one condition," Scott started.

Logan waited figuring he was going to have something nasty said to him. "You promise to take care of her forever."