This is the website of Warren Porter and Janet McLeran-Porter, thank you for visiting it. We are still newlyweds! We celebrated our 4000th day of marriage on Jan 13, 2015 and our 11th anniversary (Actually I forgot to get anything for the 4000th day, forgot about it.)

Janet has been a floral designer, interior decorator, teaching assistant, cashier, and dental assistant. She has two children, Monte Kraus and Jonathan McLeran and there are three grandchildren. She is very much a movie fan and has been a serious singer since the 1950's.

Warren's career was using COBOL or C as a Programmer or Systems Analyst. A former tournament chessplayer, he was the treasurer and first webmaster of the Mississippi Chess Assn through 2003. Like Janet, music is a major hobby and has played violin in the Metropolian Chamber Orchestra since its founding in 1984 as well as in various contract orchestras on occasion. He has also sung with community choruses from time to time.

We both graduated from high school in 1965--Janet from Ocean Springs High School on the Mississippi coast and Warren from Murrah HS (Jackson MS).

You may contact us at for availabiliy and rates for floral design, interior decorating, programming, violin, music transcription, choral training files, chess coaching (minimum class size is 4), or tournament directing. You may also call us at (601)957-5151.

chess_etc Utility programs for chess, other games, round-robin theory & tables, and my experiences involved with the game.

programmer Collection of C, COBOL, and Unix utilities                   

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