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J. William Studdard, CFE, CPA

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William Studdard is a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Public Accountant in Carrollton, Georgia. Retired from the United States Treasury Department as a Supervisory Criminal Investigator, William has more than 31 years of government service. His professional experience includes the investigation of tax fraud, import/export fraud, violations of international economic sanctions, money laundering and other financial crimes in addition to the investigation of a wide range of other criminal activity, including international drug and weapons smuggling. He has served as a senior instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center teaching forensic accounting and financial investigation, interviewing and interrogation, trial presentation, and other law enforcement subjects to special agent and police officer trainees from over eighty federal agencies. In addition to offering fraud examination and consulting services, he provides financial investigation and forensic accounting training to law enforcement and professional audiences in the United States and abroad. He obtained his undergraduate degree in accounting from North Georgia College (The Military College of Georgia) and received a Master of Business Administration degree from Georgia State University. William is a U.S. Navy veteran, retiring from the Naval Reserve with the rank of Commander.

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Financial and fraud investigations, civil and criminal litigation support, fraud risk assessment, anti-money laundering consulting, forensic accounting involving the use of net worth and other methods of reconstructing income, tracing funds and other assets, interviewing witnesses and potential suspects, obtaining documentary and other evidence suitable for use in legal proceedings, expert witness testimony, background research of people and entities, liaison with local, state, and federal authorities. Experienced lecturer and course developer in financial investigation methodologies, fraud examination, forensic accounting, and related subjects.

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