Special thanks to James Redin's X-Number World and the CALCLIST, maintained by Erez Kaplan. Without these and other web resources, I could not hope to be able to gather the information I plan to gather for this site. I also wish to thank all the individuals who have taken the time to answer my questions or provide information and pictures via email or snailmail. Particular thanks to Christophe Mery, Bob Otnes, Brooke Boering, James Redin, Erez Kaplan, Timo Leipala and Ernie Jorgesen, in no special order. I am sure that at various points I will realize with horror that I have omitted people deserving of credits, at which time I will quickly add them. My apologies in the meantime. I am at this point unsure of where I got certain photos, or who owns them. Where possible, I will try to contact the owners of the machines and ask permission to use the photos, however, in some cases I picked up images from ebay, or received scannings from Brekers catalogs, which means that ownership is changing or unknown to me. This site is not for profit, and I hope that people will be leniant if they find a photo here which they took, or is of a machine they own. Just report it to me, and I'll either remove it or give the proper credit, as you wish.

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