This list is just a start. I have a pictures for many of these which I will add to the site when i get a chance... Please feel free to suggest the addition of other manufactureres, and if you have a picture of a brand I don't have, I'd love to include it. As I get the time, I'll add information regarding location, dates etc..

From The Odhner History - Henry Wassen "A few manufacturers of pure-type Odhner machines are:

Odhner 1874, Baldwin 1875, Brunsviga 1892, Berolina 1901, Triumphator, 1904, Thales, Kupfer-Calculator 1911, Sanders 1912, Lipsia 1914, Facit 1918, Orga Constant, Hannovera 1921, Britanne 1922, Monos, Kuhrt, Rapid Calculator 1923, Cosmos, Demos, Eos, Gauss, Mira, Muldivo, Omiag, Summograph 1924, Melitta, Walther 1925, Friden 1935."

I don't know if Baldwin belongs on that list or not. He invented his own pinwheel design, and obtained his patent a year ahead of Odhner. It was very similar, but not identical to the Odhner design as in the case of the others. He may have abandoned his design and copied the Odhner design for his later models. All the pinwheel calculators I've seen followed the Odhner design, and I've seen no evidence that there was any serious production of pinwheel type machines that followed Baldwin's patent specifications.

Others I know of: Busicomm, Gracit, Hamman, Multo, Felix, Esacta, Marchant, Nippon, Eclair, Shubert, Dactyle, Minerva, Madix, Melieke, Pitagor, Alpina, Rema, Resulta, Antares.

I found one being sold on eBay with no name at all, and one that has oriental inscription and a picture of a tiger. Both look exactly like an Odhner.

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