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Below are some of the common forms used by the Police Department. These forms are Adobe Acrobat format and can be filled out on-line. But they must then be printed and mailed back to the Department at:

Washington Township Police
289 Pine Run Church Rd.
Apollo, PA

Alarm Registration Voluntary Statement ID Theft Affidavit ID Theft Action Plan

Cyber-Safety Pamphlet


Alarm Registration :
In accordance with PA State law concerning alarm systems, your alarm must be registered with the police department. This form can be completed on-line, printed out and mailed to the address listed above.

Alarm Registration Form download

Voluntary Statement Form :
If you have been requested to give a written statement to an Officer about an incident, this download can be filled out on-line and printed. You MUST sign the form in ink and return to the address listed above.

Witness Statement Form download

FTC Identity Theft Affidavit:
A copy of this should be completed and filed with the Police Department when the complaint is made. This form should also be filed with credit bureaus, credit card companies, and other companies where accounts have been compromised.
--- This form does not have to be notarized for Police Dept. use------

Identity Theft Affidavit Form download

Identity Theft Action Plan:
This form should be downloaded, completed and kept on file in a safe place in case you are the victim of Identity Theft.

Identity Theft Action Plan Form download

PA Attorney General - Cyber-safety pamphlet
Protecting your kids and teens on-line

Cyber-Safety Pamphlet download

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