2008-2009 Hunting Log

2008-2009 Hunting Log

September  1 , 2008  1st day of dove season

Afternoon hunt along the Shenandoah River    HOT (85degrees and sunny)

10 bird s seen , 1 shot by Jonathan (missed)

September 13, 2008

Afternoon Hunt along the Shenandoah River    HOT (85 degrees and sunny)

4 birds seen  1 shot  by Jonathan (missed)

September 27, 2008 Youth Waterfowl Morning along the Shenandoah river Cool (50 degrees, rainy and overcast)

Lots of birds (Mallards, Teal, no Geese)

7:55am Jon's first duck of the 08-09 season

Afternoon hunt on the Shenandoah river (60 degrees, breezy, overcast)

6:00pm Jon's second bird (powdered at 10 yard over the decoys)

October 3, 2008 Afternoon Hunt (55 degrees clear skies)

no birds seen

October 4, 2008 Morning Hunt (50 degrees, cool, clear skies)

Birds flying at sunrise. One shot over decoys by Buddy(green wing teal hen) 

October 11, 2008 morning hunt on the river, (cool 50 degrees, THICK FOG) few ducks seen. fog was too thick could barely see the last duck in the spread (25 yards) 

March 8, 2008

Sorry for not updating the log on a normal basis.  So many days out hunting, not enough time at the computer.  From the start of early season duck to the last day of goose season, many birds were harvested.  We also harvested two deer as well.  Jeffrey (12 years old) harvested his very first deer this season!  Next year I hope to be more diligent updating the logs after each hunt. 

Scott Sadler