2009-2010 Hunting Log

September 7, 2009

First Hunt of Early Goose Season!

6:15am Shooting Time/Cloudy/70degrees

Location: Goose Island

Hunters: Scott, Buddy, Jonathan, Chuck(first time waterfowl hunting)

7:15am one lone goose decoyed into the spread- combined kill

Multiple geese/ducks flocks flying no others committed.

September 19, 2009 Goose hunt

Location: around the corner

Hunters: Buddy, Scott Jonathan, Chuck

Shooting time: 6:42am

foggy, 50 degrees, river level low

7:30am one lone goose into the decoys, stayed/swam  in the decoys for about an hour, had two geese fly by did not even look, had several sets of ducks fly by. Finally got goose out of the decoys by throwing a rock at it. Feathers flew when Chuck shot, but no bird down.

October 3, 2009 Opening daay of Early Duck and Goose Season

Location: Around the corner

Hunters: Scott, Jon, Chuck

Shooting Time: 6:40am

Cool, 50 degrees

Female Wood Duck -taken by Jon

Male Wood Duck- Taken by Scott

Chuck- too slow on the draw....he will get there soon

Notable mention- Zack Bauer went fishing with Brian and caught his first Small mouth Bass!!!

October 17, 2009

Location: Goose Island

Hunters: Scott and Buddy

Shooting Time: 6:55am

41 degrees, raining

several sets of ducks seen (of course ducks went out last weekend) rained all day stayed out till 11am. Nine (9)  geese came over at 11:45am when we were putting the last of the decoys in the boat. Murphy's Law! No birds taken. Still better than working or the honey do list.

October 24, 2009

Location: Goose Island

Shooting Time: 7:01am

Weather: Warm, 60 degrees, light wind early, pick up as the morning went on.

Hunters: Scott, Buddy, Jonathan

Typical Murphy's law five geese fly in five minutes before shooting time. Then they floated down the river, I call them back within seventy yards. The geese flew away before they where in range. Lots of ducks seen, which is promising for late season duck. Also, did a afternoon squirrel hunt with my boys. Jeffrey, my youngest got the first squirrel of the season with a 50 yard shot with his .22 cal.  

October 31,2009

Below the Dam

Warm 65+ degrees, windy from the south

Shooting Time 7:10am

Hunters: Scott, Jon

Ten geese circled over the decoys about 7:45am, none committed very windy, about 8:45 Jon and I walked down the river and had about sixty geese got pushed to us by a kayaker, several hundred yards down the  river, Jon got one goose, I only got one shot(when the gun fires the recoil knocked my safety on, only problem I have shooting straight up). Still a great day on the water. This was a new spot to us, I feel that area will only get better as the season goes on. Now we will work on deer hunting spots until December 14th gets here, for the late season duck and goose season! 

Deer Season- Gun  

What an exciting deer season we have had! Jonathan harvested 3 deer (spike and 2 button bucks). Chuck harvested his first deer! He took the deer with a perfectly place front shoulder 52 yard shot with a shotgun. Buddy had several opportunities (misses) but did not harvested any deer. Jon sabatoged my father with a hang-fire (Jon did not put the gun back together correctly after cleaning it) on a 15 yard shot. I did not harvest any deer. I saw plenty of deer, but only had one good opportunity. Jeffery, my youngest son was with me when he saw the deer he did a "oooh-oooh there is a deer" dance and I was unable to take the shot before the deer ran off. I look forward to the special late season two day anterless deer hunt to harvest a doe!     

Scott Sadler