"Get in the Flow"

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"Going with the Flow" on the Cheat River, West Virginia

"the river holds the answers ..." (from Jonny Lang's "The Levee")

To really enjoy life, you have to learn how to "go with the flow."   When we learn how to get into "the flow" we experience less stress and more satisfaction in our lives.  When we are able to "go with the flow" we experience something called SynchronicitY.   SynchronicitY describes an intuitive momentary sense that affirms that we are truly connected to the Universe.  We can achieve this Universal Connectedness in our everyday lives, through our relationships with loved ones, nature, God and ourselves.  SynchronicitY is typically experienced as a very spiritual phenomenon.

Psychiatrist Carl Jung defined SynchronicitY as "meaningful coincidence."  SynchronicitY is that feeling of knowing we are at the right place at the right time.  It is an intuitive sense of knowing there is some larger reason why we just met a new person, or the awareness of some larger meaning in some event or experience that most people would just call a "coincidence".  SynchronicitY is the moment of full and complete awareness that we are part of something far greater than ourselves.  During that moment, complete calmness and peace or extreme exhilaration are experienced.

By "going with the flow", we experience SynchronicitY and that allows us to be  "in sync" or "in tune" with ourselves and our environment.  SynchronicitY can be a momentary unity of Body, Mind and Spirit.  If we are mindful and aware, we can experience SynchronicitY in everyday ordinary experiences.  It can  be experienced in the quiet tranquility of watching the sunrise over the Ocean, observing the smile on a child. It can also be experienced in the intense adrenaline surge of maneuvering a kayak down a Class IV whitewater rapid, or in simply relating to the lyrics of a song of our favorite musician.   When I'm kayaking in the ocean, SynchronicitY is that feeling that my kayak, the ocean and my body are all one ... totally connected and "in sync".

For most of us, Life is often a very complex balancing act as we attempt to balance the needs of ourselves with the needs of those we care about.  It is about balancing work and play, intimacy and solitude, family and friends, work & play, physical & mental activities, intuition & logic and all those other possible paradoxical dualities & polarities that exist in our physical and mental worlds.  In our internal world we may have difficulty managing or balancing conflicting emotions such as love & hate or joy & sorrow.  In our external world, the challenge can be as mundane as trying to balance our checkbook.   In moments of SynchronicitY however, our internal and external worlds are in complete and ultimate balance.

Through SynchronicitY, it becomes easier to accept the boundless diversity, range and possibility of human experience.  In addition, we also achieve peace and health of mind and body, and become in harmony with ourselves, others, and with the Universe in which we live.

Life is a Journey, so make the best of it.  Along our Journey we will meet many people and experience many things.  Life is also like a river.  It flows through many paths and can lead us to a variety of destinations.  There will be many decisions and many choices to make in our lifetime.  Each one leads somewhere.  We must decide when to relax and float and when to paddle or take action.  If we don't get on the river however, we will never leave the shore.  The choice is always ours.  I believe the richness of life is not in the destination, but rather in the ongoing Journey and our experiences along the way.

"Life is a river - Wisdom is knowing when to paddle and when to float"