Linux Educational and Children's Games

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  1. Linux Memory Game
  2. A children's game based on the "memory" card game. Latest version is lmemory-0.6c.tar.gz.

    The README file for lmemory: README.

    Icons for lmemory: I took them out of /usr/share/icons/ directory on a Redhat 5.2 machine. You can place them there or in the directory /usr/local/share/pixmaps/. icons.tar.gz

    Thanks to Ben Bauer for the following letters icon set numbersxpm.tar.gz

  3. Kard
  4. A KDE version of Memory, with a more polished interface. It needs KDE 1.1 and Qt 1.4. The homepage is here

  5. A nice game that teaches children about numbers and letters. Home page is at Linux Numbers and Letters
  6. matritsa
  7. An arithmatic game that is challenging and addictive. Anton Page

It has a nice collection of Linux educational and game softwares for young children.

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