- Comin' Summah 2015 To A Theatah Neah You -

Get some shirts and stuff right heah guy!


Quotes from the movie

"Hey Robin, you see my cah keys anywhere?"-Dahk Night

"Why would you wear khakis to fight crime Batman?"-Robin

"Watch as i put the Jokah back in Aahkum in time to catch the Sawx play at Fenway."-Dahk Knight

"Aahkum, guy c'mon... I'm gonna toss that prick in fahkin' Wa-pole and call it a day!"-Dahk Knight

Robin has been replaced by "Sully, the Boy Wondah" from Dorchestah. They're gonna lawk up these crooks wicked fahst.

"Fahken Jokah blowin up these fahken ships in tha fahken hahbah. HEY JOKAH, YOU LIKE THESE APPLES?"-Dahk Knight

"Ah go fahk ya'self Jokuh!"-Dahk Knight

"The Riddlah sending me these fahkin riddles. Comissionah, you smaht enough to solve these fahkin riddles?"-Dahk Knight

"Robin, go get the Batmobile. I pahked the cah in Havahd Yahd!"-Dahk Knight

"Oh my gwad... Clahk Kent is Supahman"-Dahk Knight

"Me and the troopahs got this covahd, prick's gonna be in Ahkahm before the Bruins hit the ice."-Dahk Knight

"RAHBIN! Throw some Dropkicks on in the Batmobile, I'm gonna wreck this cahksucka!"-Dahk Knight

"My sidekick's wicked smaaht."-Dahk Knight