Unfurl, Kite, and Veer

Poems by Bill Yake



“Bill…delves deeply into matters of nature, language, and the imagination. He captures in precise and pitch-perfect language the magic and mystery of the world he encounters. And his poems, like nets dipped in hidden currents, reveal the astonishing shapes of his discoveries.” - Tim McNulty. Olympic Peninsula poet, naturalist, and author. 

Unfurl, Kite, and Veer is Bill Yake’s second full-length book of poetry. In it, he starts close to home – his is perched between the remnant prairie-land of the Puget Trough and the shrouded Olympic Mountains, then circles out to lands distant as Papua New Guinea and times distant as the Neolithic Lascaux. As these circles of inquiry widen – the personal, linguistic, philosophical, and musical discoveries startle and intrigue. 

About the Poet:

Yake received Alligator Juniper’s national poetry prize in 2003, Fine Madness’ inaugural James Snydal prize in 2004, and has been nominated for four Pushcart Prizes. His poems appear internationally in anthologies, environmental publications and literary magazines. He gives talks, and teaches classes and workshops on the interplay of poetry and wild nature. 

Yake was born in Spokane, Washington, in 1947, and received degrees in Zoology, Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering from Washington State University in Pullman. For 23 years he worked as a scientist with Washington State’s environmental agency - the Department of Ecology - studying and monitoring toxic chemicals in water, fish, sediment and soil. In earlier years he fought forest fires, manned lookouts in Glacier National Park, and worked as an environmental consultant, researcher, and laborer.

He lives along Green Creek Ravine just north of Olympia with his wife Jeannette Barreca.



Handful of Poems from Unfurl, Kite, and Veer” – Text


Listen Here: Tree as Verb or For Real



To inquire or order copies, contact Greg or Bill below:

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2010 / $15.00 / 111 pages / ISBN: 978-1-887853-31-6


Scheduled Readings

Reviews by:

Howard McCord - Poet, essayist, and novelist; longtime Director of the Creative Writing Program at Bowling Green State University 

Chris Dahl – Poet and Editor. Olympia Poetry Network News and Letters.

Barbara McMichaelBook reviewer: ‘The Bookmonger



Observations and Comments

“As fractals erupt from a point and the molecules of crystals fall into their specific order, Yake’s poems hit and glow with their necessity...Whether he is driving across central Washington, walking a trail in the coastal forests, reading Fenollosa, or listening to a tale in the New Guinea Highlands, [he] is tuned to the situation, absorbing all the fine detail, and linking co-ordinates in his memory. He lets the language mesh and move in his mind, and when he shows the words to you, you are there too, and seeing, hearing, knowing.

 - Howard McCord . Poet, essayist, and novelist; longtime Director of the Creative Writing Program at Bowling Green State University.


“Meditation and laughter, learning offered up by a generous spirit, science made to sing – these poems feel like a true gift inviting us to live and love between the stars and the mites.”

 - Derek Sheffield. Poet and Professor of English.


“Bill Yake’s new collection presents his signature immersions in green and mountainous places washed with copious rain, rinsed through his limpid and elegant language. But it also takes new directions, veering from San Blas to far Darfur, via Bucoda and New Guinea. These are poems of love and concern that leave the reader more laved than shriven.”

       - Robert Michael Pyle. Lepidopterist and Author – most recently of Mariposa Road: The First Butterfly Big Year.


“Yake reminds me of Frederico Garcia Lorca’s flamenco dancer who has learned all the tricks that reward the audience but has them so firmly ingrained that now she can just dance.  She has embodied her art form. The poetic attributes which Yake uses are not studied or trotted out to impress, but have become intrinsic attributes… Read Yake for well-wrought discourses on nature, read him for craft, or for his thrilling music. Any way you read these poems, they live up to expectations.

-        Chris Dahl. Poet and Editor. Olympia Poetry Network: News and Letters

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