Poems from Asylum #1

Pacific & Murray taught me logging in a hurry.
To be specific, down on the Delta
our trees give shelter to breeding salmon.
Tree roots see God through the soil
which when released into the clean, clear water
becomes mud, starts a flood.


Poems from Asylum #2 (Jabberwocky)

From hear tor whurn,
kites, soap and droar
chunks of the stuff
that clocks and calendars catalog.
Adjacent piles are required to implode.
Upon implosion, Hitler haloos,
Hubble witnesses galaxies unfold.
With the next implosion
there is not enough room for one more star
or one pair of eyes to give it a name.


Poems from Asylum #3

Ashabura, when she dropped another stitch,
felt an itch in her talons, an urge
to scratch away the lines each had contributed
to this version of Eden.

Remembering what the jealous sisters had told her:
"Love born in the sun's heat turns quickly to cinders"
she resolved to relocate her point of view northward
into the east, and Ashabura's paradise today is a place
where lilies grow in knowledge and bloom in light.

by Paul Gillie

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